Monday, August 22, 2005

The Fate of My Hair - Results!

Voting has ended in the poll as to what I should do with my hair. I know you're all dying to know the results as a grand total of 20 of you have participated in this vote - almost a greater proportion of you than voted at the General Election. And for those Americans who voted, you'll be pleased to know that this time the results made so much more sense than those of the General Election - but then I guess so did the choices you were presented with..

The results were as follows:

No - let it grow so long you can sit on it! 15%3
No - keep it at it's current length! 15%3
Yes - get it cut to shoulder-length! 35%7
Yes - get it cut into a bob! 15%3
Yes - get it cut even shorter! 5%1
Yes - have it all shaved off! 15%3
20 votes total
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Using the same hi-tech computer technology which means that all CGI simulations of our long dead ancestors look exactly the same when they recreate them on Horizon, I now present to you a not even vaguely accurate image of what I would look like with my head shaved, which took a painstaking five minutes using a state-of-the-art computer program (Paintshop).

You may be wondering about the goatie beard, but I find that many bald people grow a goatie beard and look the more attractive for it. I don't imagine I would be any exception.

Actually, it's growing on me (the idea, not the beard just yet) and it would be nice and cool in this weather...


Anonymous said...

Oh my God - it's Emperor Ming!

The Goldfish said...

Well, that word has been used about my appearance in the past, but usually as a verb...

Then again it's true I like to play with things a while before annihilation. Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!

[continues to cackle insanely for some minutes]

Nicola said...

my god, you have no right to have such perfect eyes :)

you gonna cut it then?

Katie said...

Hi Goldfish, Love the picture of you, it's nice to see you but the beard is strange on a female like yourself.

The Goldfish said...

Am I going to cut it?

Uh... I don't know, I still can't make up my mind. The voice of the masses has spoken, and I think I really ought to go with that...

Yeah, I will cut it a bit I think.