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Blogging Against Disablism Day 2012

Blogging Against Disablism Day, May 1st 2012Welcome to Blogging Against Disablism Day 2012!

Thanks very much to everyone who helped to spread the word and to everyone who blogged against disablism, ableism and disability discrimination.

If you have a post for Blogging Against Disablism, please leave a comment including the URL (web address) of your post and the catergory your post best belongs to.

We'll be updating this post throughout the day to create an archive of all the posts. We'll also try to post links to every blog using the Twitter stream @BADDtweets

The amazing Stephen has helped me this year, but even with two people, there are bound to be typos, so please be patient and let us know if you notice any mistakes.

If you happen to have a round-up post of your favourite blogs from the day, please let us know.  Claire from OT on Wheels put together Archives of tweets for the hashtags #BADD12 / #BADD / #BADD2012  whilst @spiegelmama created a Storify of the day

Blogging Against Disablism 2012

(Disability discrimination in the workplace, recruitment issues and unemployment). 

The 19th Floor: Advocacy Works
Anytime Yoga: Scared to Ask
ATOS Stories: Work Hurts
Benefit Scrounging Scum: Do You Know What You're Asking?
College and Disability: Why are so many people with disabilities unemployed?

Crip_tic: Disabling farming barriers
Honour your Inner Magpie: Yeah, but would you burn?
Jennifer Sommerness: Untitled
Kate Bennell @ Sightsavers: Untitled
Legal Aware: My experience
The Ramblings of Me: The Irony of Coping
This Ain't Livin': The Exploitation of Home Health Workers
This is my Blog: That's not a compliment

(Attitudes and practical issues effecting disabled people and the discussion of disability in education, from preschool to university and workplace training.)

It's my life: Barriers to Education
Radical Neurodivergence Speaking: Update on the fights we fight from last year
Sunshine, been keeping me up for days: Untitled
The Notes which do not fit: Memories of a Special Education
Teaching All Students: Blending In
Urbania to Stoneheads: Deaf experience of higher education

Technology and Web Accessibility

Assistive Technology: Fire safety for the deaf
Indigo Jo Blogs: Mobile Accessibility
King's Learning Institute TEL Blog: The sharp edge of Technology Enhanced Learning: Science and Technology and Disability Studies
Pretty Simple: Complicit disablism and the power of reason
UK Web Focus: Aversive Disablism, Web Accessibility and the Web Developer

Other Access Issues
(Posts about any kind of access issue in the built environment, shops, services and various organisations. By "access issues" I mean anything which enables or disenables a person from doing what everyone else is able to do.)

Abailin: On Self-Injury, Autism, and Behavioral Therapy
AWTS Blog: Driven Round The Bend By Motability Myths
Dannilion.com: Being Accessible Doesn’t Just Mean Ramps
Disabled Medic: My Sunday Church Experience 
eTenerife: Able-Bodied Assumptions and Tenerife Toilets
Fix My Transport Journal: Disability and Me #1
Gimp 'Tude: No Crips Allowed
Intractable/Implacable: Segregation and the invisible ones...
l’azile: if you build it, they will come: making co-working spaces accessible
lounalune: Accessibility of the minds
Madison Claire Foundation: Inclusive Playgrounds: Accessibility for All
Normal is Overrated: Accessibility: One Size Doesn't Fit All
Radically Queer: Rethinking Access
Rolling Around In My Head: My BADD

Definition and Analysis of Disablism/ Ableism

Facial Expression is Overrated: Reaction piece
Grace Quantock: Untitled
Nordic Network on Disability Research: Blogging Against Disablism Day
SpeEdChange: Toppliing Transactionalism

The Language of Disablism(Posts about the language which surrounds disability and the way that it may empower or disempower us.)

Abailin: A Few Words on Language
Accessiblog.fr: Being disabled: a matter of context
Adrienne: Why ‘wingnut’ is a poor word choice
Bethlehem Blogger: What 'retards' have taught me about peace work (and people)
CynthiaParkhill: I edit for people-first language
The F-Word: Calling out disablist language
I am not a nutter: I am not a nutter
Square 8: Connecting Dots

Disablism Interacting with Other 'Isms'
(Posts about the way in which various discriminations interact; the way that the prejudice experienced as a disabled person may be compounded by race, gender, age, sexuality etc..)

