Thursday, October 04, 2007

All quiet on the Eastern Front

I've got computer problems on top of everything else, so I am attempting to project my words psychically onto Blogger, hoping that none of my peripheral banana mental activity slips through itch accidentally. Thank you for all your good wishes; they are very much appreciated. Things are simply bound to turn around soon, if they haven't already. Today is quite good as the constant impenetrable headache I've had for the last four or five days has suddenly vanished. Also I've finally got Away in the Manger out of my head.

My mental jukebox is prone to getting jammed when I am particularly unwell. And I mean jammed; it's not a question of having a song drifting in and out of your mind throughout an afternoon. A song gets stuck and plays more or less constantly for a number of days; I sleep and it accompanies my dreams, however irrelevant. Usually, this is a song I like, perhaps a song I have listened to many times over, but during this period it has been completely random songs which mean nothing to me and becoming annoying on the second repeat. I only know one verse of Away in the effing Manger. But today it's gone.

Another positive, if in retrospect, is that by not going to Southampton, we avoided the vomiting bug that befell my sister and her family. Meanwhile, very little is happening, but while I have been projecting this post a package from Maplin has arrived so if we have a good thunderstorm tonight, we may be able to bring the dearly departed computer back from the grave. Although we've done this before and it does tend to lose a bit more of its humanity after every resurrection.

In any case, still not up to much but I'm basically okay. Just waiting for a change.


Jess said...

And it isn't even Christmas! Bleah.

I was alarmed to discover, the first Christmas I spent in Britain, that they sing it to a different tune than we do there. That was eight years of school band concerts flung right back in my face, I don't mind telling you. Not that the tune is any better over here, mind you.

Anonymous said...

Your iBook is working again, all packaged up and waiting to go in the post...

Mary said...

I love the imagery in the last paragraph there, Marthter.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to leave a few random thoughts here. Hope that's ok :)

1) I just found your blog yesterday. I think I'll be back :)

2) I read your disabilism day post. I wanted to tell you to add me to the list for next year, then I realized I don't have a blog! Lol! I keep thinking about making one. I suppose I'll have to check back here myself next year if I have one by then!

3) I read your purple hair post. I have a few suggestions:
• Consider bleaching just a few strands or only the bottom few inches. That way if you hate it, you can cut it out :)
• Use a hair bleach (my first time I asked if I was supposed to use a hair bleach or regular bleach! :oO ) Make sure it goes past the orange stage to a blonde or white stage.
• Try to find the brand "Special Effects." We have it in the USA. Not sure about where you are. For me this is the best dye. Really soaks in and lasts long. Great colors. I saw someone in "Pimpin Purple" the other day and think I may try that next (I have "Atomic Pink" on the bottom few inches of my hair.)

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you avoided the Befalling Bug - it reminds me of a bit in one of the reports I was editing. It said (quite deeply, I thought) that positive experiences can have negative outcomes and vice versa.

But I hope your sister and her family are struggling free of the Bug's clutches.

seahorse said...

Been wondering how you are. I get the song thing all the time! I don't know about you but I think it's to do with being musical and not being able to participate in music-making type things. That and the obvious medical malarkey. Whilst making jam I really did have Bob Marley's 'Jamming' going round and round in my head. It still is. I suppose on this occasion I should be thankful it's a song I actually like.

The Goldfish said...

Thanks everyone.

Jess - this is useful to know actually because if I comes back I can listen to the other version and it'll probably disrupt whatever gets stuck on the song.

Adrian - much appreciated. :-)

Mary :-)

Melissa - Hello and thank you. I have found a kind of compromise with the hair thing that I'll have to write about soon. Do hope you get blogging yourself soon. :-)

Diddums - yes indeed. I think they're all over it now - Adrian has just started teaching you see, so he's going through that phase where he catches all the bugs in the school.

Seahorse - thanks and yes, I've had Jamming on the jukebox ever since I read your post about Jam-making!

seahorse said...

Oh no! Sorry. It doesn't work that way for me. Other people's songs don't get through. But, crumb of comfort, Jamming is a great track, one I'd probably choose to play over and over...