Blogging Against Disablism Day 2016

Blogging Against Disablism Day, May 1st 2016
Welcome to Blogging Against Disablism Day 2016!

This is the day where all around the world, disabled and non-disabled people blog about their experiences, observations and thoughts about disability discrimination (known as disablism or ableism).  In this way, we hope to raise awareness of inequality, promote equality and celebrate the progress we've made.

Please leave a comment below to let us know about your contributions. We'll be putting together an archive of all our contributions which you can check out here, as well as tweeting about them @BADDtweets and linking to them on our Facebook page and Tumblr.

It's now 2nd May in the UK and we're going to sleep, but please continue letting us know about your posts - we'll put them in the archive later on in the morning. Thank you for a fabulous day!

Blogging Against Disablism Day 2016

(Disability discrimination in the workplace, recruitment issues and unemployment). 

Friendly crips and their friends: This wheelchair user has a voice
Law Geek's Blog:  A BADD day

(Attitudes and practical issues effecting disabled people and the discussion of disability in education, from preschool to university and workplace training.)

The Ladylike Punk:  On Pain (of course) and the Personal
Robin's Blog:  I’m an academic in a wheelchair – why is it so difficult?
Rolling with the Punches:  #BADD2016 Earning your degree differently should be ok
Traveling Show:  BADD in Georgia
Turtle Is A Verb:  Kids notice things

Other Access Issues
(Posts about any kind of access issue in the built environment, shops, services and various organisations. By "access issues" I mean anything which enables or disenables a person from doing what everyone else is able to do.)

Asha Bardon:  The Simplest Things
The Caffeinated Autistic:  Sometimes it’s subtle...
Crippled, Queer, Anglo-European Ranter:  Art for All
Flat Out:  On ‘Giving Up’
Inside the Little Plastic Castle:  Battling Normate Space Invaders 
Life in Deep Water:  Memories of Disablism
Low Visionary:  Disableism, the book famine and the Marrakesh Treaty 
natalyad:  Keyboard navigability as power not just accessibility 

Speedchange:  All the little things...

Definition and Analysis of Disablism/ Ableism

Diary of a Goldfish: Legitimate Disability
From the Edge of the Map:  What the "Social Model of Disability" Actually Means  
Never that Easy:  #Ableismexists, so we BADD again
Philip Patston:  A mash-up about Blogging Against Disablism Day

The Language of Disablism(Posts about the language which surrounds disability and the way that it may empower or disempower us.)

The notes which do not fit:  Shifting Away from Ableist Language
Un-Boxed Brain:  Spectrum Nope

Disablism Interacting with Other 'Isms'
(Posts about the way in which various discriminations interact; the way that the prejudice experienced as a disabled person may be compounded by race, gender, age, sexuality etc..)

Ballastexistenz:  There is ableism somewhere at the heart of your oppression, no matter what your oppression might be

Disablism in Literature, Culture and the Media

Diary of Mr Goldfish:  Prejudice and Representation
Most Usually Unusual:  Ableism in Social Media
SilverSarcasm:  Agency, Mental Illness and Bucky Barnes
The Wordsmith's Forge:  My Characters with Disabilities


Disability Studies, Temple U.:  Nerys Johnson's "every atom of concentration"

Relationships, Love and Sex

The eternal pursuit of love and laughter: Disablism and Dating. Or “How society took me from a 7 to a 4”
Kink Praxis:  Centering Disabled Characters in My Erotica



Art, Poetry and Fiction against Disablism

Crippled, Queer, Anglo-European Ranter:  And now - the Gallery...
Disability Intersections:  Nervous Systems - Part 6
Same Difference:  Disablism - The Enemy Of Disability
The Wordsmith's Forge:  Poem: "Void of Course"

General Thoughts on Disablism  What I Want To See
Hollymath:  Just in time for Blogging Against Disablism Day 2016
Nightengale of Samarkand:  What if no one came?
People Aren't Broken:  Learn to Laugh 

Parenting Issues(whether disabled parents or the parents of a disabled child.)

