Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blogging Against Disablism Day

I am replacing the May 1st post with this one as this space has already got so many links to it and will the place folks are most likely to come back to.

Thank you very much to everyone for your contributions and comments on Blogging Against Disablism Day.

Some people to thank in particular. Lady Bracknell has been an absolute rock through this, she advised me about revisions to my original idea, helped spread the word to BBC Ouch, wrote the inspiring One In Seven and took on half the work in the last few days, reading and catergorising blogs.

Both BBC Ouch and Ragged Edge have given us loads of support and exposure. Several bloggers helped spread the word through the blogosphere, on forums and through other contacts.

Writing on a set subject on a specified day isn't always easy for people with restrictive impairments and/ or work schedules so I realise that many people had to juggle things around or push themselves especially hard to contribute. So thanks very much to them.

I also realised that having this event on a single day meant that some people, such as Bookgirl were not able to contribute as they would have liked. That is certainly something which must be thought about in the future.

Lady Bracknell and I intended to do a summing-up exercise, where we discussed the various subjects raised. However, given the vast quantity and high quality of posts, it would take us an amount of time and energy which we simply don't have in order to do justice to such a task.

It would also be immensely difficult to talk about highlights. A number of bloggers have reflected on their own favourite posts. I gave a short list to Crippled Monkey which I hoped emphasised the wide variety of topics covered. However, there were so many excellent posts, some funny or fascinating, others inspiring and some deeply moving, each powerful for very different reasons. It doesn't seem fair, as hosts of the event, to discuss favourites at the risk of missing anyone out.

Everybody who participated will have made a difference. In fact, could it be a coincidence that it was on May 1st that Blogger installed Audio Verification alongside the Word Verification on the commenting facility? Well, you never know.

However, instead of a lengthy write-up, we have attempted to roughly catergorise the posts and used permanent links so that folks can refer back to this in the future.

It was quite a task to categorise everybody. Obviously, some people touched on more than one subject, so these categories are approximate. I shall almost certainly do some shuffling around as I read over some of these posts a second time, so do bear with me if it doesn't make perfect sense just yet.

However if anybody spots an obvious mistake or an omission, don't hestitate to speak up.

Thanks very much to everyone.

Blogging Against Disablism Day 2006
List of Participating Blogs

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Crip Chronicles
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Marcelle P's Writing Blog
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Access Issues (outside employment)
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Blogging Mone
Do Your Worst
Flooded Lizard Kingdom
Is This What You Meant?
Lisy Babe's Blog
Perpetual Beginner
Persephone's Box
Star Watcher's Spot

Definition and Analysis of Disablism
Billie's Diary
Capitalism Bad, Tree Pretty
The Perorations of Lady Bracknell
Rachel's Tavern
Ragged Edge
Smiffy's Place
A Wandering Mind

The Language of Disablism
Abnormal Diversity
Cheaper than Therapy
Cheaper than Therapy (another one)
Cynical Chatter from The Underworld
Incurable Hippie's Musings and Rants
Pagey's Place
Quaker Agitator

Disablism Interacting with Other 'Isms'
Alice In Blunderland
Disability Studies, Temple U
Immitation of Life
Jay Sennett Jaywalks
The Long Term Care Blog
A Letter To My Children
The Summer of a Dormouse
Wheelchair Dancer

Disablism in Literature and Culture
Alas, a Blog
James Medhurt's Blog
Meanderings of a Politically Incorrect Crip
The Memory Hole

Experiences Through Family and Friends
Do You Speak English?
Happy Feminist
Midwestern Transport
War Zone and The Sanctuary

Miscellaneous Personal Experiences
Gum Chewing Freak
Housing OT
Info Pimp
Peace, Love and Fun with Klingon Painsticks
Listen Most Attentively
One Can Dream
The Rettdevil's Rants
Woman in Comfy Shoes

Parenting Issues
Bad Mama
Dream Mom
Emma & Co
It's A Wonderful Life
Michael Bérubé's "Web" "Log"
Sara Skates


Autism Vox
Head First In The Deep End
Ill-Informed Ramblings of A Cripple
Missing JT Snow (cross-posted at Jenelle's Journey)
Kosketa Minua, Älä Käsilläsi
Marmite Boy on Toast
Rhonda's Ruminations
Saving Grace
The Word Cage

Disablism within Healthcare Systems
The Gimp Parade
The Life and Times of Emma
The Mote In The Light
Nickie's Nook

Abortion and Euthanasia
Feminism Without Clothes

Impairment-Specific Prejudice
Angry For A Reason
Ballastexistenz (another one)
The Bipolar View
Camera Obscura
Colin's Journal
Creek Running North (cross-posted at Bitch PhD)
Fate is Chance, Destiny is Choice
Fiber Fool
Sly Civilian
Personal Eye View
Smiffy's Place
Smiffy's Place (another one)
Space Cat Rocket Ship
What's that you said?
Whose Planet is it Anyway?

