Monday, January 09, 2006

Poetry Corner: My fair weather friend

This is a great tradition which is now dying out; when I first entered the blogsphere, it was saturated with really terrible angst-ridden poetry and now we only have a few stalwarts producing fantastically bad stuff. I almost named some, but thought better of it. They might not realise their own talents and find my comments offensive.

Following I just want my body to work and Ode To My TENS, this poem is another one fresh from my inner teenager. Of course my inner teenager is very much in touch with my feelings - indeed, she is totally preoccupied by them. Whereas being grown up, I try my best to hold them below the surface, struggling and gasping for air. Best place for 'em.

My Fair Weather Friend

How are you doing, my fair weather friend?
It’s been a good while since we spoke.
Seems like a month, I try to pretend,
Seems like a week, you joke.

Did you notice that I’ve had a time out of sorts?
Oh yes, I was terribly missed.
And what were you up? Was I in your thoughts?
Oh yes, every day, you insist.

So how can I help you, my fair weather friend?
Well, would I please lend you my ears?
Can you borrow my shoulders, now I’m on the mend,
Can I hold you and soak up your tears?

Did you notice that I’ve had a time out of sorts?
Did you think that I might be alone?
How was it, I wonder, I was in your thoughts
Yet your thoughts couldn’t pick up the phone?

There there, my unfortunate fair weather friend,
Things will get much better; you’ll see.
Your weight I shall carry, your wounds I shall tend,
One day you might do this for me.


Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to say how much I love that poem.

I love that poem.


I might have gone on to say that it feels like something I could have written at many times in my life, when instead what I should have gone on to say - if indeed I'd said it - was that I probably wouldn't have written it, probably resorting instead to writing bitter and angry prose in a spiral-bound notebook and seething inwardly.

Anonymous said...

hahaha dumb this passes for art? no wonder their friend wont help them

Anonymous said...

I love it too. Mind if I post a link on my facebook?