Thursday, December 01, 2005

Chrirstmas Lights

Often at this time of year when I’m not very well, I regret missing out on the local community celebrations. From The Whitby Gazette;

"Whitby's Christmas Lights turn-on was disappointing for the large crowd of people who supported the event after Scarborough Council switched them on in the middle of the day and did not turn them back off again.

The event was attended by Castleton singer Alistair Griffin but his job was reduced to just turning on the lights of the Christmas tree at Dock End.

In addition the lantern-lit procession had just two lanterns, there were no song sheets at Dock End so individual carols lasted around one verse before everyone forgot the words and the hot soup which was supposed to keep everyone warm never turned up."

I especially liked the concluding line

"In contrast, Christmas lights in Scarborough town centre are wired up to allow a big switch on and this year's event was hailed as one of the best ever."

The bastards!


marmiteboy said...

It was good to get such a superstar to turn them on though ;-)

The Goldfish said...

I'll have you know that as well as being an international superstar, Alistair Griffin is twice winner of the Danby jam-making contest. Seriously. When he was on Pop Idol or the X Factor or whatever it was (I don't know, do I?) he had to enter his jam by proxy.

marmiteboy said...

They were lucky to get him then. I heard he was nearly double booked because he was unveiling his star on the Hollywood walk of Fame. Luckily it was raining so he was able to go to Whitby for t'lights ;-)

On a serious note (for a change) the best Christmas lights I have ever seen are in Mousehole (pronounced Mousall) in Cornwall. The whole village gets involved and the lights spread from up in the hills to actually floating on the water in the harbour. They are fab. They even impress a dyed in the wool humbug like me.

Anonymous said...

Alistair's speciality is lemon curd!

Did you know that a huge number of people in the crowd at Scarborough lights were there especially to see him?
They'd probably have all come to Whitby too if it had been announced earlier :)