Transabled and I had a misunderstanding which we resolved here

General Thoughts on Disablism
Angel Moon Art
Becky's Journal
Billie's Diary
Brighton Regency Labour Supporter
Comprehension Dawns
Definition - A Feminist Weblog
Falling Off My Pedestal
Feathers of Hope
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The Gorge
Immitation of Life
Louise Norlie is a Real Person
Maman Poulet
The Patient Is In
Robot Heart's Blog
Simul Justis Et Pecator
Personal Eye View
My Sweet Perdition

Non-English Language Blogs
Behindertenparkplatz (German)
Evstricktnichtnur (German)
Wheelchair Boy (Taiwanese)

Quotes Against Disablism
The Life and Times of Emma

Art Against Disablism
Geezer with a Meezer

Poetry Against Disablism
Just Between Strangers

Personal Journeys
Did I Miss Something?
Disability Law
Diary of a Goldfish
Sally's Life
She Who Has Pissed In Your Wheaties

Love and Sex
Ballots, Balls and Bikes
The Web Pen Blog
The Nasty Girls


Kelly said...

Thank you for organizing this! Our story is up!

Sally said...

Good Morning Goldfish
Happy 'Blogging Against Disablism Day' ... exceedingly well done.
Thank you for your inspiration and all your hard work to bring this to fruition.

Anonymous said...

I added my voice just after midnight ... but then you've already seen it.


Anonymous said...

Kudos to you for getting this off the ground. I've been tracking via Technorati since I got up this morning (late Sunday night, UK time) - it was great to see all the keen ones appear just after midnight BST! All very thought provoking - made me confront some of my personal thoughts and issues clearly, for the first time.

Looking forward to twice as big next year!

Anonymous said...

I take part with my german Blog Behindertenparkplatz.

Anonymous said...


A huge round of applause to you and Lady Bracknell for all your organisation of this :-).

My only *direct* experience of disablism, that I can remember (as opposed to society's in general) was going into an exhibition and being told "the wheelchair can go in free"... Of course, I wasn't mentally quick enough to reply "So, how much for me" or "I'm sure it'll will enjoy it, can I give it a notepad so it can tell me all about it afterwards?".

To give the organizers some credit, access wasn't great (what's new?!) so I think that was the reason for the freebie, rather than general charity.

Unknown said...

I had no blogspiration, so I'm sorry to say I only linked.
Thanks, everyone, for your fascinating posts.

Unknown said...

This has been a great project. My blogging against disablism can be found here.

love hippie x

Michael Bérubé said...

Thanks for organizing this! My post is up here.

Anonymous said...

Here is my post at Rachel's Tavern.

ben said...

mine's posted...looking forward to reading everybody's contribution.

Dream Mom said...

Thank you for organizing this. I just posted mine at:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this, and count me in!

Anonymous said...

Oops. Meant to make that a clickable link.

ballastexistenz said...

I'm from Ballastexistenz and have participated so far by blogging an entry called Barnard Power.

Attila the Mom said...

Thanks so much for putting this together. I've been reading so many interesting and insightful blogs.

What a great project!

abfh said...

Here's my post:

Yes, You Are Talking About Me.

Anonymous said...

Do you min if I join in? Er yes... I already have. Here is my contribution Really enjoyed reading all that has been written so far...

Anonymous said...

I'm late, but I posted. See link in signature.

Anonymous said...

Finally got our post up... this was challenging (in a good way!).

Here's the post.

R said...

My post's just gone live, too - pushing the deadline just a tiny bit, but there it is. Hope it's sufficiently coherent.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog, but have been thinking about you, my colleagues in life, all day. Monica

Neurodivergent K said...

Mine's up. I don't know HTML well enough to show yall though.

Laura said...

here's mine

kristina said...

I'm AutismVox and here is my post, Education is the Best Cure

Jannalou said...

