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Blogging Against Disablism Day 2008

Blogging Against Disablism Day, May 1st 2008Welcome to Blogging Against Disablism Day 2008!

Thanks very much to everyone who helped to spread the word, to those who have been blogging and commenting and to everyone who has come to read the contributions.

Because the archive (below) tends to get very large, this year, I asked other bloggers to link to posts of particular note at their own blogs in order to increase traffic (and to take some of the pressure of me compiling the archive at super-sonic speed).

Lady Bracknell has published three posts reviewing her favourites BADD posts here:
Favourites so far
Still reading: More BADD top picks and
And still they come: yet more BADD highlights

Other round-ups include
Urbania to Stoneheads:BADD: The best of...
Elaine Vignealt: The Bloggging Against Disablism Round-up
Disability Studies, Temple U: BADD, Skimmed and Overheard
This is My Blog: Blogs of Note
The Beauty Offensive:A Little Further and a Tentative Suggestion
Cherylberyl: Some Meanderings About BADD & BADD 2008 Disaboom Directory
Lovely and Amazing: BADD Grand Rounds
Moving Right Along: b-b-b-b-b-b-BADD, BADD to the bonee

Both Seahorse and Rachcreative included some of their favourite blogs in their BADD entries
< href="">here and here. I know I've seen other lists too, but someone will have to remind me where!

Please point out if I make any mistakes - and thanks very much to everyone who has so far.

Blogging Against Disablism 2008

(Disability discrimination in the workplace, recruitment issues and unemployment).

The Angry Gimp: I'm BAD and I'm ANGRY
Never That Easy: A BADD post for you
No Quarter Asked or Given: Blog Against Disablism Day.
She Speaks: Blogging Against Disablism

(Attitudes and practical issues effecting disabled people and the discussion of disability in education, from preschool to university and workplace training.)

Big Noise: Knowledge (Not Reading) is Fundamental

Chanelle and Tristan: Blogging Against Disablism Day.
The secret diary of Lignamorren - Scott: Blogging Against Disabism Day 2008
E. is for Epilepsy: To Bell the Cat
Enda P. Guinan: Wheeling in Second Life
Equal not Special: When the rubber hits the road
Has he always been like that?: Blogging Against Disablism Day
Parenting Special Needs Children: Inclusion and the Myth of the Magical Mainstream
Remembering the Ability in Disability: Attention Authorities!
Schooling Inequality: He was disabled when the umpire called him out.
SpeEdChange: May Day: Retard Theory
Through Blind Eyes: Sorry, you're too disabled.
Whatever to us: Blogging Against Disablism Day

Other Access Issues
(Posts about any kind of access issue in the built environment, shops, services and various organisations. By "access issues" I mean anything which enables or disenables a person from doing what everyone else is able to do.)

Cripchick's Weblog: The terp from hellll
Everyone else has a blog: BADD or Why I hate Routemasters
OOK!: Persistence
Pitt Rehab: Blogging Against Disablism
quirkiest? mais oui!: Blogging Against Disablism Day
RADAR: The Disability Network: The Little Things
This is My Blog: Different but Equal
Trouble is a state of mind: A Place to Call Home
Willendorf: Gimp Militia, Ladies Auxillary Reporting.

Definition and Analysis of Disablism/ Ableism

Abnormal Diversity: Reverse Discrimination
Jayangel: Blog Against Disablism
Sunny Dreamer: Everyone has a disability of some sort
Wheelchair Catholic: Don't Enable and Ableist.

The Language of Disablism

(Posts about the language which surrounds disability and the way that it may empower or disempower us.)

Andrea's Buzzing About: BADD, but not rude
a dozen a dime blog: Retarded
The Garden of Nna Moy: Self-fulfilling prophecies
Lisy Babe's Blog: Disablism vs. Ableism
Search for Meaning: "They"
Sweet Perdition: Ubisoft pulls MindQuiz: why are some gamers so angry?
Wheelchair Dancer: Making an Argument: Disability and Language

Disablism Interacting with Other 'Isms'
(Posts about the way in which various discriminations interact; the way that the prejudice experienced as a disabled person may be compounded by race, gender, age, sexuality etc..)

