Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Babe in the Woods

Alexander, frontman of Tinker and the Taylors has had a diverse career since his rock debut at just one week old. Having explored both Classical and Glam Rock genres, as well as a stint in Hollywood, Alexander returns to music in a reflective mood. The Goldfish caught up with the infant prodigy to talk about sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. Photographs by Mummy.

Tinker and the Taylor's new album, Babes in the Wood has a lighter, folkier feel to previous recordings with far more giggling than wailing. Alexander plays the piano on several tracks and whilst it soon becomes an intolerable din, he does at least try to play just one note with one finger at a time.

Alexander in the WoodsI ask whether this departure indicates that Alexander remains very grounded, despite the temptations that accompany international stardom at such a young age?

"I think it's hard enough being one year old, let alone when you're famous. I suppose can plead guilty to one or two showbiz mealtime tantrums and, if I'm totally honest, there have been one or two toys that I've treated like mere playthings. But at the end of the day, I want to be known for my music, not because I've been photographed leaving some seedy crèche, or mainlining Calpol."

During the last six months, Alexander has gone from being unable to sit up or crawl to being able to walk confidently. How has this changed Alexander's perspective on the world?

Another very cute picture"I've been told that when you first fall in love, you suddenly understand what all those soppy songs were about; similarly, learning to walk has given me a greater appreciation for the work of Nancy Sinatra and Aerosmith. But most significantly, it has helped me cope with my fans. Before I could walk, strange women would just pick me up and cuddle me whether I liked it or not, but now I can run away."

We talk about the album, and the highly political nature of many of his lyrics. In the unashamed protest song, The Nappies, They Need a Changin', Alexander revisits familiar territory when he sings (roughly translated)

I'm sorry, that's perhaps a little too cuteCome gather round people, wherever you roam
And admit that the babies around you have grown
Our toe-nails need cutting, our hair needs a comb
Our clothes, they are rapidly straining,
And you better not think that smell's our new cologne
For the nappies, they need a changin'.

With such thinly-veiled comment on the Special Relationship with the US government and the subsequent effect on UK foreign policy, does Alexander have no concerns that fans might be turned off by his polemic lyrics? He may be only one year old, but is he still rock'n'roll enough?

"Well, Granddad says I need a haircut. I'd say that so long as you can get someone older than you to disapprove of you in some way, you've still got it."

Come on, much cuter than a cat or a cat or a squirrel. And Rosie is getting to be a superb photographer.


Jess said...


He is cute. But can he sing the Alphabet Song in the wrong order, the way my college friend's daughter can? Everyone, now:

Ayy Bee Cee Dee
Enn Ell Queue!
Arr You Tee Emm
Why hum hum.

Anonymous said...

CutER? CutER? Well, I wouldn't go that far. Certainly as cute, though, and also every bit as cute as puppies.

"[L]earning to walk has given me a greater appreciation for the work of Nancy Sinatra and Aerosmith."


Someday (probably sometime after he is done being a teenager), Alexander is going to just love all these little things you write about him. :)

(They really make you look very cute, too.)

marmiteboy said...

Rock stars eh. They're only cute so that you'll buy them toys and stuff.

seahorse said...

He is just so completely and utterly cute. Lovely photos Rosie. Goldfish, I checked out your cat and squirrel links and nope, he's definitely cuter.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Darn it, he definately is very very cute in that "wholesome" way kids are (I can't think of the last time I used the word: Wholesome).

Thanks for the link too!

Anonymous said...

He's got a lovely grin. Now I want to see his parents grins to see which one of you he gets it from... come on, let's see the piccies!

two things - firstly, I'd avoid that word if possible. I mean "wholesome"? It's the verbal equivalent of "with added fibre".

Secondly, can I call you @Liz when I do that "comment to somebody in particular" thing? It's just "Elizabeth" has got a lot of letters in it and frankly I'm lazy...

The Goldfish said...

Jess, that is cute.

Sara, thank you. I'm not sure puppies are much competition. :-)

Marmite, undoubtedly. It was certainly Jon Bonjovi's alterior motive.

Seahorse, thank you. :-)

Elizabeth, thanks and yes, wholesome. Although Jack has a point about that word.

JackP, I have posted pictures of his Mummy and Daddy... his Mummy is here and... the only picture I can think of that I posted of Daddy was the one of him in drag...

Sally said...

All that a virtual Granny-I-Wish could wish for. Thanks for this latest fix of Alexander. I hope you are saving all this to disc to hand to him on his 18th !

Sharon McDaid said...

Those are great photos of a gorgeous little boy. Isn't he lucky to be so well loved!