Diceytillerman: FAT CRIP! Random Thoughts Where Fatness and Disability Intersect
transabled.org: Objecting to Walking is Discrimination

Disablism in Literature, Culture and the Media

The Haps: Here’s What We Should Keep Doing 
Ramblings of a Fibro Fogged Mind: Holding the Media to Account…
Single Lens Reflections: Blogging Against Disablism Day 2012 - Intro
Single Lens Reflections: Clippity Cloppity Goat and the Troll
Where's the Benefit (Guest Post): Disability benefits and the self-made mouth


Disability Studies, Temple U.: History is still happening

Relationships, Love and Sex

After Gadget: Service Dogs & Friends: Familiarity Breeds... Confusion?
Ballastexistenz: Caregiver abuse takes many forms
Crippled, Queer, Anglo-European Ranter: Sexual Eunuchs? 
Gin and Lemonade: This is how I Roll
Nick's Crusade: The Path of the Disabled Man
Pretty Pancreas: Disability Tango
Sensible Susan & The Ladylike Punk: Sex & Disability (a.k.a Dissertation Fun Time
TGStoneButch: Pain and sadism, and a bit about how they intertwine in my life 

AthletesFirst: Blogging Against Disasblism Day 2012
Youth - Fit to Lead: A Viewer’s Guide to the Paralympics


Ephemeradical: Linkpost for BADD 2012

Poetry against Disablism

Same Difference: Listen to the Silence

Art and Photography Against Disablism

Challenge Ableism: Photo Campaign
General Thoughts on Disablism

Accessible Insights Blog: Your Ingenious Life
Angelikitten: I'm sure that there's a point to this entry...
Anonymous: Shout Out
A Room Of My Own: We're All Different and that's OK
Are Women Human? (Guest Post): It Gets Inside Our Heads
Ask A Wheeler: Assumptions About Disability.
Diary of a Goldfish: Recall To Pride
F&*£ Yeah Fibromyalgia: Untitled
Girl with the Cane: Untitled
Happy, smiley and chronically ill: Reality versus Perception
Just Stimming: Truth Is
Low Visionary: Dismantling Disablism: Three Powerful Tools.
Mardahl.dk: Pain and Respect
Moiread: Today is Blogging Against Disablism Day 2012
Not Your Teachable Moment: Where HAS the day gone?
People Aren't Broken: Disability Has A P.R. Problem
Plato's Nightmare / Aesop's Dream: But these things are monsters
Ruth Madison: Us v.s. Them
Sanabitur Anima Mea: I’ve Never Met Anybody Who Wasn’t Important Before
This Brain is Barking: Today is Blogging Against Disablism Day.
Thoughts of Nothing: Untitled
We Can Do: Why Fight Disablism? A Global Perspective
Wordthings Of Jon: I'm sorry, but I do actually have a life

Parenting Issues(whether disabled parents or the parents of a disabled child.)

Children with Special Needs: Making Inclusion a Two-Way Street
Gavin's Gear: Parenting Rights
Ruled by paws: The Questions

Healthcare Issues(For example, the provision of healthcare, institutionalistaion of disabled people, reproductive ethics and euthanasia)

20 Commandments for MentalHealth workers: Untitled
Ballastexistenz: Pulling Back Curtains
Nightengale of Samarkand: Double Standards

Impairment-Specific Prejudice

Bruce Lawson: Untitled
Diceytillerman: Can We ReName CFIDS Already? My Proposal for Our New Name
Virginia Tremor: I'm not Drunk
Words of Wood: I Belong To Myself

Personal Journeys

Posts about learning experiences and realisations authors have had about the nature of disability discrimination and the impact on their lives.

Adventures of a Part-Time Wheeler: Ambivalence
Believe in Who You Are: Just get over it 
Cats and Chocolate: Role Models
The Cat's Lair: Untitled
Coffee and Chaos: Open your Eyes
Cracked Mirror in Shalott: Something
Intractable/Implacable: Segregation and the invisible ones... 
Midlife and Treachery: Do you let them know?
Never that Easy: My Years of Magical Thinking... 
OT on wheels: Untitled
Painting: Discrimination 2 May Oneth

Pseudo-living: 24 Hours In My Life
TAL9000:  Facade-Keeping
Thoughts of Nothing: Living with Chronic Back Pain
tiintax.com: Untitled
Traveling Show: The BADD Post
The Wandering Monster: All too Familiar
A Writer In A Wheelchair: I don’t wanna fight no more

Disablism and Politics
(For example, the political currency of disability, anti-discrimination legislation, etc.)

