Monday, January 16, 2006

Take me out tonight, because I want to see people and I want to see life

Have had a good few days of banging my head against the wall. Then I listened to last week’s Saturday Review on Radio Four and they reviewed a book by a guy who allegedly wrote it within a week whilst recovering from alcohol poisoning. Now okay, it’s called Sellevision and is about behind the scenes shenanigans at a cable shopping channel – not a book I would like to read or write. But it was being reviewed on Radio Four. Bastard.

Meanwhile, not a great deal to report. Really nothing is happening. I still haven’t been out of the flat this year and nobody’s come to visit. I seem to be living my life by proxy, delighting or worrying over other people’s news. Or else I am living in a world of fictional characters.

Actually, this isn't quite true. What I have done this last week? Apart from work on my novel I have…
  1. Been experimenting making suncatchers using real lead as an outline. This has led (bum bum) to a great deal of hand-washing and hygiene paranoia. I don’t really understand how dangerous the stuff is, but tend to be overcautious. I’m actually using latex gloves but my nails are long and together with the pliers and craft-knife I keep putting holes in them. Anyway, the leading does look really cool when I get it right. I have been looking at rose window designs to scale-down.
  2. Painted a piggy-bank for a small child. I am quite pleased with it; piggy-banks are often ugly things but mine is quite cute.
  3. Watched several films I hadn’t seen before; The Village (good – beautifully made, shame about the premise), Hostage (bad – it was called Hostage and starred Bruce Willis – I should have known better), The Producers (very bad) and Motorcycle Diaries (very good). Probably some others, I can’t remember.
  4. Begun reading Passage to India, one of the many novels I got for Christmas.
  5. Sampled Violet Liqueur which is the colour of methylated spirit and coincidentally tastes like meths with a load of parma violets mixed into it.
See that’s five pieces of not-quite-nothing. And I am making some progress on my book. Right now, no amount of not-quite-nothing compensates if I can't write. I can't believe how demoralised I feel about this so early into the new year.

Oh and the nightmares are back.


marmiteboy said...

Have you read the book of The Motor Cycle Diaries?

Anonymous said...

Yes, if you are handling lead a lot be very careful. It can be absorbed through the skin, mucous membranes, and the dust can be inhaled. Lead poisoning can be fatal, but even the low-level chronic type is very unpleasant and insidious in onset.

Is The Producers the musical about Nazism?

The violet liqueur sounds like aversion therapy!

The Goldfish said...

I haven't read The motorcycle diaries but I guess I ought to now really.

Thanks for your advice about lead, Charles. The Producers that I saw is the old nineteen sixties Mel Brooks film, all the Blazing Saddles crowd and yes they are putting on a musical Springtime for Hitler.

I have been informed that it is not at all bad and I have an absolute duty to watch it again whilst slightly drunk.

There is a new version at the cinema now - after the original film, it became a Broadway Show, gaining more songs, and they've now turned it back into a film. Uh... so that's a film based on a musical based on a film about a musical.

Anyway, neither AJ or I got on with the original - funny premise of course and a great comedy German. And I imagine it was outrageous when it was first released, with goose-stepping dance routines etc.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. I believe a friend once spoke to me about this book, motor cycle diaries. It sounded very interesting. Apparently it changed his perception on life. I forget how though, lol. i did listen, honest!

Well, we get by don't we? doing little things, here and there to make the days go by. That's how I felt in my total non job search days. It still feels that way on the odd day, when there's nothing much doing. I feel odd if I hang around the ouch board, or any other forum for long periods.

I'm all for trying new alcoholic drinks. *wink*