RadioClare: Blogging Against Disablism Day
Smite Me: Sexism and Personality Disorder Diagnoses

Disablism in Literature, Culture and the Media

Cactus Soup: Community
Cherylberyl: Tiny Tims and Supercrips
Fluttertongue: BADD
Fridawrites: Invisible People or Compare and Contrast: WiMPS and GIMPS
An Ordinary Life: The Day Today...XVIII
Pedestrian Hostile: Blindsight
Smiffy's Place: Book Review: The Short Bus


Disability Studies, Temple U.: Cella's Retreat

Relationships, Love and Sex

Kate...uncensored: Blogging Against Disablism

Non-English Language Blogs

GÜNCE: Neden Kaynaştırma? (in Turkish)


Betty's Catster Diary: On Being Disabled and Feline
A geezer with a meezer: Blogging Against Disablism Day
A Tedious Delusion: Refractive ReflectionsAn Unreliable Witness: Sad, pathetic charity case.
Wheelchair Catholic: Treating Ableists under the Medical Model

Disablism and Politics
(For example, the political currency of disability, anti-discrimination legislation, etc.)

Against the glass: “Off With Their Heads!” “Give us Barabbas!” and Other Musings About The Culture of Retribution
Benefit Scrounging Scum:Things can only get better
The Gimp Parade: The Most Important Policy
Grendel's Kitchen:More, move, more
Hoyden About Town: The radical notion that people with disabilities are people and Austrailia's 2020 Summit
Knitting Cleo: Blogging Against Disablism
Mauzy's Musings: Blogging Against Disablism Day
MysteryMommy: Blogging Against Disablism
Planet of the Blind: The Big Picture
Sally's Life: Disablism Killed the Muse!
Six. Almost Seven..: The Obama Campaign: Will They Will..?
Through Myself and Back Again: Getting Personal
Whose Plane is it Anyway?: Advice for Pandering Politicians.

General Thoughts on Disablism

Babe on Wheels: Blogging Against Disablism
The Beauty Offensive: Look back in anger
Candidly Crippled: Blogging Against Disablism - a day late!
Chewing the Fat: Blogging Against (My) Disablism Day
colorwheel: Blogging Against Disablism Day
Copingwithdisability: Dealing with Staring
Copingwithdisability: The Importance of communication in fighting discrimination
DotComMom: This is a person
Equal not Special: Blogging Against Disablism Day
ErikTrips: look. a post. or as they say on myspace: a blog! a blog within a blog: not opening day
L'ombre de mon Ombre: Substitute
Fatshionista!: What if no one's watching?
Greenwords: Blogging Against Disablism Day 2008
Growing Up with a Disability: Mistaken Identity
How to be an Inspiration: It's not cricket
Pandora's Blog: Assumptions about disability, from the outside and from within
Midlife and Treachery: BADD Juju
Miss Nomered: Pity, Tubes and the meaning of "Hope"
Moving Right Along: See, it's really all about possibilities
My Peggy Peg: Bloggin Against Disablism Day
The Perorations of Lady Bracknell: Hello? HELLO?
RachelCreative: Disability is more than wheels
Rants and Revelations: Blogging Against Disablism 2008
Sonia Keys: Disablism Day
Terrible Palsy: Expectations
The strangest alchemy: Unsafe
This is My Blog: A Gorilla in Your House
Three Square Meals: Body Police
Wheelchair Dancer: Disabled people aren't human, are they?
Urbania to Stoneheads: I don't suffer from disablism
Veralidaine: Why Disablism is Your Problem, My Problem and Everyone's Problem.
The View from Room 7609: B. A. D. D.
Writings of a Wheelchair Princess: Links and Thoughts and Suchlike
Yet another never updated blog: Who are these freaks?

Parenting Issues
(whether disabled parents or the parents of a disabled child.)

The Beauty Offensive: BADD: A little goes a long way...
Cheaper than Therapy: Little Pitchers have Big Ears
Jenelle's Journal: Coming to terms with n

Lovely and Amazing: My Own Demons
Mama Monkmee: Blogging Against Disablism Day
My NEw Blog Adventure: Blog Against Disablism
Reimer Reason: Blogging Against Disablism
Twinkle Little Star: The Room at the end of the Hall: When Intergration = Segregation

Healthcare Issues
(For example, the provision of healthcare, institutionalistaion of disbaled people, reproductive ethics and euthanasia)

Anwen of the Purple Can: Blogging Against Disablism Day
Barriers, Bridges & Books: Prenatal Diagnosis of Down Syndrome
From where I'm sitting: My Super Happy Fun Hospital Time
The Special Parent: Eugenics in today's society
JBVoices: What a difference a day makes
Reimer Reason: Disablism In My Face
Yeah, but Houdini Didn't have These Hips!: A Culture of Life?

Impairment-Specific Prejudice

(Posts about those experiences specific to people with a particular condition or type of condition.)

