Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Just yesterday, we installed a brand new CD-RW drive on my laptop - mine had conked out some time ago. Whilst on eBay, he had also bought a new power supply, which sought to fix the ongoing problem with my laptop.

This morning, no power; brand new plug stuck in socket. Really stuck, like something has melted in there. Only enough battery power to fire up and save my most recent work to USB pen, before the laptop, once again slipped into a coma...

So I'm laptopless again. My work was going really well during the last few days. And having the youngest computer, my USB pen won't fit into any available socket - even if I was able to sit at the desktop for long periods, I couldn't access my work.

[...] is promising to go on a mercy mission to Maplin in Middlesborough in order to get a new plug and socket, but that'll be Friday at the very earliest, probably not until next week. And even then, no guarantee that my laptop will recover - especially if something has melted.

I am cursed!

If it is dead, it will have to be replaced; it is more essential than my wheelchair to me. And fortunately this time I have already got my e-mail running through Googlemail so I have most of my addresses and all the e-mail I have received in the last month or so. And pretty much everything was backed-up.

Still, bugger. Bugger bugger bugger. If you'll excuse my language.


Anonymous said...

Bugger! I know I keep going on about freecycle ( but I have seen a fair few laptops on my local ones. You could even ask to borrow one.

Just a thought :-).

Sally said...

I think laptops are equal to wheelchairs in importance, but in the absence of a NHS Laptop Service, some charities, local or national, agree and are quite willing to fund such equipment.

It is an essential disability aid, and the jargon that funders recognise is: disability related equipment for communication.

Of course, you need a laptop to find their websites and type the begging letters !

Double bugger.

Mary said...

How absolutely crap. I add my voice to the cries of laptop essentialness. It enables communication, grocery shopping, learning, problem solving and access to services even when you're bedbound.

Although a desktop is better than nothing. For a while I had my desktop set up next to the sofa-bed, with a wireless mouse and keyboard to minimise tangling and a slim, small, light monitor that even I could lift from it's safe place next to the CPU, onto a little desk/bedside unit thing.

BloggingMone said...

Unfortunately my vocabulary of English swearwords is very small. But I am thinking a few suitable German ones right now ---think---think---, which probably would make the jump off their skins. Someone I know has just got himself a used laptop from this laptop shop. He said it's working perfectly.

marmiteboy said...


I'm sure we could all teach you lots of English swear words. To swear in another language is a very fine thing to do. I only know one German swear word unfortunately.

I think Goldfish has been very restrained. I'd be much more sweary if it happened to me.

Mary said...

BloggingMone - don't give a monkeys about their terms and conditions, they just have them there to look pretty.

I was getting all sorts of abuse and threats through the comments in my blog, and when I flagged it to all they suggested was turning on comment moderation.

Which I did, but all that meant was that the threats and abuse got emailed to me rather than being posted directly to my blog. I emailed again and they said they weren't going to do anything about it, despite everything it says in their terms and conditions about "member conduct" and reserving the right to cancel the account of anyone who misuses the service. When I queried it directly quoting their published terms of service they ignored all further emails. don't give a shaved monkey's arse if you obey the rules or not.