From a nest of sticks and yarn: When disableism starts with us
Gilded Cage: The Myth of "Survival of the Fittest."
A Latent Existence: If you can tweet, you can work
Lisybabe's Blog: ♫...I'm going underground, (going underground)...♫ 
louisebolotin.com: No longer disabled enough: Cameron's brave new world
Maijan ilmestykset: On the ownership of bodies
Makulatur: Thoughts on the subject (Also posted here)
Ramblings of a Fibro Fogged Mind:  How is an Activist Born…
Ramblings of a Fibro Fogged Mind (Guest Post): Spartacus and Me
Rolling with the Punches: You can type, therefore you can work
Short Cuts in Wakefield: Blogging abouts Disabilism and the Cuts
Stand Tall Through Everything: Rest Insured
Where's the Benefit?: The Price of Hate

Bullying, Harassment and Hate Crime

Funky Mango's Musings: Dead Happy, Derek, and disablism
Tune into Radio Carly: Untitled
You dont look sick!: Blue Badge Vigilante's

My Dis/Abled Body Belongs to Me, Not You, so Back Off!

Honour Your Inner Magpie: dis/abilism and the suddenly huggy lady

List of Participating Blogs
Outside the bubble in an eggshell, SpeEdChange, Ramblings of a Fibro Fogged Mind, The F-Word, Kimberley Tew, Children with Special Needs,Happy, smiley and chronically ill, Pseudo-Living, Gavin's Gear, Stand Tall Through Everything, Disability Studies,  Temple U, Tune into Radio Carly, Unusual Suspects, Ask a Wheeler, Tiintax, A Room of my Own, Indigo Jo Blogs, Makulatur, There's a Botticelli Angel Inside, Snapping Beans, Welcome Spoken Here, Butterfly Dreams, Low Visionary, You dont look sick!, Social Welfare Union, Kate's blog, Crippled, Queer, Anglo-European Ranter, Librarian on Wheeeeels, Disabled Medic, Plato's Nightmare / Aesop's Dream, ATOS Stories, It's My Life, Anytime Yoga, Madison Claire Foundation, Angelkitten, Rolling Around In My Head, Intractable/ImplacableLounalune, Against It, Stories and Research from an Epilepsy Sufferer, Crip_tic, Slewth Press, Gilbert and Me, UK Web Focus, Accessiblog.fr, This Ain't Living, People Aren't Broken, Accessible Insights Blog, Never that Easy, Gimp 'Tude, Painting, College and Disability, Ruth Madison, Urbania to Stoneheads, A Pretty Simple Blog, Benefit Scrounging Scum, Disabled and Employed, Sunny Dreamer, AWTS blog, Funky Mango's Musings, Single Lens Reflections


Audacity Filmworks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi Goldfish.

Not sure of a category. Other?

BADD 2012: Driven Round The Bend By Motability Myths

Andrea S. said...

I just now put mine up!

My blog site is called "We Can Do" at http://wecando.wordpress.com

My blog post is entitled "Why Fight Disablism? Blogging against Disablism Day 2012" at http://wecando.wordpress.com/2012/05/01/why-fight-disablism/. The closest fit category that you have would seem to be, "General Thoughts on Disablism"

BUT, if you decide to create a category for Disablism in a Global Context (or something similar), then my post could also fit in there because I have loads of links to various reports on the situation of people with disabilities in both developed and developing countries around the world. Up to you, it's your event!

Sean said...

I've put my post up:
Objecting to Walking is Discrimination. This would fit in the "Disability Specific" category as per past years, or "General thoughts on disablism"

Thanks for the great work.

Criquaer said...

Title: Sexual Eunuchs?

Category: Relationships & Sex

Link: http://crippledqueeranglo-europeanranter.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/sexual-eunuchs.html

Hope that's right & that no-one takes offence!


irasocol said...

Under: Definition and Analysis of Disablism/Ableism

"Toppling Transactionalism"

- Ira Socol

Tori said...