All 4 My Gals: Blogging Against Disablism
Ballastexistenz: Excuse to be a jerk.
Candy: Disablism and Audism within Deafread
Charlottesville Prejudice Watch: Psychophobia 101
Declan's Blog; Blogging Against Disablism
Hoyden About Town: Mental Illness, Stigmatisation, Coming Out
Out and Around: The Presumption of Literacy
My Random Musings on Life: BADD
Redirected 2.: Inspiration
The Other Side of Madness: Blogging Against Disablism Day
Transabled: BADD: How disability hierarchy hurts transabled people.

Personal Journeys

(Posts about learning experiences and realisations authors have had about the nature of disability discrimination and the impact on their lives.)

ahistorically: Blog Against Disablism Day: Chess
Cherylberyl: Focus on your needs
Daisybones: BADD: Blog Against Disablism Day
Diary of a Wordsmith: Fit to Work
Disabled Giant: Blogging Against Disablism Day
Down in Me: Corrosive
F for Fischer: BADD: Judgements
Insane Journal: Ability and the Dis. thereof.
More Meredith Gould: My BADD 2008
myveryownkarma: There are days...
Pilgirmsteps: Just a bit late...
Plum Texan: Do you hear what I hear?
Pipecleaner Dreams: I saw Jack again
Puglet Ponderings: Still Clueless, but not as much.
Quench Zine: Disability, Being an Ally, Invisibility and Outness
Quench Zine: Somewhere between Pride and Prejudice
Screw Bronze: I believe... one day.
Simul lustus Et Peccator: Blogging Against Disablism Day 2008
Under a spreading tree: BADD: Personal Reflections


Elizabeth McClung said...

I am blogging against disablism and will have the post up by 11:30 pm Wednesday April 30th. I will say however that coming here at say, 3:00 and seeing, "Welcome to Blogging against disabilism" which I KNOW is on May 1st and since I have a VERY hard time keeping months much less days straight threw me into a panic.

Anonymous said...

My post is up at Jenelle's Journey. You can read it here:

My post this year is about "Coming to terms with Normal", and would fit best into the following categories:

Parenting Issues
Language of Disablism
Personal Journeys

Thank you again for all your hard work in bringing this together!

Anonymous said...

I am done my post! (I did it a little early).

Put it under "general thoughts on disablism", I suppose.

Happy blogging against disablism day!

Ruth said...

I have two posts:

Don’t Enable An Ableist

Treating Ableists Under The Medical Model

I think the first fits in under Definition & Analysis of Ableism and the second (which is humor) could go under General Thoughts on Disablism or Other.


seahorse said...


I have this, on anger:

General Thoughts, I think.

Another fantastic few days of reading lined up - looking forward to it.

Gone Fishing said...

Impairment specific predudice mental and physical

And maybe overcomming discrimination and blocking to become a Tv (well U tube xtra)

Hope I did Ok at the post I could go on forever, but nobody would beleive what we have been through

Penny L. Richards said...

I'm in California, so it's still 30 April here, but we're the tail end of the date change, so I know it's already 1 May someplace! Here's my link:

Definitely under history.

Anonymous said...

Here is my post. It goes under personal journeys.

Focus on Your Needs: BADD 2008

imfunnytoo said...

Hi! Mine is up at Midlife and Treachery called "BADD Juju"

It's a fluffy piece so General Thoughts On Disablism is probably the best category.

Anonymous said...


I have 2.

The "proper" one is Ubisoft Pulls MindQuiz: Why are Some Gamers so Angry?" (Under The Language of Disablism).

And an older one, Hard Parts It's about disablism within the disability community, so could go under "Language," too.

Lady Bracknell said...

Yes, I'm up at 4 am for the second day running. How pleased am I?

Be that as it may, here's mine: general thoughts on disablism, I reckon.

Anonymous said...

I've decided that I'd like to submit another one as well. I posted it a little over a month ago, although it was written in July.

Tiny Tims & Supercrips

it goes in lit, culture, media

David said...

I've got mine up, too, even though it's still April 30 here.

It's called Mistaken Identity and it would fit under General Thoughts.

Anonymous said...

My Blogging Against Disablism Day posts are up

I hope they are useful :-)

Category General Thoughts on Disablism

Liz Miller said...

I just posted one.

It's mostly a link to UDES, which I learned about through committee work.

Liz Miller said...

Oh! And it should probably be under Politics.

Wheelchair Dancer said...

I'm up! So, the dedicated BADD post? Disabled People aren't Human, Are They?

Place under Disablism in General.

I don't know if there are rules about posting twice ... I'd be proud to see my Making Argument: disability and language included in the language section...

thanks for doing this. Good luck!


ismith said...

Under "Other Access Issues".

Looking forward to reading what everyone's posted. Thanks, Goldfish!

ismith said...

Erm - I don't usually title my blogs, but the link text should read: "Persistence".

