Saturday, May 21, 2005

The return of the brain... maybe.

Well I’m feeling much better today, even though I had a night of truly horrible dreams. They were so vivid. I dreamt that my nearly-but-not-quite brother-in-law died. My sister is always going on about the young man’s bodily functions (at twenty-six her top three favourite words remain guff, windipop and wobblebottom – not sure about the order), and when in this dream she broke the news to me she said, “He was very ill, and all of a sudden he farted, rolled over and died. But that’s the way he would have wanted it to be.”

Unfortunately, this didn’t strike me as a strange or funny thing to say at all in my dream; it was just awful, I felt terrible and I woke up feeling sick with the shock of the news. I then wasn’t sure whether some of it was true, whether or not Adrian’s life was really in danger just now or whether that was a dream as well. When I went back to sleep my dreams were less traumatic, but still pretty bad. Dreams about drowning, getting into wrestling matches with people twice my size, this sort of thing.

My brain seems to be present and correct today, but I’m being very easily distracted. Ho hum. I will try and do something useful before the day is out.

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