Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Goldfish Facts #3

Well, I am feeling a wee bit perkier today (actually a lot better, touch wood, cross fingers, and have no digits left for typing) and I actually know what day of the week it is. That day is Wednesday, which means yesterday was Tuesday and you will all be wondering what happened to Goldfish Facts. Well, here they are;
  • Goldfish lose their colour if kept in dim light. Apparently a goldfish will eventually turn completely white when left in a dark room. I don’t know whether my black moors would turn more black or perhaps go a little grey.
  • The common goldfish is the only animal that can see both infra-red and ultra-violet light. Imagine seeing a greater spectrum of colours than you already do? Would the world be a more beautiful place? Well, I think it’s just splendid as it is (can you tell I’m feeling better today?).
  • A goldfish-swallowing craze swept the colleges of the United States in the spring of 1939, starting in Harvard. You can read an article about it here if you don’t believe me.

That’s it for this week. If anybody’s got any exciting Goldfish Facts they would like to share with me and the rest of the world please feel free to drop us a line. Also, if you are coming to this page for the first time check out I begin to keep a blog and Goldfish Facts #2 in order to put this goldfish trivia in the context of more goldfish trivia.

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Anonymous said...

Did you know that certain species of goldfish grow larger or stay smaller according to the size of their enviornment?