Anonymous said...

Here is my post:

Titled "Excuses to be a jerk"

Under the category "Impairment-specific prejudice" probably.

Anonymous said...

My post titled "Expectations" is up here -

I would probably put it under general thoughts though would bow to your greater knowledge.

Thank you for all your effort.


Elizabeth McClung said...

My post is titled: "I day" and probably go under personal.

It is here:

Ahistoricality said...

I think this should go in "Personal Journeys":

Mary said...

Hi Goldfish!

I would like to link to The Gorilla In Your House for General Thoughts, and Different but Equal in the Other Access Issues section.

pete said...

a bit from me

Unknown said...

Hi, Thanks for doing this again. I have a post up called "The Room at the End of the Hall: When Integration = Segregation"


I'm thinking it should go into parenting and possibly education if you want to cross reference it.

Thanks! I look forward to reading everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've got a post broadly on accessibility in education. Can you add it to the great list?

Dave Hingsburger said...

Dave Hingsburger here and my post is now up ... it's at and it's called Blogging Against (My) Disablism Day. Once again, Goldfish, this is a wonderful day. Thanks, Dave

Dave Hingsburger said...

Oh, no, I didn't leave a category, please place my blog ... Blogging Against (My)Disablism Day into the category of 'General Thoughts on Disablism' Thanks, Dave

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've got a post up called "More, more more" and think it fits into the 'disablism and politics' category: . This is such a wonderful thing you are doing! Thank you!

Cusp said...

I've just put up my post 'Substitute' with a nice bit of music to go with it so if you don't like the music you can read the words. Hopefully you'll find both interesting.

Great to see so many people getting involved and thanks Goldfish for your hard work x

Cusp said...

Oops --- please can you put me in the general category ---there goes that foggy brain again

Sally said...

Good morning Goldfish - blessings on your for BADD 08.

Here is my post

Disablism and Politics

Looking forward to reading others' blogs against disablism.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...I thought I had posted this already. Oh well. The url is and the topic goes under access issues. Thanks so much for doing this again!

Anonymous said...

I think you did a really fantastic job putting this all together, thank you! I hope you have a great day.

Attila the Mom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Attila the Mom said...

Sorry, I'm so late, but I'm in!

I don't know where it would go---humor? Parenting?

Thanks putting this together again!


akakarma said...

Here I am!
I guess I'd call it personal journey category. Thanks for taking the time and I look forward to reading and commenting on everyone's blogs!

Anonymous said...

Posted today on how structural impairments affect access to treatment.


RADAR said...

Hi. My post is now up. Apologies for lateness.

RADAR said...

Oops. Forgot the category; "general thoughts" please. Ta.

Kari said...

My post is up on
Category is Education.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for doing this all over again this year.. I'll try to do a "best of" post later today.. my BADD post is on and category i think is General Thoughts on Disabilism.


abfh said...

Here's my post. The category is politics:

pete said...

Thanks for the heads up D.

There is a small adenda to my s***

Anonymous said...

My post may or may not fit your criteria but I thought I'd share it.

Feel free to categorize it as you see fit. I think this is a great idea and will be posting a link to this page so that others can enjoy the variety of posts available! Thanks.

Ashley's Mom said...

My post is at I Saw Jack Again.

I believe I would include it under the personal journeys category.

Anonymous said...

Mine's up. Self-fulfilling prophecies. I'm at a loss on the category again, but this year I'm going to call it ... language and disablism? That'll do.

Anonymous said...

My post will go under Genral I think.

RachelCreative: Disability is More Than Wheels

Thanks for all your hard work Goldfish and to everyone for participating and reading!

Paul Tomblin said...

Here's my contribution. I suppose it goes in "General".

Anonymous said...

Hi, here's mine

What a difference a day makes

Category Health I suppose all thought you could stick it in several others. Feel free to shift it about.

Ani Smith said...

Hi. I wrote something called Corrosive:

I guess it fits best under Personal Journeys.


Ani Smith said...

Oh, also, the heading for the list of categories says '2007'. ;)

Anonymous said...

Here's mine:

It goes under "other access issues." Thanks for doing this.

Anonymous said...

Are we only allowed 1 post? My 2nd isn't up (look for comment above)

Kathryn said...

I am blogging about disabilism and will have links to my posts on the topic up today by noon. Thanks for organizing this!!!

Anonymous said...

My post is a review of the documentary film Blindsight about a climbing expedition of blind teens in Tibet. File under Disability Lit, Culture and Media.

Lala!! said...

Hi! The entry is there and is a general thought about how people "learn" about disability and whether this affects their perceptions of other people!