I'm reposting the link to my post here, where I can also add a category (Employment):


-- Tori

Catherine Roy said...

Hi Goldfish,

For your consideration in the Access Issues category :

If you build it, they will come: making co-working spaces accessible

Thanks !

Anonymous said...

My post (2) are probably very very rambling but we have endured discrimination and the like over many years, it took along time to discover that many other injured people are heavily discriminated against seemingly on the pretext of it not being discrimination because its all for their or the greater good.
On the positive side years of heavy and at times very scary discrimination have had very positive effects, we are very poor, in monetary terms but have learned many valuable lessons and while we probably should be a s miserable as Sin for all we have been through are perversely not I guess the lesson is Discrimination of any form, like War achieves nothing for anybody.

Anonymous said...

I'm in - 7th year!


I suppose it goes under healthcare

Anonymous said...

Title: When Disablism Starts with Us
Category: Disablism and Politics
URL: http://archane.dreamwidth.org/608942.html

rebecca said...

"FAT CRIP! Random Thoughts Where Fatness and Disability Intersect"


belongs in: Disablism Interacting with Other 'Isms'

Jen said...

My post can be found here

Thanks for your continued dedication to this day.

R. Larkin Taylor-Parker said...

My post on the challenges and successes of the struggle against ableism/disableism in the autistic community is here:


Slightly wonky said...

Reality versus Perception, a reflection of the different sides that different groups see.


I guess it comes under General Thoughts.

Maija Haavisto said...

My entry, under the header Politics:

Kehojen omistamisesta / On the ownership of bodies

My blog is in Finnish, but of this entry is available in both Finnish and English (in the same post).

rebecca said...


"Can We ReName CFIDS Already? My Proposal for Our New Name."

Should this go in "The Language of Disablism" or "Impairment-Specific Prejudice"? Whichever you think is best.

Danni said...

My post for today:


I guess it comes under Other Access Issues. My twitter name is @Dannilion :)

Laura said...

Under The Language of Disablism:


Neurodivergent K said...


I'm not sure if it's education, political, or Other. It's the 1 year update of my ADA fight with portland community college. It's kind of long, but reading it doesn't take as long as living it.

mathsie said...


Mine's just general thoughts on living with disability and having to fight for every little bit.

mathsie said...


Mine's just general thoughts on living with disability and having to fight for every little bit.

Funky Mango said...

Hi - my post is up, at Funky Mango's Musings.

Category is hate crime.

Sara K. said...

Sorry that I didn't mention that I was participating earlier, but here is my post - Memories of a Special Education


Sara K. said...

I'm sorry, I forgot to put a category - I suppose it should go under 'education', even though it's a very personal post.

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Mine's done! Probably best in employment/politics. Hope you're ok?

Dave Hingsburger said...

Hi Goldfish, mine goes in general access issues and thanks again this year.


NurseWithGlasses said...

20 commandments for mental health workers >> health care issues http://20commandments.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/20-commandments-for-mental-health.html
To make mental health care a better place

Spoonydoc said...

BADD 2012: http://loopys-rollingwiththepunches.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/you-can-type-therefore-you-can-work.html

Maybe Harrassment?

angelikitten said...

Site name: angelikitten
Post name: I'm sure that there's a point to this entry...
Post URL: http://angelikitten.dreamwidth.org/301374.html
Category: General Thoughts on Disablism

Thanks for running this again!

Makulatur said...

Here's mine: http://makulatur.tumblr.com/post/22186575316/blogging-against-disablism-day-2012

Unfortunately it's very uncomfortable to read on the theme so I posted it to my otherwise so far non-English tumblr too where readablility should be better: http://maschinenwalzer.tumblr.com/post/22186717220/blogging-against-disablism-day-2012

I think it fits the politics category but feel free to file it elsewhere.

I'll read all the entries when I'm back from work.

Thanks everyone already.

Lisa Maria

flo(disabledmedic) said...

Here is my post :

BADD : My Sunday Church Experience


I guess it fits in other access, although it also mention some queer intersection stuff.

Thanks for all your hard work =]

Sarah Ismail said...

I've only just remembered it was BADD... so posting at 12pm instead of the usual 12am my time but still posting: http://samedifference1.com/2012/05/01/blogging-against-disablism-day-2012/

Anonymous said...