Impairment-Specific Prejudice

Francesca M. Marinaro:  “But You Don’t Look Blind” - a Reflection on Blogging Against Disablism Day 2016
More Than Disorganised:  Blogging Against Disablism Day 2016 

Personal Journeys
Posts about learning experiences and realisations authors have had about the nature of disability discrimination and the impact on their lives.

The Affliction Fiction:  Blogging Against Disablism Day 2016 
Autistic Academic:  Okay, But So Do I
Ballastexistenz:  When Orange Speaks Louder Than Words
A Writer In A Wheelchair:  It’s Not Disablism (But Really It Is) 

Disablism and Politics
(For example, the political currency of disability, anti-discrimination legislation, etc.)

Cripscorner:  Blogging Against Disablism Day
Liberal Democrat Voice:  Blogging Against Disablism Day
This ain't living:  The economics of disability

Bullying, Harassment and Hate Crime

RoseRodent:  My Neighbour Cut My Lawn

Disability, Life and Death

The F-Word:  We need to avoid disablism when we talk about abortion

Healthcare Issues

DeeScribes:  Otherwise Healthy
AccessLess:  Blogging Against Disablism Day

Disability in Institutions

Indigo Jo Blogs:  Break the silence

The Science of Disability

Ballastexistenz:  Don’t ever assume autism researchers know what they’re doing


CapriUni said...

Not sure if you mean for us to announce our intention to write something next week or whether you just want us to come back and announce it after the fact. But just to be on the safe side, I'll be blogging something here: From the Edge of the Map

The Goldfish said...

Thanks CapriUni! A link to the post on the day is fine, but thanks for letting us know. Looking forward to reading your contribution.

Anonymous said...

Here's my contribution for 2016. This wheelchair user has a voice.

It would fit into a category 'work', 'employment' or 'wheelchair'.

Robyn said...

Kia ora from down under in NZ. Here is my contribution. Disableism, the book famine, and the Marrakesh Treaty.

Jen said...

Learn to Laugh on the blog People Aren't Broken

Criquaer said...

So excited, though shall probably tire and fall asleep before reading very many posts; but be assured I'll get around to reading evry last one idc. Thx for hosting againg Goldfish. And thx Mr. Goldfish for supporting & helping out. So excited!!! %OOO

"Art for All" is about access issues into the Arts' worlds:

"And now: the Gallery…" is a cyper-gallery of artworks that may speak to disabled/chronically sick folk, therby giving many of we housebound access to artworks:

The Affliction Fiction said... here's my blog post for BADD2016

DavidG said...

Here's my contribution for this year, which rather ties in with yours. It'll probably fit under accessibility, though it's really looking at wider societal attitudes

On 'Giving Up'

Anonymous said...

This is one post (also a post for Autism Acceptance Mnoth) that probably fits best under Personal Journeys:

("When Orange Speaks Louder Than Words")

And the following will show up on May 1 at midnight Eastern time in America (a couple hours from me writing this comment), which probably fits best under Disablism in Literature, Culture, and the Media:

("Don't Ever Assume Autism Researchers Know What They're Doing")

(I'm a little surprised there's nothing on Disablism in Science or something, or that science isn't mentioned as part of one of these other categories, I really didn't know where to put it but that one seemed to fit better than any of the other categories, because science certainly fits under culture and the media, especially SBC's science which is very dominant in media discussions of autism and of course science is part of the culture and affects the culture.)

They're both about autism mostly because they were originally intended as Autism Acceptance Month posts entirely, and I was going to write one post and make a video for BADD, but I just couldn't. I might be able to write the post, if I'm very lucky, but the video won't get made for awhile yet, there's no way. I had an adrenal near-crisis get in the way of everything on the planet this week and BADD is my highest nonessential priority but I have a lot of essential priorities right now that are more important. I wish they weren't about autism though in a way, because I hate being seen as an 'autism blogger' all the time, and as more autistic than person when seeing me as an autistic person, at that. :-/. But that's a whole different topic that I also haven't been able to write sufficiently about, even though it would make a great topic for today.

