Sunday, October 07, 2007

Will nature make a man of me yet?

Next Saturday is my Mum's birthday and Rosemary and Alexander will be in Suffolk. Originally Rosie, Alex and I were planning to go to Felixstowe on Friday to visit two of our great aunts and talk about the family tree that Rosie has been working on.

Me and my big bushy beardI wanted to ask my great aunt Molly about her conjuring alter-ego, Professor Mollovitch since I have taken on the sacred mantel of transvestite-magician-auntie. So far I can do several card tricks quite well, only when I get to the stage where I ask, "Is this your card?" it generally isn't. I can read minds and levitate small vehicles though, so that's something. And I make a very convincing chap, as you can see. I mean, you may struggle to believe it, but that beard is actually false. No really, it is; I didn't grow it. Pretty impressive, eh?
Anyway, Friday's adventure is probably out for me. So instead this week's objective is to be well enough to go round my folks' house on my Mum's birthday. I also want to finish her birthday present which I have started making and I did fancy making birthday cake... but those are secondary objectives.

I have actually made a cake in recent months. Sometime in July, I made a Christmas cake. Well that's what you're supposed to do; make the cake half way through the year, then "feed" it with brandy. So far, about half the bottle of brandy has gone into the cake, so by December it's going to be a serious fire-hazard.

Oh is boring to be sick - it's not just the fact you are sick which is boring, but the fact there is so little else going on apart from being ill. Moan moan moan, whinge whinge whinge.

In other news, while she's down here next weekend, Rosie is attending her ten year high school reunion. On hearing this I said, "Yeah, but do you actually want to go to that?"

"Well, I think I should," she says, "especially as I'm organising it."



Elizabeth McClung said...

Very convincing ala beard, though it is countered slightly by the glasses (wouldn't wizards wear mirrored "sherrif" glasses?). I hope you are well enough to achieve objectives and if you want a couple non-prestidigitation card tricks you can e-mail me; there are a couple easy to deliver math ones which have been handed down in my family.

Gone Fishing said...

Nope Mirrored glasses would reflect that magic beam back into ones eyes, unless you were adroit at using your third eye of course (Aye Aye aye?) and no doubt destroy ones sixth sensory vison.

Whew lost the box for a second
I think you are the very image of an All Blacks supporter attemtping to disguise that you are one, they having so tragically sent the country into mourning (as the news media would have us believe) by a lost the world cup attempt.

Funny that we are not affected, life goes on, we are not of the 24,000 people able to afford to travel to the cup and now distraught that their trip of a lifetime is ruined.

Methinks the apparent $15,000,000 loss would have helped a lot of people who are not professional Rugby Players

One thing about being sick, life is so much more appreciated when you get a bit better.

Ahhh Gerl..... Lemmon, Juice, Honey and a dram of Whisky, cures everything or at least makes for a darned good sleep!

Always look on the bright side Cake sounds as though it will get Granny jumping at Chrissy!

seahorse said...

And there was me thinking you were tucked up in bed. Wizard!

Anonymous said...

You look very pretty with a beard. And I am very curious about that cake. How much of the brandy actually burns off at serving time, and how much remains to inebriate the revelers?

Casdok said...

Glad your better.
Yes very pretty beard!

Anonymous said...

Looks like I'm late with the cake again!

BloggingMone said...

The beard is great, don't take it off. Alexander will be thrilled.
Scholl leaving anniversaries are good fun. We have one every five years and it will be our 25th next year.

The Goldfish said...

Thanks everyone. :-)

Elizabeth - Sounds great; I will e-mail you.

Nobby - good point about the specs.

Seahorse - That photograph was actually taken with me sat on the bed.

Casdok - thank you.

Maddy - I'm sure I made my prematurely; so long as it's got a few weeks between baking and Chrimbo, you should be fine.

Bloggingmone - Long time no see. It's actually quite unusual to have a school reunion in the UK. I do wonder if my year will have one, and if so, whether I will be invited, not having left when everyone else did. Mind you, I'm not sure I'd want to go...

Sara - This is Christmas Cake rather than pudding, so it doesn't get set on fire at all. It will however be very flammable.

Jonah said...

that kind of beard needs rougher skin to match it.