I'm not sure where to file this. Personal journeys, probably.

Andrea S. said...

Thanks for including my post, Goldfish! I've now revised the title of my post from "Why Fight Disablism?" to "Why Fight Disablism? A Global Perspective" -- I'm at We Can Do, which you filed under "General Thoughts on Disablism"

Much appreciated!

Ruth Madison said...

Category: General Thoughts on Disablism


Steven Sumpter said...

Here's my contribution.

“If you can tweet, you can work”

I'm not sure of the category I'm afraid. It might be bullying, or general.

Julie Hume said...

Hi there,

I posted on my Tenerife destination blog about BADD, the need for awareness and some of the facilities available for those with reduced mobility travelling to Tenerife.
I guess the best category would be Access Issues but not sure.

Please see the post here:


Unknown said...


No longer disabled enough: Cameron's brave new world.

In Disablism and Politics.

James Coltham said...

My post now live, proposing the concept of complicit disablism and how this applies to web professionals, and arguing that the concept of reasonable adjustment is key to getting people on board.


ClaireOT said...

Hi Goldfish,

My contribution is now live, http://otonwheels.wordpress.com/2012/05/01/badd12-blogging-against-disablism-day/

Not sure of the category- it's about disablism and equality- and about my own privilege and awareness of the wider challenges faced by people in the community.

Hope you can include it.

Never That Easy said...

Mine's up: http://neverthateasy.blogspot.com/2012/05/my-years-of-magical-thinking.html it goes in the personal journeys category, I'd say.

Lisa said...

Disablism in the media: http://wheresthebenefit.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/guest-post-disability-benefits-and-self.html

Disablism and politics: http://lisybabe.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/im-going-underground-going-underground.html

Ruth Madison said...

The link for "You dont look sick!: Blue Badge Vigilante's" isn't working, returning a "not found" error.

Jeannette said...

I guess my category would be "Disability specific" and the posts are "the camera DOES lie" "Feeling absolutely failed" and "what autism means to me"

Unknown said...

Category: Parenting



Anonymous said...

This is from the Madison Claire Foundation!

Category: Other Access Issues

Titiles: Inclusive Playgrounds: Accessibility for All – Blogging Against Disablism Day 2012


Elise Matthesen said...

Hiya, Goldfish.

My LJ is Honour Your Inner Magpie.

My blog post is "dis/abilism and the suddenly huggy lady" at http://elisem.livejournal.com/1739585.html

Categories: Uh-oh. I'm not sure. Is there a category for MY DIS/ABLED BODY BELONGS TO ME, NOT YOU, SO BACK OFF?

Bev said...

This is for the Language of Disability category:

BADD:Connecting dots

Thank you.

Bev said...

Of course I meant the Language of Disablism category. Squawk.

GirlWithTheCane said...

General thoughts on Disability...


Thanks for putting this together!

Wendy Bradley said...

One ex-civil servant's experiences.

Kit said...

I've written! http://wp.me/p19r05-23

The title of the piece is "All Too Familiar", and it's about the assumptions our families and carers make about our disabilities and how that can hurt. I'm not sure where it would fit, but hopefully that summary will make it obvious to you where in your categories it should go.

Liam ( @AutistLiam) said...


This probably either general thoughts or personal journey. It includes an amount of biography but is about internalised disablism and what it does to all of us.

Anonymous said...

I wrote one on general ableism (http://thoughts-of-nothing.tumblr.com/post/22192050450/blogging-against-disablism-day) and, by a friend's request, a personal journey (http://thoughts-of-nothing.tumblr.com/post/22195680351/by-request-living-with-chronic-back-pain) about going to university with chronic pain.

Mary said...

Hi Goldfish!

Wasn't sure I'd finish a post this year (although I started five...)

My post is titled "That's not a compliment" and is at http://batsgirl.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/thats-not-compliment.html

I think it should go in the "Employment" category.

Thank you again for hosting BADD!

Mary said...

Hi again... for some reason an extra space got inserted into the link to my post as it appears on the BADD page, so it doesn't work.

Link is http://batsgirl.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/thats-not-compliment.html

Lorna said...

Hi Goldfish,

Blog Name: Gin & Lemonade

Post Title: Blogging Against Disablism Day 2012: This Is How I Roll

Post Link:


Category: Love, Relationships, Sex or General

Thank you!


