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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My day out #2

Today I officially got out. Hurrah!

I had a doctor’s appointment and my friend Pete coincidentally had the appointment directly before me. Apparently it’s another case of having nothing wrong with me except multiple chronic viral infections. I was hoping for anaemia, really hoping for it. Then I could take pills and expect to feel a lot better very quickly, but no such luck. I guess it's good that some of my vital organs are in perfect working order. It's just my brain, my nervous and immune systems that are kaput. It could be worse, right?

My doctor was sympathetic and attempted some morale-boosting proverbs, which were all rather unnecessary now I’m getting better from whatever has been wrong. But the mystery frustrates me. Things have been fairly dramatic, lots of pain, the fainting thing and it’s been going on for about six weeks. Viruses are very mysterious things, there are millions of as yet unidentified viruses constantly mutating – folks occasionally suffer brain-damage or die of a mystery virus. It’s just when you go through this stuff, you want it to have a nice handy label, a mechanistic explanation and preferably a course of tablets that make you feel better.

Anyway, Pete and I decided to go for a coffee. We went to a place cunningly named The Coffee Shop on Skinner Street. I had a middling slice of coffee-cake (it didn’t really taste of coffee, but that might have been just me) and the lady in there was very friendly, letting me borrow her phone - I, having forgotten my mobile and needing to call a taxi home. I know. I don’t go out in weeks and when I do, I manage to forget my mobile phone. What’s with that?
So that was it, my trip out. I am about to go charge up my wheelchair batteries which will have flattened without use in all this time and hopefully I can venture out again later in the week.


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Anonymous Sarah said ... (10:54 PM) : 

"I was hoping for anaemia, really hoping for it. Then I could take pills and expect to feel a lot better very quickly, but no such luck."

Oh my. Had to post and say hello. I posted something along very similar lines recently about when I was at uni and a doctor suggested I have pernicious anaemia.

Anyway - hello. No, you don't know me! I stumbled on your blog via a post about reusable san pro of all things, randomly decided to read your earliest couple of posts, and simply had to say "I empathise" about this one!

So... hello!... and goodbye! :o)


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