Wednesday, December 24, 2008

28 years later

The odd thing is that I really can't believe I'm only twenty-eight. I realise I haven't achieved very much - anything - with my life so far. Meanwhile, I do lose a lot of time to ill health, days and weeks just slip. But overall, I have had such a full and interesting life that I can't believe I'm still in my twenties. Don't ask me how old I imagine I should be, but twenty-eight years sounds like much less time than I've had so far.

I think I should record this in case anything happens to me and people think I had no time at all or a bit of a rubbish time. It is a bit rubbish sometimes, very rubbish on occasion, but mostly it is very very good.

This week, for example, is several times better than the last. On Monday, we met Jess and her chap, which was lovely - they came all the way from Pittsburgh to have lunch with us. Well, kind of. Today we are off to my folks' for Christmas. I might even get Birthday cake!

Merry Christmas Everybody!


Mary said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday.

If it helps at all, you frequently sound a lot more sensible than 28.

Jess said...

Hang on-- it's your birthday? How'd I miss that? Happy Birthday! \o/ And at twenty-eight I'd say you're doing no worse than the rest of us. I'm thirty-four. You don't see me rolling round naked in copies of my record-breaking, bestselling novel, now do you? Course you don't.

Chap and I had a lovely time with you and AJ. :) And I can personally vouch, O People of the Internets, for their mad lasagne-making skillzorz. They make one mean lasagne.

I'd say you've achieved much more than you think. You've done important work-- and I must remind you that it's both work and important-- here on this blog, for a start. Not everyone gets asked to blog for a BBC website, either! You've done well, and at 28 you're still a pup, really. ;) These things take time. And I would like to believe that you'll have many good and interesting times ahead of you. :)

Merry Christmas!

Maggie said...

De-lurking to wish you a very Happy Birthday! Hope you have lots of yummy cake and lots of presents of the kind that you most wish for.

Best wishes from Liverpool

Gone Fishing said...

Happy Birthday oh thou great sage, of half and a bit my old age.

I too have achieved very apparently very little yet in retrospect a lot more than people are willing to admit.

Challenge yourself for your own satisfaction and don't bother comparing with what others have done.

You are dong well lass keep it up and don't panic so long as you are happy nothing else really matters.

seahorse said...

Happy Birthday, and I firmly believe the way you live your life is your life's greatest work. That's you, not people in general. You have spared me years of extra 'getting my head around it all'ness. Not that I have got it sussed, but reading your blog helps a lot of things make sense.

Sage said...

Happy Birthday! - I haven't achieved anything either, but that's cool. Achieving stuff is overrated. Look at Hitler - he achieved a lot and don't we all wish he just stayed home and got stoned.

(totally stolen line from Tao of Steve, but it's a good reminder when I need it that progress isn't the end all and be all of existence)

Unknown said...

Happy birthday (a bit late) and may the new year bring you all the achievements you can reasonably expect.

Never That Easy said...

A belated best birthday wish, and a 'just in time' wish for a fabulous new year: may 2009 be a year that helps you in whatever ways it can.