Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Every day I look at the world from my window

We were supposed to be going up to the West Cliff to watch the sun set over the sea this evening, but it ain't going to happen. Still, here is last year's picture.

Hope everyone is having a pleasant solstice.

This is a picture taken at the Solstice in Whitby by my friend Pete, first published here, this time last year. Please do not copy it without permission; the copyright does not belong to me.


eclectech said...

What a fantastic sunset. Wonderful.

I'm disturbed that I hadn't even realised it was the solstice; conclusive proof that the last week or two have been too busy.

imfunnytoo said...

Thanks for posting that. I'm having a rough week of my own, and that great picture was just what I needed.

Attila the Mom said...

Wow. That's incredible!