Monday, May 23, 2005

Mini Rally

I am feeling absolutely dreadful today, but I was cheered up when the Mini Rally came past outside. They do this every year; I'm not sure where they come from and where they are going to. There was a red one and a camoflauge one and a black one flying the Jolly Roger from either wing-mirror and there was a red on and a turquoise one and a red one with stripes and a purple one and another plainish red one and a really knackered looked forest green one and another red one this time with white stripes and then another red one with a correctly coloured Union Jack on and a silver one with a black and white chequer-board on the roof and then another red one with stripes and a bright Barbie pink one and another red one. Then my legs gave way and by the time I got up they were gone. They were going very fast.

The best Mini I ever saw, which I didn't see today was an ivory or at least off-white one with a monochrome Union Jack on the roof - extremely moddish and groovy.

This was the highlight of my day.

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