I am not feeling too good and so it was short and to the point! Maybe somebody will read it and it will give them some food for thought one day!

Thanks Chris

Never That Easy said...

Mine's up! Yay! It probably fits best in the employment/unemployment category (it's about SSDI and all of that)...

Now I'm going to get breakfast and start wading through all the other posts! Thanks Fishy!

All 4 My Gals said...

Written in the voice of my daughter who is 8 years old and has T21. Daily she tells people, "I hate that baby talk". She is smart enough to know when people are talking down to her and she's had enough!

Disability specific prejudice

Anonymous said...

A Place to Call Home

I think it's under Other Access Issues, since it's about the Joy! and Bliss! of trying to find an accessible flat.

Anonymous said...

I've written a post on the lack of further education opportunities for deaf-blind students. The url is:

Jan Steck Huffman said...

I'm up and giving away a copy of GIFTS too

I would be under Disablism and Politics

Elinor said...

Hi there,
posted my entry:

for the education section.
Congrats on an excellent initiative!


Tricia McDonald Ward said...

Good morning! My post is here, and I think it fits best in the "Other Access Issues" section. Thanks again for all your work in organizing this event! :)

Lala!! said...

I have read a lot and left comments on some! Not had one single comment on mine! (Perhaps newcomers don't!) Promise to read more and comment more in the days to come! Chris

Anonymous said...

My post is up, but it's nowhere near as great as all the others I've been reading! Anyway it's under the category of "general thoughts" and it is found at

Thanks for hosting this forum!

Anonymous said...

I have a post for the education or parenting category:

"Inclusion and the Myth of the Magical Mainstream"

Anonymous said...

Hi, here's my offering this year: . It's title is "Everyone Has a Disability of Some Sort". And I believe it fits under General Thoughts or Definition of Disability.

LauraJ said...

I blogged for disablism today. Not sure the post meets the requirements for disablism. I wrote through the point of view of my 8 year old with Autism and physical disabilities.

Lisa, F is for Fischer said...

Here is my "personal journey" BADD post.
BADD: Judgements

Jodi said...

Hi, I'm not sure where mine goes. My blog is Reimer Reason. It could either go under Person Journey's, General Thoughts or Parenting ...

You decide!

Veralidaine said...

I have a late addition, which should probably go under General Thoughts.

FridaWrites said...

This should probably go under literature and culture.

Mary said...

bad link for Chris's post (My Peggy Peg) under 'general thoughts'. Sorry...

BenefitScroungingScum said...

My post is up. Things can only get better. In the politics category.

Naomi J. said...

I haven't finished mine yet. I am rubbish. I've been attempting to write it for about five hours now, but I am just not creative today. Which is irritating. Will you accept late entries? Maybe I'll be able to write in full sentences tomorrow...

Helen said...

Hi, well done for doing this!

I've made a start, fwiw!! It's not exactly an intellectual, academic piece, but it may make someone think.



Angeline B. Adams said...

I've written something on my LiveJournal -

"Assumptions about disability, from outside and from within" - by Ang

For the "General thoughts about disablism" section.

This whole thing is brilliant, btw - going to comment to as many as possible, and probably do some linking in my blogs tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

People are quick to see the outside but not the soul of the person, who can help them understand the world differently, and with beauty.

shytortise ooh

Anonymous said...

if you do make a category for those who've summed up blog posts from BADD then here's mine - - no worries if not. :)

thankyou!!! xx

Anonymous said...

I think you might have missed mine as others left after me have been added. Not hassling - just worrying!

Here is again just in case - under General probably.

RachelCreative: Disability is More Than Wheels

Anonymous said...

I have one post - maybe in the politics section. It's actually re-hashing an earlier post on the subject:

Anonymous said... is my post and it's a "personal journey" as well as a collection of links - mostly to my own older posts but to a post on another persons blog too.

fluttertongue said...

A late entry:

It's really Disablism and Religion but perhaps it could go into the culture section?

Thanks Goldfish. I'm really enjoying the other posts and I wish I was a little more eloquent today but the fog has hit the fan!

Anonymous said...


My blog address is

Please put it under non-English, it is in Turkish.

Thanks for creating this.


Anonymous said...

My post fits into the category "Definition and Analysis of Disablism/ Ableism", and is here:

Lisa said...

I'm not sure whether it'd be "Definition and Analysis of Disablism/ Ableism" or "The Language of Disablism"

An Unreliable Witness said...

Dear Miss Esteemed Goldfish - I hope you are bearing up under the deluge. I would like to submit my entry under the 'general' category, because I have no idea what other category it could go in:

And have a happy BADD day.

An Unreliable Witness said...

