Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Hazy Shade of Winter

It is actually a beautiful wintry day today; it has been kind of hazy, all pale yellow and blue like a Turner painting. At one point some swans flew past which is always beautiful to see. We've had some blizzards this weekend and I imagine there is a fair amount of snow on the moors, but the weather forecast looks good for our journey down south tomorrow.

I am pretty exhausted; I have done way too much in too little time. I did however have the rather pleasant experience of very suddenly developing a full-on cold on Friday night, getting through a box and half of tissues, half a box of Lemsip before waking up on Sunday to find myself completely and totally recovered (apart from the red nose, which is not entirely inappropriate for the season). But a thirty-six hour virus? Me? Either that or it was a profound allergic reaction to something, but I am putting a positive slant on it and declaring that my immune system is getting stronger.

I am getting very nervous about the journey south, about being in a house with stairs, about coping around other people, but I know it will all be okay. [...] has said he won't put the (manual) wheelchair in the car; this way I won't get bullied into going out anywhere once I get to my folks'. We argued about this, but he is kind of right. My parents have been suggesting various outings which are far beyond me just now. I had to persuade him I was well enough to go at all, which wasn't helped by the fact he found me asleep, fully dressed, on the bathroom floor earlier today. I don't know how I got there, do I?

Oh and I'm almost certain that I've put rude jokes in my grannies' crackers. Ho hum.

If I have a chance, I might well check in with you at some point, but otherwise hope you all have a lovely Christmas, Hanukkah or Solstice and I'll hopefully be back at the end of next week.


Anonymous said...

Have a very happy Christmas both of you, Goldfish, and a safe journey both ways. See you in the New Year!

Gimpy Mumpy said...

Happy Holidays Goldfish :)

I think AJ's idea regarding the wheelchair is probably a good one. Hmmmmm....I may have to use a similar strategy myself this Christmas (at least over at the in-laws!).
I hope you have a wonderful time and that your grannie has a good sense of humor.

marmiteboy said...

If you're reading this you've borrowed someones computer.Hope the journey was okay and it didn't exhaust you too much. Have a lovely Christmas.