Thursday, October 18, 2007

The spirit is willing, but my brain has leaked

I so desperately want to write something, anything, but my head still isn't working. At least this week, I am getting more bursts of mental activity. I have several bits of notes about my book, bits that might become blog posts, bits of e-mails, letters, and the answers to my bloody DLA renewal forms (they do pick their moments*). I have lots of ideas. I'm also still having significant computer troubles, too tedious to go into but jolly frustrating.

I know I am gradually getting better but it's not nearly better or soon enough.

* Actually, there's some advantage to filling in benefit forms when you've just had a bad patch, since it is still clear in your mind how bad it can get. When things are going well, you're inclined to write, "Well, I do have one or two problems, but I'm fine really!" Depressing business though.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if this helps, but Mercury is retrograde through 11/1/07. This means communications will be difficult until then, if you believe astrology.

Oddly enough for an atheist (but an atheist with hopes), I have not fully decided to what extent I believe astrology, but it's as good an excuse as any, and it makes me feel better than any other possible explanation for my own lethargic muddleheadedness at this time.

Mary said...

best of luck and all that.

Sally said...

Sorry about the brain leak and all, and the computer troubles; until its all on the way to being sorted, in the meantime, bits written on sticky notes might brighten it ... specially if they are different coloured sticky notes .... so thats pink ones on the fridge for shopping, blue on the ... for book notes, yellow on ... for ..., yucky greeny yellow ones for DLA form, (loads of those) purple ones for blog drafts, stuck all over the place ... that's your brain out there brightening the place up !

seahorse said...

All those fragments will come together in time as I'm sure you know. Obviously I can't see the view from inside your head but if this helps at all I find it can be a bit like looking up at the sun from the base of a whirlpool, or trying to catch a single butterfly out of a cloud of millions (and no, the DLA form isn't included in the butterfly cloud). But whirlpools slow down, and eventually butterflies need to come into land.
Is it like that? Or is it a treacle head? Both are equally frustrating, and you have my sympathies.

Katie said...

For what it's worth the Pixies have got my brain too for once.

It's a bit of a Mystery what they've done with it, but lots of NHS specialists are now working on the theory that it's a thyroid-slash-ovary-problem.

This is an improvement on the 'it's a pituitary tumour' theory.

But they've had it for MONTHS now and it's really very tedious.

I wrote a thousand word article on Sunday. And then I had to sleep for three days.

And for the last two days I've been far less energetic than I have been in the last two months, even tho in the last two months I've mainly been sleeping and playing computer games.

And I am someone who is used to working 16 hour days.

I've been promised that this is definitely temporary, it's still VERY tedious...

... So big solidarity to you.

That's all.


PS - Sorry if that was patronising. Like I said, the Pixies have got my brain.