Thursday, May 01, 2014

Blogging Against Disablism Day 2014

Blogging Against Disablism Day, May 1st 2014Welcome to Blogging Against Disablism Day 2014!

Thanks very much to everyone who helped to spread the word and to everyone who has blogging against disablism, ableism and disability discrimination these last few days.

If you have a post for Blogging Against Disablism, please leave a comment including the URL (web address) of your post and the catergory your post fits best. Please also link back here, wherever possible (we're at

We'll carry on updating this post as any late-comers arrive. We've also been posting links to every blog using the Twitter stream @BADDtweets and these will automatically be posted onto our Facebook Page.

Blogging Against Disablism 2014

(Disability discrimination in the workplace, recruitment issues and unemployment). 

Benefit Scrounging Scum:  Hard Working Species, The 'Striver Scrounger'
EmsyBlog:  Access To…oh forget it
Murder of Goths:  Employ me? Work and disability hurdles
Random Happenings and Observations:  Attitudes towards Disabled People
Scope:  ‘You’ve got so much stacked against you’
This ain't livin':  Sheltered Workshops

(Attitudes and practical issues effecting disabled people and the discussion of disability in education, from preschool to university and workplace training.)

Friendly crips and our friends:  How ablism stopped me learning how to teach against ablism
Queen Cakeface:  Academic Ableism - How Formal Education is Failing the Disabled and Chronically Ill
Rolling with the Punches:  Academic Battles
That Crazy Crippled Chick:  One Year Ago - What Ableism Didn't Do
Yes, That Too:  Not what I was planning on but it's ableism and I'm against it

Other Access Issues
(Posts about any kind of access issue in the built environment, shops, services and various organisations. By "access issues" I mean anything which enables or disenables a person from doing what everyone else is able to do.)

Black Telephone:  The Prom Dress
A Blind Man's Journey:  Housing for All
Crippled, Queer, Anglo-European
Ranter: Product Packaging Problems & Solutions?)
Damn the Muse:  Service plans gone haywire
Planat Community Blog: Accessible travel - issues and solutions
World of Accessible Toilets:  Dignity Down the Pan

Definition and Analysis of Disablism/ Ableism

The Bardo Group:  Still Here
bottomfacedotcom:  Are you disablist/ableist? 
Low Visionary:  From disableism to human rights
Making rights make sense:  Blogging against ‘disablism’
pseudoliving:  Nothing About Us Without Us?

The Language of Disablism(Posts about the language which surrounds disability and the way that it may empower or disempower us.)

Murder of Goths:  Worst things you can say

Disablism Interacting with Other 'Isms'
(Posts about the way in which various discriminations interact; the way that the prejudice experienced as a disabled person may be compounded by race, gender, age, sexuality etc..)

Indigo Jo Blogs:  Dudes

Disablism in Literature, Culture and the Media

Bridgeanne art and writing:  Thoughts re writing ‘Girl with a White Dog’
Cracked Mirror in Shalott:  I'm Not a Side Story
Diary of a Goldfish:  Against "Awareness"
Funky Mango's Musings:  Writing semi-autobiographical fiction about disability
A Hot Bath Won't Cure It:  Invisible Disability – disablism from different perspectives
Kink Praxis:  Imagining Disabled Characters in Erotica
Maijan ilmestykset:  Nasevaa ableismia / Snappy ableism
Thoughts of a crinllys:  Rejection in a sci-fi world
Tsana's Reads and Reviews:  Blogging Against Disablism 
Visibility Fiction:  Getting it wrong – Writing disability in fiction
A Writer In A Wheelchair:  Not such an equal “ism”


Disability Studies, Temple U.:  Wikipedia Against Disablism

Relationships, Love and Sex

Journeymouse:  Teaching Someone Else to Live With An Invisible Disability
Living Disabled:  Peace, Anger, and Other (blasted) People


AthletesFirst:  A challenge to coaches
AthletesFirst:  Not quite visible


Feminist Sonar:  Valuing the Life Criptastic
I (heart symbol) the Phylum Chordata:  Repercussions
Philip Patston:  Blogging against blogging against disablism
Powerful Bitch:  The Big BADD Cripple
The Social Worker Who Became Disabled:  Are Social Workers Part of the Problem? 

