Thursday, June 07, 2007

Three Cubed Meme

You know when you have a few good days and you begin to wonder whether the bad days could have possibly been as bad you imagined they were and then you have a few bad days and wonder how on Earth you ever were able to do the things you did on the good days? No? Well, I do.

Fortunately, Jack P tagged me with a curious Meme. His explanation;
The rules are simple. There are 9 questions (32), each of which has 3 answers, to give a total of 27, or 33. The whole point is that the questions are somewhere between eclectic, banal and downright bizarre, so that you can answer completely truthfully without actually giving much away. Just put down the first three answers that come to mind if you can’t work out the “most appropriate” three.
Which makes perfect sense to me...

Objects Within One Metre Of You
  1. A crumpled purple shirt
  2. A chessboard
  3. A set of colourful plastic plates
First Names of People You Sat Next To At School
  1. Sandy
  2. Holly
  3. Carrot

TV Programmes You Won’t Watch*
  1. Deal or No Deal
  2. You are what you eat
  3. Looking Good Naked

Favourite Trivial Pursuit Categories
  1. Art & Literature
  2. History
  3. Entertainment

Superpowers You’d Like To Have
  1. Invisability
  2. Flying
  3. The ability to heal people who had pain they didn't want. (Wouldn't go round creating ex-Lepers or anything.)

Newspapers, Magazines or Periodicals Read Regularly
  1. The Thetford & Brandon Times
  2. The Onion
  3. Private Eye

Songs You Dislike
  1. Happy Birthday by Altered Images
  2. Complicated by Avril Lavigne
  3. I should be so lucky - Kylie Minogue

Blog Posts of Your Own That You’d Recommend.
  1. Telling it how it is
  2. Love is real, real is love
  3. Another Nappy Ending

People You’d Like To See Answer These Same Stupid Questions
  1. The Bunny
  2. Sage
  3. McEwen

* Since I don't watch telly, I had to pick programmes I had heard of which sound particularly awful - especially Looking Good Naked, which is apparently where they get a woman who lacks confidence to feel better about herself by having her naked body appraised by a man. A gay man, of course; a straight man would make the whole thing demeaning...


Anonymous said...

Oh-oh, a taxing quiz?
Hold on, does this mean I have to strip naked in front of a gay man? I can't even face doing that in front of the mirror.
Hope the bad days pass quickly and you're feeling better soon.

S. said...

One of the best things about living in Madison, WI is that The Onion is free in honor boxes all around town. (I don't live there any more.)

I'm not sure if you're having a good day that makes you wonder about your bad days or a bad day that makes you wonder about your good days. I think you're having the latter, though, and if I'm right I'm sorry.

And I absolutely am the same way.