Oh, that didn't work, did it? I think I might have to say that you'll find it here. Will that do?

Jacqui said...

Sorry, two late posts at Equal not special.

Where the rubber hits the road - in education

And Blogging against Disablism Day 2008 - in general thoughts.

Thanks heaps,

Tokah said...

Under Healthcare:

And thanks, as always!

Anonymous said...

mine is very late indeed but you can find it at

category might be best disablism interacting with other -isms.

Trinity said...

Took me until 6pm my time, but here it is, on what safety is and why we need it:

Lisa said...

The link to Cherylberyl's post is broken - the "h" is missing from the http.

Anonymous said...

My post is up and is at I guess it goes under "General Thoughts." It's not very deep.


Anonymous said...

Ok, as always, I'm the last to the ball, but I still want to dance!

I'm thinking this should be under Parenting (?)

Thanks for this!

Paula Apodaca said...

Here is my submission! It reeks of cuteness and probably could be placed under Education or Activism...

Paula Apodaca

seahorse said...

Another post for Parenting Issues, and it was BADD itself that led to the post:

Tundrababe said...

My post is up, it's here and titled "I'm BAD. And ANGRY" and would fit under the heading "employment" (and also health care, to a lesser extent).

Anonymous said...

my post is here:

i'm not sure what category to choose -- my post is about humor and jokes in relation to disablism.

irasocol said...

An end of the day salute Goldfish. Thanks. This was all brilliant. I'll be trying to send people around for a long time.

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

My post is at

I think Education might be most appropriate.

Larry said...

Hello there Goldfish - I just got the link to you from the dis-an-dat blog of Beth Haller and think you got a great thing going here. I do not see a category for the Arts but more specifically since my art is in the motion picture and television industry and since it does incorporate so much from employment and the fair and equal access to the social impact it will have on the disAbled community and society as a whole - maybe the best is in the Employment category?

I am also not sure which of the entries to specify - so I think it's best to just link to my blog itself at
At any rate I love what you're doing here and as I tell people all the time is that I do not want to be treated "normally" whatever that is - but to do as I do an not only recognize but also respect my disAbility and be treated "equally" just anyone else. My disAbility - just as with all those with a disAbility is just as significant to my identity as my race, gender, age, nationality and should have the same representation as each of those factors in my identity!

Take care, Larry

Anonymous said...

A HA HA HA HA -- I FINALLY FINISHED! (Sorry. I really am quite tired, but not because of this.)

My post is entitled

"See, it's really all about the possibilities."

It can be found at

I am not really sure what category it should go in. It's about my boyfriend being willing to teach tai chi to ANYONE who shows up, no matter what their physical condition, as illustrative of the title principle. It also happens to be a Love Thursday post, because it's also Love Thursday, and love and disablism are a contradiction in terms. So please choose a category that pleases you, and I won't complain. :)

Thank you, Goldfish!


FAB said...

This is great idea!

You could probably put me under "general" but it might also fit under "language"

Really it's mostly about how ALL people are people, and fabulous!

Liz said...

This is great! I'll write something later tonight for it and will comment around.

- Liz H.

Anonymous said...

My post, entitled "BADD: Personal Reflections" can be found here: , and goes under Personal Journeys.

cripchick said...

here is my post. thanks for hosting, goldfish!!

Anonymous said...

mine probably comes under employment, and is at

Anonymous said...

I made a post at

I think it fits best under general thoughts although I suppose it could also go under personal journeys, to a lesser extent.

maudite entendante said...

There are two posts up at Quench 'Zine!

WannaTakeThisOutside, on being an ally:

me, on ... stuff?:

Anonymous said...

I decided this was to be my debut post on a blog that has been dormant for nearly a year. If you could link to it, I'd be grateful!


Asbocat said...

We are brave. We are fragile. We want to live, and we want to end it all. We look for support and we want to stand alone. We are Everyperson. We are the People with Multiple Sclerosis. We are People, Just Like You.
File under health I suppose...

Anonymous said...

Oh. I forgot to tell you which category. I would say "General Thoughts on" unless it seems particularly related to "Disablism and Politics," which it may be but not entirely so "General" is my guess.

That was


yanub said...

I managed to get my post up in the morning of May 1, but not get back here to link to it until tonight.

I suppose it goes under "general thoughts":

Unknown said...

Goodness gracious, Goldfish, I just don't know where to put this.. It "touches" on media, access, voting, politicians, and something else I've already done forgot.. :))

If I had to, had to, had to pick ONE, I guess maybe politics.. I think.. :))

My little beastie of a submission may be found at:

Blogging Against Disabilism v4.0139652 :: The Obama Campaign: Will They Will..?..

