Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mon amie la rose

A very pink roseWe've got a rose in our garden. I had noticed the beginnings of a bush but I don't think it flowered last year. It is a big fat gorgeous rose, the size of my fist.

We've also been watching bats in the evening. When I first saw them I hurriedly closed all the windows to stop them coming in the house and nesting in our underwear.

Incidentally, the best version of Mon amie la rose is by Natacha Atlas, who gives a little more welly than the original.

I am off partying for the rest of the weekend (seriously). Hope you all have a good one.


Anonymous said...

That is a lovely rose. :) It may interest you to know that my word verification word-- not coincidentally, I feel-- is fzamb, which sounds like the word one might use to invoke roses in one's garden. Someone must have gone out there in the night and said it. That's all I can figure.

Hurrah for weekend partying! I'm going to do the washing, which is less exciting by far. Perhaps we'll go to the zoo and see the new baby elephant.

andrea said...

Ooh, Natacha Atlas does lots of fun stuff! My daughter & I really enjoy her music.

I'm jealous about your bats; we don't see them very often around here. Heaven knows we could stand more "skeeter" control!


Anonymous said...

I've often contemplated building a bat house...they are the most fantastic and misunderstood creatures.