Monday, March 31, 2008

Six Word Biography

Diddums tagged me with this one at the weekend. The idea is to sum up your life in just six words. JackP also did this some weeks ago. So here's mine:
Reads, writes, ruminates; loves, laughs, alliterates.

Profound, huh? And yes, I do consider alliteration one of the six pillars of my identity - or should that be, one of the six principle pillars of my particular personality.

If you fancy having a go, consider yourself tagged.

I've also blogged about Incapacity Benefit reform over at BBC Ouch!.


Anonymous said...

The last time I saw this, I couldn't think of anything with fewer than seven words, and nothing original, and I still can't. Pick a year of my life, any year. This really does sum it up.

"Not dead yet; feeling very much better."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing the meme. :-)

In my case it's 'reads, writes, ruminates; shirks work and sleep!'

Goodnight... time for bed.

Monster Paperbag said...

"still trying to figure it out." that's six words :)..