If you could, a HUGE favor: Please add a second "dot" after "Six. Almost Seven.." It represents all the Lives lost we'll never know of due ultimately to.......


Cyber hugs.. :)

Anonymous said...

Passing along for someone whose dialup is uncooperative with this form.

From an ally:

"Ability, and the Dis Thereof" at

Probably goes under Personal Journeys

Anonymous said...

O yes! Categories.

I think they're probably both personal journeys?

Jay said...

I finished my post by midnight in my own timezone, but it's mostly a short list of recent links. I suppose it's probably mostly "Personal Journey," although several of the links fall under "Interacting with other Isms."
Not quite what I was hoping to accomplish today, but I have hope to be able to write more later this month.

Plum Texan said...

I caught this late but wanted to contribute no less. Thank you for aggregating these!

My post is at

Category is either General or Personal Journey, I think.

Lisa said...

My cat decided to get in on the fun too.

As for categorising it - General thoughts on disablism?

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Looks like you didn't get my submission the first time I posted. Here it is:

Unknown said...

Posted here:

Thanks for doing this, and thanks to Benefit Scrounging Scum for drawing my attention to iit.

Disabled Giant said...

Slight oops in leaving a comment but it is up:

Probably best served in Personal Journeys.


Anonymous said...

I've posted my contribution at

Anonymous said...

My post is here, and is a Personal Journey Post. It doesn't deal with discrimination but with my own identity as a woman with a limb defect. There are themes about sexuality but no graphic or "adult content."

Anonymous said...

Hey, not sure if you didn't get my comment or just haven't approved it, since I see ones that came in after have been listed. In case it's the former,

mine probably comes under employment, and is at

The Goldfish said...

Jade - and anyone this applies to, I haven't disapproved anything, so if you can't spot your post, I've almost certainly messed up.

In your case, Jade, I mistitled your blog as "No Quarters asked nor given" - must have been asleep when I wrote that. Sorry!

Lady Bracknell said...

No, it's a problem with Blogger at the moment.

If you preview your post and then click "publish", it doesn't always publish.

You need to double-check that the text you've just typed has moved out of the type-in box and settled in as a published comment.

If not, keep clisking on "publish" until it does.

Dave Hingsburger said...

another amazing day, hope you are proud

Claire said...

Here is one from Sean O'Connor at

Claire said...

Whoops, my apologies...wrong thing on my clipboard...

Here is the transabled entry:

Anonymous said...

Can you add this one too please? Thanks Goldfish. It goes under Other

Some Meanderings About BADD & a BADD 2008 Disaboom Directory

Unknown said...

Please add mine as well: it belongs in Disablism in the media.


Mary said...

My roundup post is at BADD Blogs Of Note.

Cara Liebowitz said...

Finished mine! I guess put it under General Thoughts on Disablism.

Anonymous said...

I want to submit a post I did in March about my experiences being in regular education with Asperger syndrome and non-verbal learning disability. The link to the post is here. I think this would go best under education.

Ettina said...

Where's my post? I wrote one at the last minute, exhausted, so I could participate.

Anonymous said...

I'm a day late, but mine is up finally.

Jodi said...

I just had to write another one here:

It would go under health care issues.
Jodi at Reimer Reason

Kay Olson said...

Under the category of Disablism and Politics: The Most Important Disability Policy.


Puglet said...

I'm late. Why? Because, darnit, I've been having an amazing journey that all relates and was triggered by the very fact I am, have been, and will always be disabled to some extent or definition.

I guess it goes under personal journeys.

Meredith Gould said...

Just put on my post on "More Meredith Gould," it's called "My BADD 2008" and can be found at

I might get it together to write another one...

Naomi J. said...

Sorry about how long it's taken me. Hope I'm still eligible for inclusion! 'Getting Personal' - - should probably go in the 'political' category. To my eternal chagrin.

Katie said...

Bit late, sorry. 'Other Access Issues', I think

Charmed said...

I finally got my post up. It falls into the employment category.

Terri said...

oops, there it is under healthcare--which really is better!

Anonymous said...

I love the collection of posts in one place. Thanks for doing this - it no doubt took much time and patience, which is evidence of your passion for the topic.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I just wish I'd known about this sooner! It's definitely on my calendar for next year. For now, here's what I was able to put together at the last minute:

Thanks so much!

jana said...

So I am a bit slow, but hopefully it's better late than never...

My post is about some insights during a long night in the hospital and would probably best fit into the Personal Journeys category.

Penny L. Richards said...

Here's my links collection, focusing mainly on blogs I hadn't visited before (there were a lot of excellent posts at my favorite blogs too, but I would have read them with or without BADD):

Ian Hewitt said...

