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Saturday, July 30, 2005

It's only words

Apart from continued nausea, I am feeling pretty bright; I have a new TENS machine as the wires in the old one were knackered. The new gadget is a Flip-Tens (right) which means that all the controls are protected and I don't nudge the nobs and give myself electric shocks. And when closed up it actually looks a little bit like an iPod. The shop I bought this from on-line is excellent, the most inexpensive I have found so far for electrodes etc and the guy really helped me out with what I was looking for, so highly recommended. For those who don't know what TENS is here is an explanation in rhyme.

I have also started on my new pain-killer regime. I was worried that they were going to knock me out completely, but in fact so far they're only making me a little high. Unfortunately, they're not keeping me going through the night just yet, but I know I'm on a lowish dose and have room to manoeuvre with that. Thing is just now I am a damnsite more comfortable than I have been lately - I didn't realise how had it had become and how miserable I was getting with it.

Manoeuvre is the one word that I cannot spell. I had to go find the correct spelling for it there. I cannot fix this in my head. O E U. O E U.

On the subject of words, yesterday I was editing (or perhaps rewriting) some work about the Social and Medical Models of Disability and I managed to produce this fantastic sentence which I simply must share. The piece spoke about how the Medical Model judges disabled people according to degrees of 'normality' and...

"Because such an approach judges a person’s quality of life according to their comparative resemblance to a hypothetical standard, it is bound to see disability as a wholly negative thing, a curse to be eliminated, a cause of suffering to be relieved or an obstacle to be overcome. "

It just arrived on the page like this and to be perfectly honest, I cannot find a more concise way of saying what I want to say. Does that make sense at all?

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Comments on "It's only words"


Blogger Katie said ... (2:37 PM) : 

Hi Glodfish, Great post! Don't worry about your spelling of words, I am sure that people understand the point that you are making.Also the piece you read is a great one, but it's also worth remembering that disabled people and people with learning disabilities should be viewed as a individual person and and a valued member of society. This is what I try to explain to people but it never seems to stick in their minds.


Blogger Katie said ... (2:38 PM) : 

There you go, bad spelling! I think my hand must of slipped on the keyboard and it made me spell your name wrong, sorry!


Blogger imfunnytoo said ... (8:33 PM) : 

I think it's a great distillation of how the disabled are seen by the able bodied, who cares about the spelling.?


Anonymous kezzykat said ... (1:47 PM) : 

Hi Goldfish,

I understood completely but I am the queen of long and over the top sentences! But Seriously, it was good.

As for the TENS, of late I ahev been using mine. I find it crap for pain per se but love the distraction it affords my tired mind and the little sleep I get as a result.

Glad the trammys are working well for you. I am finding that my body seems used to them and my pain is hiking up again..or maybe it would increase anyway?

Anyhoo, take care, hugs



Anonymous Gimpy Mumpy said ... (2:47 PM) : 

Cool looking TENS. I'm finding that over time my TENS is becoming less effective, but I still love it. Having the buttons inside the flip cover is a definite bonus! What they need to do next is come up with a wireless TENS. Last week I went to get out of the passenger side of the car, pesky wires caught on the seat lever, and my seat became a Crip Catapult!
hehehe, glad the meds are helping too. I just started on something new and am keeping my fingers crossed that the benefits will outway any side effects.


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