Thursday, January 08, 2009

Recovery in Progress

So I was taking a while to get over Christmas and then I got a cold. The worst has passed but I'm still knackered and thought I should explain my silence in case anyone thought I had been gone up with a New Years firework.

Also, can I just point out that a cold spell brought about by an Arctic wind does not make for Arctic temperatures, as we are widely reported to be experiencing? It has to be said. It may be parky out, but it's about 4 degrees C here just now. It's currently -43 C at the North Pole.


Jess said...

Here, it's currently minus three Celcius. Gasp! :O

Ah, it's crap to be sick! :( Glad you're recovering. As long as it's not that Raging Flu that hubby and I both came down with last week. Not a fun way to spend a week of holiday abroad, I can tell you. We're still coughing. Moan moan moan.

Britain has some nasty bugs. Either that, or we've got Wimp Germs out this way.

D Phoenix said...

Arctic temperatures, har, har. I'm in mild Vancouver, and even we got below zero Celcius. In the middle of Canada, in Winnipeg, it was -50 with the windchill. Brits do like to whinge, don't they? ;)

Happy Belated New Year. I'm looking forward to whatever this mysterious new plan is... hmmm, I wonder what's up. Well, stay warm and get well... or well enough, I guess!

Gone Fishing said...

We had a record 36.4 the other day Fortunately we were out of the district.

but now its around 24 and cloudy and gray, SOOOOOO NICE!

One thing about being so ill, it makes it so marvlous to be alive when you come right.

All the best.