Thursday, June 26, 2008

An avenue of trees

A road through woodland - rather prettyProbably the best thing about living in this corner of the country is that whenever we go south of here we get to travel down roads like this. The woods are gorgeous all year round, so long as there's a little light. In fact, I think this is probably prettier in the autumn, but it is still jolly nice just now.

Have a very hectic few weeks coming up. In fact, with any luck, the rest of the summer is likely to be hectic by my standards. I say luck because I'm going to have to be on my very best behaviour, without any unexpected down-turns to cope with it all. I don't know why I'm telling you this. I suppose sharing the intention adds to the incentive to fulfill it.

It occurs to me that I should explain that our van is left-hand drive, and I took this photo in the passenger seat - in case it appeared that someone had taken the photo whilst driving...


Anonymous said...

And here I was all set to make a smart-ass remark about how it was nice that there was no one else on the road, but I hoped the driver did manage to get back into his correct lane quickly... ;)

I hope the coming weeks are everything you want them to be, with no unenjoyable complications.


Anonymous said...

Yes, nothing beats that filtered green light.

S D Everington said...

Nice photo but it's making me feel dizzy! I feel like I'm actually moving looking at it!

Just posted a bit of ramble about your stuff on black boys ;)

Cusp said...

I recognise them woodz;0)

Just got rid of our lhd VW camper but I know how weird it can feel to be hurtling along on the driver's side with nothing to turn or push.