Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I am feeling rather chuffed with myself today. Last night we went to the cinema and saw War of the Worlds which I may review at some point soon, but this would usually mean a total wipe out today. However, I really needed to go see I, H's sister about the bridesmaid dress. I was pretty anxious about this, about managing this thing (long story but the timing was out of my hands) and dealing with the people in town. It's like a daylight version of a zombie movie out there in Whitby just now, crowds of the living-dead staggering about in seemingly random directions, dull-eyed and open mouthed. The pit-falls of living in a seaside resort - apart from the fact that most people's jobs depend on these creatures, I imagine we could all happily move out for the months of July and August every year.

I find it exhausting with the wheelchair, because I am forced to interact with them. I have to try and get them out of my way (they do this standing still thing as well as the staggering bit) and some of the only recently dead who offer me help or leap out of my way; I have to thank everybody a million times as well of course. Last time I went into town it was just too much for me, I got scared and rushed back home. If this happens, I stay home more, I get less used to dealing with this stuff and I become more anxious about facing it. Then I get lazy and go out less, but I get unhappy because I'm getting out less and so on and so forth.

So I was quite pleased when I got to and into the shop where I works without getting even vaguely flustered. Irene is a really lovely lady, really cheery but practical and I'm really pleased to have her on board with the bridesmaid dress. All that went fine, so rather than speeding back home I ran a few errands outstanding for the last... however many weeks it is since I last braved the zombies.

And then, just I was about to leave town and head back home.... I got shat on by a seagull.


Nicola said...

hiya deb

i saw war of the worlds with googlespack and co the other day..twas quite crowded in henley too cos its the back end of the regatta/festival it was plummy zombies in suits . do you have a powerchair then? i thought you had a scooter , dunno why,...don't worry it'll get rainy soon and they'll stay indoors...she says optimistically

what did you think of the film? i thought 'i really wanna go to Boston' , then GS said he'd take me there anytime...meaning the one in Lincolnshire. Git. :-) chat soon and i hope ur wedding issues get sorted

Anonymous said...

I wanna see War Of The Worlds too, but our local cinema is pants and I can't drive to the one I usually use (UGC at Rubery) - I'll have to persuade a friend to drive me ...

Having only been out of the house twice in the last three weeks (thanks to a car crash and an unrelated bad foot) I'm wondering if I'll become agoraphobic - I doubt it, though, because I was born and bred in the country amongst big wide spaces, trees and the smell of cow shit!

And remember: that's only one bird's opinion!

The Goldfish said...

It's not the wide open spaces, but the people, the noise and bustle - even the lights in the big shops become oppressive. It's greatly exaccerbated by the fact that my dysfunctional brain struggles to cope with this stuff cognitively; I become confused and disoriented even when I'm feeling fine psychologically.

It can be very frustrating as I value my independence so much, but it is fairly easily cured - I just need to make sure I get out there whenever I can and force myself back out a.s.a.p after the low periods.

Anonymous said...


What is that saying.."muck for luck?' of course THAT makes it all better NOT!

I have similar fears with the going out thing. I seem to attract the 'comments' right now and the stares as well as the general zombies too...I just get complacement and everything IS so much more time consuming and energy burning..

glad Hal's sis is still on the case and it was on the whole (minus Zombs and bird poo) a good experience..