Vicky said...

My blog is called Bethlehem Blogger.

My post is called "What 'retards' have taught me about peace work (and people)."

It would probably fit best in the category 'Language of disablism'.


Anonymous said...


blog name: The Ramblings of Me

Post title: The Irony of Coping

Category: best fit is employment



Anonymous said...

I have a fairly new blog, started since I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. It's called What's Shaking? (though there's another blog by that title). Address is vbemiw.blogspot.com

My penname is VirginiaTremor

Most of my blog falls under the heading of general thoughts about disability, focused on Parkinson's, but also mental illness, plus good stuff like cats.

Anonymous said...

No interlektual discourse here srsly.

Max Lucretius said...

Here's my blog against Disablism (General Thoughts):


mocha said...

Blog: Pretty Pancreas
Title: Disability Tango
URL: http://prettypancreas.blogspot.com/2012/04/disability-tango.html

Category: General Thoughts on Disablism

Anonymous said...

Blog: After Gadget

Post: Service Dogs & Friends: Familiarity Breeds...Confusion?

URL: http://aftergadget.wordpress.com/2012/05/01/service-dogs-friends-familiarity-breeds-confusion/

Think it would go under relationships or personal journeys.

Natalya said...

Here's my unexpected #BADD2012 post


Technology is probably the best section.

Thank you for collating these.

Anonymous said...

Goldfish - here's mine! http://kethry.wordpress.com/2012/05/01/deaf-experience-of-higher-education/ bit late, but better late than never! If you post on the twitter feed, can you link to kethry twitter feed rather than my real name one? Ta!! xx

Anonymous said...

oops sorry Goldfish, forgot to say. Education purleeeease! xxx

Anonymous said...

My post is up. "Truth Is" http://juststimming.wordpress.com/2012/05/01/truth-is/ Category, general thoughts. Blog name, Just Stimming...

Matthew Smith said...

At Indigo Jo Blogs, Mobile Accessibility in the Technology and Web Accessibility section.

Anonymous said...

I blogged. I probably didn't do it was well as I could have, but I tried! If you want to include it, I suspect it would be categorized as General?


CapriUni said...


Would best fit under General Thoughts

Neurodivergent K said...


Veryvery short reaction piece. Not even a piece. A sentence. Related to what I've been reading in other people's post.

File under: lack of inter-disability solidarity. Or "Disappointment".

Elise Matthesen said...

Hey, I added one more, because something came up in the comments of my first one.

Blog site: Honour Your Inner Magpie

Blog post: Yes, but would you burn?

Category: employment, I guess.

Elise Matthesen said...

Ooops! I forgot the link to "Yes, but would you burn?"


Sorry 'bout that.

Emma said...

This is about travel in specifics but I meant it more as a commentary about disablism and my current apathy so it's probably general unless things can be in two categories.

I don't wanna fight no more http://writerinawheelchair.co.uk/2012/05/i-dont-wanna-fight-no-more/

Anonymous said...


I accidentally a whole tl;dr is this bad

I think it's probably best sorted under general thoughts...I talk specifically a bit about fibromyalgia but the real content's more of my thoughts on disability in my life.

s.e. smith said...

Hi Goldfish! Thanks so much for hosting.

My entry belongs in Employment: http://meloukhia.net/2012/05/blogging_against_disableism_day_2012_the_exploitation_of_home_health_workers.html

Frith said...

I wrote a thing on my LiveJournal about attitudes I've encountered to visible self-harm: http://frith-in-thorns.livejournal.com/54544.html

I'm not quite sure which category it goes into. Maybe the prejudice one?

Karen Mardahl said...


Last minute entry.

To go under General Thoughts.

Bev said...

I seem to have entered my information wrong, so trying again: Square 8, language category, http://aspergersquare8.blogspot.com/2012/05/badd-connecting-dots.html

Thanks very much!

imfunnytoo said...

a really late entry, as per usual.

and a short one...just about body image


Anonymous said...

These are the results of a photo project on disability at my college. My group and I have hung these pictures all over our campus.

Category: Education


stopbeingstupid said...

