Saturday, February 17, 2007

Five Things About Me Meme

Sally let us tag ourselves and I was in the mood for a Meme. I guess these have to be a bit odd. Well that's okay, I am.

1. I have a birthmark on my neck, which I consider quite obvious, although it doesn’t trouble me. Every now and again, someone who I have known for years and years will point it out, having never noticed it before.

2. For much of my childhood, I was passionate about football (soccer). The first football match I attended was between Ipswich Town and Leicester City. At the time in the late eighties, there was a favoured Leicester player who was completely bald. The fans demonstrated their support for this chap by wearing bald caps and dressing up like Harikrishna followers, with orange robes and drums. At this particular match, a riot broke out and I witnessed a tribe of faux Harikrishnans storm the pitch and fight with police. It was very exciting.

But I liked playing football more than watching it. Unfortunately, I was never very good at it.

3. I have sat astride a police motorbike. When I was eight, I wanted to be a detective so I wrote to the police asking if my cousin and I could help them solve mysteries. I was that sort of child. The police picked us up in a black and white car and took us for a day at Suffolk Police HQ. We went in the control room, in their little museum where they have all the items people have concealed drugs and weapons in, we rode in a car which was practising extreme driving techniques and we got to sit on the motorbikes. It was extremely cool and I have had a thing about handcuffs ever since. Or perhaps not.

4. In my teens, for a short spell, I was quite determined to be a vicar. Honestly. Other careers to which I applied serious consideration and research to but now seem a little strange include medicine, law and journalism. However, I very much believe that I could have done one of those things, and turned out to be a completely different person, if just a few small decisions and events in my life had been different. I don't really buy the idea that who I am now is who I was bound to be; don't believe any aspect of my life or personality is set in stone. I might have even been a vicar, although that does seem extremely unlikely.

5. The one thing I know I am really very good at in life is Scrabble. In fact, I’ve never played Scrabble with anyone who has been better with me. I have been beaten once or twice, but only when the chance element went dramatically against me.


Sally said...

3 - Cool !
4 - Fascinating. In my limited experience, vicars have been either very intelligent, from which comes a fount of compassion and openess to others; or insecure and rigid. So perhaps Vicar as a career not that unlikely, given a slightly different road taken by the Goldfish.

Anonymous said...

In my experience the two types with the worst communication/social skills in the world are CofE vicars and surgeons.

I can understand the surgeons, but surely vicars don't really prefer people to be totally anaesthetized before they have to deal with them?

The Goldfish said...

Like Sally, I have met some really special vicars, people one might even describe as Christ-like. But others, yes, quite bizarre considering the nature of the job.