Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Lovely Little List of Links I Like

None of them are even slightly romantic, but I have officially cancelled Valentine's Day. Not out of any cynicism or bitterness, just practicality; we have too much stuff to deal with (and we both forgot). Gayprof at Center of Gravitas offers a great list of anti-Valentine's Day activities for those of us who really hate it.

Edit: Also, check out Eclectech's Romantic Offering starring Jack Java, the Lurve Monkey (is very silly).

Meanwhile, for those who haven't seen this elsewhere, you can support The Arts by buying words to possess of your very own over at Miss Tickle's blog. I personally have nothing.

Elsewhere in blogland, Andrea at the Garden of Nna Mmoy wrote an absolutely smashing post about fear and fearlessness. Go read.

And I feel inclined to remind folks that if you feel you have to travel by air, and you're going to spend all that money anyway, do consider spending a little extra to offset the carbon emissions. If you don't like paying for trees to be planted in Kenya for some reason, you can have them planted in your own (UK) county here.

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