Here is my post "I've never met anybody who wasn't important before." It's not very good and I think it should go in the general category. It's also a bit late. But on the plus side, Doctor Who references!http://sanabituranima.wordpress.com/2012/05/02/badd-2012-ive-never-met-anybody-who-wasnt-important-before/

Anonymous said...

Hi, just got mine up. "No Crips Allowed" http://gimptude.com/2012/05/01/no-crips-allowed-blogging-against-disableism-day/

I believe it would fit best in Access Issues.

Anonymous said...

Here is mine:


It goes in Relationships, Love and Sex

Avory said...


Other Access Issues.


Mark Siegel said...

Here you go:



Martha said...

My blog is believe in who you are, and my post is just get over it under personal journeys. http://learninbabysteps.blogspot.com/2012/05/just-get-over-it.html

Casey said...


Post is entitled "Ambivalence"
Blog name is Adventures of a Part-Time Wheeler

codeman38 said...

An admittedly very belated post:

Post title: "Accessibility: One Size Doesn't Fit All"
Blog name: "Normal is Overrated"
Category: Other Access Issues

lunaniel said...

Why 'Wingnut' Is a Poor Word Choice

(It's about language use in political discussions, so it could fit under either Language or Politics.)

Brooke, Cessna, Canyon & Rogue said...

Hi, I'm late I know, but I thought I'd try anyways to give you my info.

My blog is called ruled by paws (http://ruledbypaws.blogspot.ca)
My entry is called The Questions (http://ruledbypaws.blogspot.ca/2012/05/questions.html)

I will ask my husband to help me post the BADD badge tomorrow if that is okay. We just recently got a Mac and I am still learning how to do some things with the voice software.

Andrea said...

It's still May 1st in Vancouver... I've made a new post on AthletesFirst - a blog about disability sport - as part of Blogging Against Disablism Day 2012. Fantastic idea and I can't wait to read all 111 blogs (and counting)... that's my project for May 2nd :)


(category? sport?)

Anonymous said...

Not sure of category: Access Needs, probably. Is there a "My World Is Not Your World" category? :)


Anonymous said...

Oh wait... who said I could only do one?

Access Needs/Language: http://abailin.wordpress.com/2012/05/02/a-few-words-on-language/

Grace Quantock said...

Mine is a little late sorry but here is is: http://gracequantock.com/home.html

Grace Quantock said...

I am a little late sorry but here is my blog! http://gracequantock.com/home.html

Sarah Lewthwaite said...

Dear Goldfish! A new post for #BADD12, sorry it's belated.

The post is entitled: The sharp edge of Technology Enhanced Learning: Science and Technology and Disability Studies


This should probably go in the Accessibility section?

Thanks so much!

Penny L. Richards said...

Late here too--but I wouldn't want DSTU to drop the ball after six straight years of joining BADD! Here's my post, for the History section I think:

Myf Nixon said...

Also a bit late, sorry about that, but I thought you might be interested in this blog post from the charity I work for:


I think it comes under Other Access Issues!

Anonymous said...

For some reason the link to mine isn't working?

Can we replace it with this one which seems to be working?


Thanks! Sorry about the HTML-fail on my part

Terri Mauro said...

I'm a day late, but my post is up now at http://specialchildren.about.com/b/2012/05/02/making-inclusion-a-two-way-street.htm. Category is Parenting Issues.

Louna said...

I'm also late, but here we are: http://lounalune.livejournal.com/93137.html
The subject is accessibility (other access issues).

Terry Peterson said...

www.disablognd.blogspot.com Education

General info in regards to Social Security Benefits and Employment

Katy said...

This is a good and interesting post about Blogging Against Disablism Day. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work

NickDupree said...

I'm way late here, but since I've participated in BADD in the past, you may find this post I did "The Path of the Disabled Man" http://www.nickscrusade.org/the-path-of-the-disabled-man/
fitting under the category of sex and relationships

I've never written about gender before. This is an attempt to convey something of the disabled male's lived experience, and I hope it works.

Anonymous said...

very cool

Sunny Dreamer said...

So sorry this is late, but I've had to deal with state elections for our self-advocacy organization.

Here's my post: http://sunnydreamer.net/2012shiloh/sunday10-pet-peeves.shtml

Anonymous said...

I posted my links on BAD-Day, but have changed my wordpress account. The posts, with the same titles, are now at: