Monday, January 19, 2009

Tell me now how do I feel

Well that was some cold. It wasn't the flu or anything like that, but it didn't half drag its heels. I'm still coughing a bit, but did manage to leave the house for the first time since Christmas yesterday and am generally coming back to life. I should post something worth reading at some point this week, I'm sure.

Today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, whatever that means, and thus I guess this song is in everybody's head by now.


Anonymous said...

Wotcha D ;-)

lost me login

Anonymous said...

Glad if you're feeling a bit better now :) You haven't missed much - January is generally a rubbish sort of month. I didn't realise Monday was the most depressing day of the year until I inexplicably managed to fall over on the bus and rather than help me up, the man at whose feet I'd collapsed laughed and said not to worry, this was statistically going to be the worst day of 2009 :(

Disability Blogger said...

Hi Goldfish, I clicked the link on your blogroll for Disability Studies, Temple U. You might want to take a look. Either that site is mapped wrong or...something very odd has happened. I don't know exactly what; however, over the last few years I have seen instances in which a blogger or organization will stop blogging and will sell their domain, or the use of their domain to someone...and then you see some strange things. Don't know if that's the case here. You never know.

Penny L. Richards said...

Heehehe! We're definitely still blogging. It's typed in wrong here:

Ruth said...

Just stopping by to wish you well. Hope you're able to rest with the cough- those can be exhausting.

seahorse said...

What you need is a good dose of Vitamin C...hmmm, wonder where you could get that from then?