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Sunday, February 18, 2007

This is home

Blogging from Norfolk for the first time! We have our sofas in the little red room and if it wasn't shamefully cluttered in here I would take a a photograph of it to show how very cosy it is. Not exactly ship-shape, but the essentials are now on-line; heat, light and water. We need to go back to my folks' tomorrow to get some washing done, but we're going to have a go at staying here tonight, see how things go. Some toing and froing may be necessarily in the next few weeks.

Am now going to sleep - not the first time I've sleep here; having fallen asleep leant against boxes and precariously balanced on chairs during previous visits, but this time I have a bed.

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Blogger Mary said ... (8:40 PM) : 



Anonymous spotted elephant said ... (12:07 AM) : 

I'm so glad! After all the adventure with your new place, I'm glad you finally are able to stay the night.


Blogger seahorse said ... (12:09 AM) : 

Big sigh of relief. You did it. Sleep tight :-)


Anonymous rosie said ... (11:19 AM) : 

At last!! So when can Alex come and stay???? ;-)


Blogger Charlesdawson said ... (7:05 PM) : 

What you need now, Goldfish, is a nice cross-stitch sampler saying Home Sweet Home to complete the picture.

Night night God Bless!


Blogger BloggingMone said ... (1:15 PM) : 

Over here it is a custom to visit people at their new home and deliver bread and salt. So here we go: "Ring! Ring!"


Anonymous Connie said ... (5:34 PM) : 

Congratulations. How good it must feel to have the move behind you now!
Best wishes in your new home.


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