Friday, January 30, 2009


Turns out, I wasn't on the mend. I may be now. Maybe.

Here is my lament on the month of January, which is the peak of my literary achievement this month.

Oh January! January!
Thou art a month of poo!
Oh how I yearn for February
When January is through!
You always start with such high hopes
Never to fulfill!
And I am left here, rather dopey
In agony and ill!

Laments have to have lots of exclamation remarks in them! Fortunately, my pain meds are still working very well, so agony is one thing I've had thankfully little of, except on that one day I forgot a pill. Modified Release means that you don't hurt at the point you're supposed to take them, not until a few hours later, at which point, when you take the tablet, it'll take another few hours before they'll begin to kick in.

Fingers crossed I shall be writing something interesting soon (it's about the third time I've said that, I realise), but no promises.


Never That Easy said...

Oh Fishy: I'm so with you. Hope you're feeling as well as possible as soon as possible... and I love your poem! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh January, how can you get worse?
I cower in my frozen state o'
Maudlin mire, and avoid the curse
Of that diabolical dastard, Plato.

(on the plus side, when was the last time you heard someone use the word dastard and it not be a typing error, eh?)

NAIZA said...

Aww...I hope you feel better soon, Goldie.. You poem makes me smiles! That's what I'm feeling too this whole January, too! Oh, gosh.. You are a rare gem. I'll be back later to check out some of new posts.
Big Hugs, Naiza

Anonymous said...

Oh mi nice poet !, you make me so happy !
I can understand everything of your poem and i am enjoying the english poetry for the frist time.
Today will be a remembered day to me.
a kiss
a english learned

irasocol said...

So mightily frustrating when pain and pain meds conspire against you.

As I climb out of my wretched January I'm wishing you a Fabulous February.

- Ira Socol