Saturday, November 12, 2005

We'll drink, we'll drink, we'll drink

I am actually feeling a lot better today so thought I must share this fact with you. Yesterday I thought I was going spontaneously combust, I was so ill and fed up. That is an odd way of putting it but there it is. This morning, perhaps partly thanks to a rather rude awakening, I am feeling much more positive and happy. And indeed, my brain seems to have engaged.

Need your advice please. Last night, after feeling so sorry for myself for the preceding forty-eight hours or so I decided to make a list of resolutions that may speed up my recovery or at least reduce my state of misery at this time.

One of the problems I have is a killer sore throat and a terrific thirst – it is difficult to differentiate between the two. First thing in the morning, it is too painful to speak and I am thirsty all the time. I drink a pint or two of fluid every hour, not much caffeine at all. And naturally, I’m often up and down needing the loo.

One of the drinks I have a lot of is Ribena because it is very easy to make and it is very soothing on my throat. Unfortunately, I am kind of aware that this isn’t actually going to help much with hydration – all that sugar is going to irritate my kidneys and make me pee more, so I’m going to be more thirsty. Like in diabetes.

The only other things which are soothing for my throat are alcohol – which is even worse from this perspective - and Camomile tea. Unsweetened camomile tea is really very soothing to the throat but even that is a diuretic. And anything I drink, I drink in quantity, because I need so much. Sucking sweets is no good as I have a mouth ulcer issue. During The Sinister Case of the Ever-Expanding Bosom last year, the doctor suggested sucking on a lemon in order to abate my thirst, but that doesn’t help my throat much and just because I tested clear for one condition (diabetes) this does not mean that my thirst - such thirst - does not have a physiological cause. It isn't comfort-drinking and I can't imagine, given everything else that is going on, that this one symptom is psychosomatic.

So, does anybody have any idea of something I can drink which is not high in sugar or any other diuretic, but is soothing for the throat? Most of the time, this is a minor issue, but just now trips to the kitchen and loo are using up a great proportion of what little energy I have. Any suggestions much appreciated.


marmiteboy said...

Something I always drink when I've gota sore throat is hot lemon and honey.I know this is a bit sweet but the honey is very soothing for the throat. Fresh lemons or the jif stuff you can get in bottles of those plastic squeezy lemons are as good as each other. Runny honey is better than the more solid stuff though.

Hope it works.

Lady Bracknell said...

According to the Ribena site, it is possible to purchase something called "Ribena Really Light", which contains no added sugar at all. If nothing else, it is a cheery site. Although the Goldfish may find herself itching to shoot the virtual tweeting birdy after the first couple of minutes....

Anonymous said...

I agree with Marmite - mix the honey & lemon to your own taste, don't be seduced into buying the ready-mixed because they're too sugary.

Head off to Culpepers or Holland & Barratt or equivalent and see if they have any elderflower cordial/syrup, or ginger cordial/syrup. Mix with plain water or sodawater to your taste.

Get some unsweetened fruit juice from the supermarket and mix with sodawater. Apple or orange are good.

(I used to live in nurses' residences where the water was foul - I've tried every soft drink combination out.)

pete said...

Hi Goldfish,
When I am floating down from the heights of mania into a deeper darker place I sometimes go through bouts of polydipsia. It is an uncommen side effect of depression and other maladies of the bonce.

For relief of the thirst I drink Turkish Apple Tea (Elam Meyve Cayi) which is pleasnat to drink hot or cold.

Belated Happy Anniversary!

imfunnytoo said...

I wonder if peppermint or fennell teas might also be good for the throat?

I use those often

The Goldfish said...

Thanks everyone! - Wow, you guys are making me more thirsty with all these delicious ideas. I shall start composing a shopping list.

Anonymous said...

Do you like ginger beer or root ginger in your food as your mouth ulcer would clear if you gargle the beer or hold in your mouth 2 to 3 times a day your thirst would be gone almost immediately but the ulcer maybe 3 days Dear Goldfish thank you

Agent Fang said...

It's the first time I've crawled back to the computer in days after having a sore throat and fever from hell.

Thus I am qualified to tell you that gallons of lemon and ginger herbal tea in an extra large mug with a nice big spoonful of a favourite honey is very soothing, low in calories (unless you help yourself to too much honey) and caffeine free. Lemon and ginger tea isn't too sickly sweet and if you like ginger, it's wonderful.

Will write soon! :0)

Anonymous said...

this is lame i cant believe i actually found a flippin gold fish diary on the internet! wow u guys must be pretty bored!
find somthin better to do w/ ur time!

Anonymous said...