You can read and/or comment on my blog post Against Disabilism. I'm happy to be able to be a part of your day.


Anonymous said...

Excellent reading, I'm really enjoying this.

I'd like to make one suggestion for next year: I wonder if a volunteer or a team of volunteers could compile all of the posts (including links, images, etc) into a completely plain, easily-readable format, with links back to the originals for comment reading/writing?

I'm finding it really hard going physically reading many of the posts - switching from black text on purple, orange on black, pale on blue, and so on. Figure I can't be the only one.

I'd be happy to volunteer to help with this.

The Goldfish said...

Lauredhei - this is a good point, and an issue of access to boot. I'm not sure exactly what the best strategy would be. But I will take note, have a think and will get back in touch with you.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm posting a roundup of BADD posts too. This year was amazing. Thank you goldfish!

Anonymous said...

Five days later...

I finally finished! I have finally read every single blog post listed here! (Well, almost. I couldn't get a translation of the Turkish entry, but that doesn't mean I'm not happy to see it here. Wish there were more non-English entries, actually, and I expect that as this event grows in future years, there will be -- you know, unless we actually manage to eradicate disablism and no one has anything further to say about it.)

I am so completely blown away by this year's entries. You are all so smart, so impassioned, and so freakin' interesting! And you all have so much to say that is worth hearing and thinking about. I feel like I've been to college.

Thank you all so much. And thank you especially, Ms. Goldfish, for creating this and for your hard work sustaining it.


Sarahlynn said...

Despite missing that May 1st was BADD, I inadvertantly participated when I posted "A Culture of Life?" on Thursday night at Yeah, but Houdini Didn't Have These Hips. It's a post about how conservative lawmakers in Missouri (and elsewhere) are eviserating programs that support children with special needs. They call themselves "pro-life" but their policies can only encourage women - especially those of us who learn that our children will have disabilities while we're pregnant - to choose abortion.

A Culture of Life?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and if anyone cares, this is my list of special BADD loves.

...b-b-b-b-b-b-BADD, BADD to the bone...

Sarahlynn said...

OK, now with the actual links:

Despite missing that May 1st was BADD, I inadvertantly participated when I posted "A Culture of Life?" on Thursday night at Yeah, but Houdini Didn't Have These Hips. It's a post about how conservative lawmakers in Missouri (and elsewhere) are eviserating programs that support children with special needs. They call themselves "pro-life" but their policies can only encourage women - especially those of us who learn that our children will have disabilities while we're pregnant - to choose abortion.

A Culture of Life

Smiffy said...

Sorry it's late, but here (at last) is my submission:

Not quite sure what BADD Book Reviews should be filed under...

About Nancy said...

It is too late for me to participate in this but it is very interesting. I hope to get involved next blog carnival. Keep us posted!

S D Everington said...

Well I was a bit late but I've been harping on about disabled characters in fiction since Gawd knows when on my blog... It's also Deaf Awareness Week innit?

Lon said...

I have enjoyed looking through the posts and am amazed at the networking here. I would like to invite anyone using assistive technology to contribute to our AT Blog Carnival once a month at:
I have linked to this in a post on my No Limits to Life Blog at

PaperXdoll said...

I'm new to blogger & looking for a community JUST LIKE THIS please visit me ! Thank you Goldfish.. I googled a thought lastnight & your blogged came up. Thank you!

NAIZA said...

Hey Goldfish!
I've been reading your blogs.. You are an awesome woman. Somehow I can well relate to your feelings because I'm disabled too.. I just dropped by to say Hi! You inspire many.. Keep on blogging. Take care and wishing you all the best, Naiza :)

Anonymous said...

Hey all,

I think all of you guys are doing a great job by speaking out and making you cause heard!

I work for CitizenShift, a global outreach program, and we are re-releasing a dossier of ours entitle: "To Break Through: (dis)Proving (dis)Ability" and it features athletes, performers and achievers from Canada that have dealt with thier physical disabilities and done wonderful thing!

Check out the dossier at this link


Anonymous said...

Here is my post:

Louise Bolotin said...

I didn't sign up last month, but blogged anyway.

Amy Kelly said...

My post is a "knapsack list" I wrote a la Peggy McIntosh, although in the "negative" since she writes of privileges she can assume and I write of ones I cannot as a disabled person.

I suppose it would go under "general".

Amy Kelly

Morgan said...

Info about this came to me via one of the email lists I'm on. I'm forwarding it to some others I'm on, and I've created an event on Facebook, as well. If you don't end up collecting posts this year, I might be able to.

Thanks so much for doing this!