Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wendy Houses

Well, the pacing seems to have fallen into place a little better since Monday and I have done at least some work on the book - not much, but what I have done I have been pleased with. Perhaps I need to build up my stamina as opposed to throwing myself back into it after all. I am at least getting other jobs done in the meantime, slowly but surely.

Unfortunately, I seem to be going through a stage of thinking up new projects. Many of them are orientated towards Alexander, and as such, really ought not to distract me just now when he is way too small to appreciate things like the Wendy House I now have detailed plans for in my head. It will be fabric around a frame and will be really detailed – like the roof will be quilted in tiers to look a bit like proper tiles. Most of it will probably be made of denim as I seem to have several denim items of clothing which have begun to fall apart, but ideally I would use as many different textures as possible.

Alternatively, I could simply buy a cardboard playhouse from Ecotopia, such as this Rocket and decorate it with paint. Would be far less complicated. Or I could finish get my book published, earn some money and buy a proper wooden playhouse like this.

Our Mum made a Wendy house which was a fabric sleeve that slid over the frame of our swing. It was made out of many different types of material, velour curtain fabric, bits of old dresses. And it really quite big; Dad used to come out, play with us and end up falling asleep in it.

Anyway, like I say, this really cannot be a distraction now. The little chap is a while off crawling yet.


BloggingMone said...

My neighbourhood is full of well meaning parents, showing off how much they care for their kids. Nearly all of the gardens are equipped with the most expensive wooden playhouses. These are completely neglected and the kids are happily playing with big card boxes they have painted themselves, and declared to be their playhouses. Seems to be wasted money then.

Anonymous said...

Cardboard or fabric, I vote for the rocket. But then I'm a boy and boys like rockets.
It might need a couple of detachable fuel tanks that can be jettisoned during lift-off, and of course a landing mobile and some controls and a radio panel so Mum and Dad can call in from the control centre when it's lunchtime. You could also consider making the hatchway quite big, just in case any of the Uncles wanted to 'investigate'.

Mary said...

My recommendation would be for something tent-ish, big enough for an adult to get into, and that will offer protection from the sun. It's very pleasant being able to be "out in the garden" while not being in the blazing summer sun all the time.

The cardboard things are interesting, but as one who sustained many, many cuts to her hands from paper and cardboard during her office career, I would advise caution and possibly covering all edges with duct-tape. Plus, if cloth is caught in a sudden downpour it will wash out and dry, which can't be said for cardboard.