Thursday, June 08, 2006

Household Hint #483

Yesterday I lost my last item of white clothing and have decided to give up wearing the colour altogether.

It was a bra. Odd proportions make bras quite expensive and it was still pristine; whiter than white. It is now mauve. Fortunately, the bathwater in which I was washing a number of delicate items of clothing was a very deep purple, so the colour is quite strong and pretty - it doesn't look like it got dyed accidentally. However, I now have three bras in different shades of purple. Who has three purple bras?

How the bra got in the bath with me, I'm not sure, but it is difficult to keep white bras white anyway. Over time, the colour dulls. Sometimes, they even pick up the colour of other clothes you're wearing. White is not a practical colour for human beings to dress in any circumstance. Other white clothes get stuff spilt on, or get stained by deordourant and all sorts. And they make underwear difficult because they are often almost see-through. What's more, it doesn't look good on pasty-faced Celts such as myself.

Goth acquaintances work with the strategy of wearing nothing but black so it all washes together and can all be machine-dyed together when the colour begins to fade. I can't go that far. Nor can I wear nothing but purple, the colour which I seem to wear more of than anything else for some reason. But I have had enough of white.


marmiteboy said...

I reckon stuff knows when your waering white and then spills itself ON PURPOSE on the said item. I never get spaghetti sauce down me when I'm not wearing white.

*All this talk of bras and worse not wearing bras has made me feel a bit funny. I'm going for a lie down in a darkened room ;-)

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of white skirts in the shops in town, just now. If I got one, it would be to wear as a petticoat, not an actual skirt. :-).

The Goldfish said...

I kind of need to wear a bra, and I am one of these folks who feels much better for getting dressed even when I am in bed. Which is odd, I know.

The white skirts in the shops are rather petticoat-like anyway. I quite like them, but I would like them in a different colour.

Anonymous said...

In the 18th century, in all weathers, ladies wore chest-to-hip corsets made of leather, horsehair and whalebone, with a linen covering. Being un-washable, apparently they wore them till they rotted and fell to pieces.

Ah the good old days.

Katie said...

Yes. White clothes + falling over does not work.

A well-fitting bra, however, prevents me from getting backache.

BloggingMone said...

Just to answer your question: errrm...I DO HAVE three pruple bras. None of it was purple when I bought it, however.