Monday, May 15, 2006

The day the laptop died

My laptop has died! I am going to try and take it to the computer hospital tomorrow and see if it can be sewn back together, but it may be some days. As it is I have managed to redirect my e-mail, but my e-mail address book is trapped on the other machine. Also, UK2, through whom I have redirected my mail, seem to be playing up, such thatI haven’t actually received any e-mail all day which would be unusual for given all the advertising I am usually subject to.

I am rather lost without my machine and I can’t sit at the desktop for very long at all. Also, I am quite sure that computer technicians spend most of the day browsing through their clients’ computers, looking for dirty pictures and secrets. So naturally they are going to fix my computer and then spend the next few days reading my novel. And they will all be giggling when I come to pick the computer up.

What is worse, I had the volume on full last time it shut down. I shouldn’t confess this, but when my computer fires up it says, “Welcome to my underground lair” as said by Dr Evil in Austin Powers and then when it shuts down it says… no, nevermind.

Never mind, I shall be quiet for a while, but I'll soon be back.


QuakerDave said...

Counting on it. Good luck.

marmiteboy said...

Join the club. The main reason I have been a bit sporadic lately with my posts is that my pc is on it's very last legs. The keyboard is particularly bad at the moment. It has no capital letters or punctuation and this makes posting very difficult. Thank God for being able to sneak on the work pc when nobody is about.

Hope you get sorted soon.

Anonymous said...

What a lifeline computers are, and how we miss them when they get poorly! I think they should be on prescription on the NHS for all crips.

It's a bit like having your car die on you; suddenly, you are not a god-like being in control of all this machinery but a wimp faffing around screeching "someone help me!"

Hope it gets better soon - you owe me an email!

Anonymous said...

Oh no :( it's so stressful when these things happen.

Sending speedy recovery vibes to the laptop, and happyvibes to you


BloggingMone said...

That's awful...hope the poor thing isn't suffering from something serious. The email bit sounded alarming. did you get my reply?

Marcelle Proust said...

But perhaps all the computer repair people will say, "LOVED the novel. Please finish---can't wait to buy it for all our friends. Do you have an agent? My mum/sister/friend is an agent for Enormous Name and I'm sure she'd love to represent you." I mean, as long as you're fantasizing, run a few good ones, too.

Anonymous said...

I really don't think I could cope if my pooter were to die

The Goldfish said...

Thanks guys. I do feel disproportionately sorry for myself, but I do depend on my laptop for so much. Not just writing and browsing the web, but listening to music, the radio, shopping for groceries; everything. Still, worse things happen at sea. And on land. And in the sky. And it will do me no harm to learn how lucky I am the rest of the time.