Thursday, August 09, 2007

Auntie Blogging Intermission

Alex, moments before he pulled the parasol right overA very busy few days, thus I am in the process of catch-up.

Yesterday was my Granny's birthday and we had a surprise party for her (such a surprise that the rest of us only knew about it on Monday). Alexander was naturally the most important guest and spent the best part of six hours on his feet, walking about, wandering in the direction of the barbeque or the pond and thus giving everybody else a fair amount of exercise.

He is very confident on his feet; he is now officially much better at walking than I am. He still falls over, but only if he turns around in an awkward manner. Apparently he is such an early walker that there is only one pair of outdoor shoes available in the shops to fit him.

Need to take it easy for a bit.


pete said...

Alexander does a good impression of the young Little John! Like the staff and tunic!

S. said...

Rest up and take care of yourself!

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