My web site's been down, but I posted at an older blog and then copied my post to my LiveJournal account and my Xanga account and my MySpace account. As soon as my site's back up, I'll put the post on that blog, too. But you can read my post here.

Unknown said...

Here's my post:

Camera Obscura said...

It's still two hours until the party's over in Nellyville, although my comment post time will say differently.

Disney and Universal recognize that disabled doesn't just mean "in a wheelchair."

lost clown said...

Ok my post is here (permalink)

Perpetual Beginner said...

I'm past the deadline, for which I apologize. My attempt at a contribution is at - sorry I'm an HTML flop. I'll figure it out someday.

Meanwhile I expect good things from reading through all the contributions above me.

Anonymous said...


ACM said...

A day late, but a poem on this topic from a few years ago:

maurinsky said...

I put up a post today.

Mia said...

I'm sorry to join late but I just posted my story.
This is a fantastic idea and I truly hope it will raise awareness to amazing levels.
All the best,

Anonymous said...

I'm late too. I've looked and looked for "disabled blogs", and rarely found any. I'm so excited. Here's my story of being discriminated against.

Skye @ Planet Jinxatron said...

Late to the party, but mine is here:

Thanks for a great idea!

Impatient Patient said...

Thank you for doing this- I am extremely excited by this idea and wish I had not been late with my greeting. Ah well- it is posted as an invite to anyone who wants to look at what it is like to live as a support of someone who has a work injury - long term. Snoop away and enjoy.

Zilari said...

I'm late to comment, but I wrote something here

Anonymous said...

i'm glad i'm not the only late one. well here it is, on DPT (disabled people's time):
my post for blogging against disableism day

thanks so much for doing this--it's awesome!

take care.

love billie rain

Anonymous said...

I'm even later.

But my belated post is at :

t. comfyshoes

Rhonda said...

Just a quick note to Thank You for all you've done to get this off the ground!

imfunnytoo said...

Late, as usual got the post up on 5/2 local time (lousy internet connection)...

I love being just innundated with all the marvelous work this idea produced/produces....

Sounds like a good tradition to keep up...can't link, but you know where my list is...

Estee Klar-Wolfond said...

This is amazing. I hope you come for a visit -- I am organizing The Joy of Autism: Redefining Ability and Quality of Life -- an event in Toronto from October 5-November 5 featuring speakers and exhibitions.

Ahistoricality said...

Fantastic work putting this together, and very nice indexing. I still haven't had time to go through the whole list, but I will!


Mimey said...

Heard about this last night and posted something today. Feels like an important thing for everyone to be part of.

ballastexistenz said...

You linked one specific entry of mine. I ended up adding two more besides that one, having to do with BADD:

Liz said...


I've just put up my post - I'm sorry it's so late! Things have been hectic this week!

Liz said...

Oops, forgot the link -

hope it's okay!

R said...

Just wanted to drop you a quiet(ish) line and say how absolutely brilliant I think BADD was/is and what a fantastic job you've done. Thankyou so much for making it happen, and I hope you're enjoying some well-earned rest now.

Agent Fang said...

As well as thanking you for the work you (and others) have done on making BADD so good, I want to say thank you for having the idea.

The way it has brought people together and the experiences and feelings we will have reading each other's entries is, um, I don't know quite how to put it, but - immense. I'm spending some time online dipping into people's blogs and hearing their stories and there isn't a one that hasn't taught me something, made me laugh, or want to cry - all have made me think. It's prompted us to share things that are profoundly important and need to be heard.

BADD is a great gift, from all of us to all of us, started by you!

How cool is that?!

Love and respect

Fangworld BADD post

Karama said...

Here's the entry from So what can I do. Better late than never, right? Thanks so much for organizing this!

Karen Putz said...

Here's mine:

Frank said...

My post went up on May 4. The category is general physical access (ramps, etc.)

Anonymous said...

These comments have been invaluable to me as is this whole site. I thank you for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your information "Blogging Against Disablism Day". Bank Blogging

Anonymous said...

Keeping pace with the advances on blogging is a Herculean task. We've done just that and present all you need to know here.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you wish to keep the links correct for the 2006 BADD? If you do, I've changed my post (Aw Diddums, under employment issues) to:

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for doing this! I just put up my post, which is about privilege, language, and having a sibling with a disability.

Jason said...

I posted this last summer, so I hope it's OK to link here, about an experience our family had at a restaurant. My son Elijah has autism.

the boors said...

here's my blog against Deaf Discrimination, LOL