Anonymous said...

My 11th year!
For "general thoughts," please.
"What if no one came?" - Nightengale

Anonymous said...

I really admire and appreciate that you keep this going every year!

My submission is "Shifting Away from Ableist Language." I would put it under the category of "The Language of Disablism."

Ysabetwordsmith said...

So far I have linked to this post, and posted a partial list of my characters/series with disabilities. I have several series in which the main characters, or even most of the characters, have disabilities.

Cas said...

I think my post probably fits under "The Language of Disablism" - - but I'm not entirely sure.

robintw said...

I've written a BADD post for the first time... It's at



tuttleturtle42 said...

Here's my submission:

It's a simple "um, notice that we're not being hired in schools" one - I'd put it in education.

Never That Easy said...

I've got mine up:

I'd say it goes in analysis of disablism, probably. Looking forward to reading everyone's posts ~ Thanks for all of your hard work, Fishy.

Spoonydoc said...

This is my entry from Rolling with the punches, probably in education
#Badd2016: Earning your degree differently should be ok

Dani Alexis said...

Here's my contribution, which is about the ableist double standard of expecting someone to excuse bad behavior based on the perpetrator's diagnosis when one has the same diagnosis:

irasocol said...

Here's my thoughts. It's all about the little things, and why I'm angry today “All the little things…” @irasocol

Anonymous said...

Here's my post: It would go under Media.

CapriUni said...

My contribution this year is over at Tumblr to be filed under "Analysis of Disablism/Ablism" ... I think: BADD 2016: What the Social Model of Disability Actually Means

Anonymous said...

Hello - here's mine, on the assumptions people make about my disability and my research:

annaham said...

Here is my contribution, which is part of a longer graphic work on chronic pain, gender, and U.S. societal and cultural responses to women's chronic pain:

Anonymous said...

Did you miss mine? I thought my comment posted but maybe not.

"What if no one came?"

Under general thoughts please


Anonymous said...

My post is titled Centering Disabled Characters in My Erotica.

Please put it under Relationships, Love and Sex.

Emma said...

Thanks for doing this again this year! My post is It's Not Disablism (But Really It Is) and it probably fits under general thoughts on disablism

Philip Patston said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Philip Patston said...

Here's a mashup from previous years :)



Coffee Zombie said...

Mine might fit under impairment-specific prejudice.

Anonymous said...

YAY HOLY CRAP I can't believe I finished this post -- it belongs in "Disablism interacting with other isms" or whatever the exact category is called, and the link is here:

"There is ableism somewhere at the heart of your oppression, no matter what your oppression might be."

I am SO HAPPY I finished this, I thought I never would, I started it six months ago, seriosuly celebrating, now I can relax and not have to worry about the stress of writing anymore today if I don't want to, very happy, thank you so much for putting this on, this is the post I always meant to be for BADD but was so sure I'd never acutally write.

Denise said...

I finally got mine up! "Otherwise Healthy" can be found on my blog here:

Denise said...

Blogger may have eaten my comment. I finally posted my post - "Otherwise Healthy" which should go in disability and healthcare.

Danni said...

I'm not sure what this will go under. Maybe general thoughts on disablism? It's a wishlist.

What I Want to See

AZ Chapman said...

So busy finishing up my BA but will write next year .

Penny L. Richards said...

Did you think I'd forgotten? Here's my 11th consecutive annual BADD post, for the History section as usual:

Ysabetwordsmith said...

My second contribution for this year is that I listed several of my unpublished poems featuring characters with disabilities, and polled my audience about which one to post for free. They chose "Void of Course" from The Moon Door series. It's an exploration of when lycanthropy is or is not a trade up from some other chronic condition. For some it is, for others it isn't.

Anonymous said...

At "Inside the Little Plastic Castle," here's a piece for the "other access" category. I point out how disablist defaults create NEW barriers in wheelchair-accessible spaces.

Battling Normate Space Invaders

(Yes, my blog name is another goldfish reference.)