Poetry and Fiction against Disablism

As Your World Changes:  Weary Words from a White Cane Warrior
Ballastexistenz:  When we died, we found each other
Diary of Mister Goldfish: Clippity Cloppity Goat and the Dragon
Here be Prose:  Someday
Same Difference:  Disablism is Everywhere
Untitled:  BADD14

General Thoughts on Disablism

Accessibility NZ:  Don’t use disability as the bogeyman
AZ is Amazing:  Don't put words in my mouth
Bigger on the Inside:  The fundamental interconnectedness of all things
The Chronic Chronicles:  Ignorance, Exclusion and Invisibility - the reality of being disabled in the UK  Internalised Disablism
Diary of Mister Goldfish:  Need for Speed
The eGremlin:  Things are not always what they seem
The Haps:  The Question
Journeys:  Disability Stories - Resistance, Resilience, and Community
Meriannen Mielessä: Pyörätuolityttö | The Wheelchair Girl 
Minister of Propaganda for the Decepticon Empire:  Blogging Against Disablism Day
More Than Disorganised:  Internalised Disablism
Naked Vegan Cooking:  Special Blogging Against Disablism Day Post
Nightengalesknd:  Why it matters that "ablism" isn't in spell-check
Stand Tall Through Everything:  I’m A Reluctant Advocate
Sticking the Corners:  Tried and True Ways to Eliminate People with Disabilities
The Notes Which Do Not Fit:  That is such an obscure...
Rolling with the Punches:  Support and Independence
This Is My Blog:  Less hostility, please!
Words I Wheel By:  Dis/Ableism, Privilege, and Assumptions
yetanotherlefty:  In-between

Parenting Issues(whether disabled parents or the parents of a disabled child.)

Will Write for Tomato Pie:  Blogging Against Disablism

Impairment-Specific Prejudice

Blogging Astrid:  Mental Illness Is Real Illness Too
Brain under construction:  Monster in the Midst
Endocrine Gremlin:  Blogging Against Disablism Day 2014
The Eternal Pursuit of Love and Laughter:  Blogging Against Disablism Day 2014
The Hidden Village of Aspergers:  Crying On The Webcam
Life In Deep Water:  The Relationship Between Depression & Alcohol & Its Effects On Relationships
Mitäpä jos sä pelkäät turhaan:  Bloggaus vammaisuuden ennakkoluuloja vastaan
The Not-So-Simple Life:  It's Time To Talk 
Sticking the Corners:  Just Say No to Needy Busybodies

Personal Journeys

Posts about learning experiences and realisations authors have had about the nature of disability discrimination and the impact on their lives.

Ballastexistenz:  I am not your fairy tale miracle cure story
Katherine Hayward, my life with cerebral palsy:   Blogging Against Disablism Day 2014 
My thoughts. About me, and ME:  Help!
Never That Easy:  Hulking Out
People Aren't Broken:  An InConvenient Truth

Disablism and Politics
(For example, the political currency of disability, anti-discrimination legislation, etc.)

Write To Protest:  The Right to Life

Bullying, Harassment and Hate Crime

Ballastexistenz:  After this, I am never again putting up with bullies telling me that my medical conditions are imaginary
The F-Word:  Disablism and microaggressions
Radical Neurodivergence Speaking:  Parents are the worst ableists
That Crazy Crippled Chick:  Disability Is Not Your Get Out of Jail Free Card

Disability, Life and Death

Ange's blog:  Carers should act in solidarity - not martyrdom 
Ballastexistenz:  Love, Fear, Death, and Disability
The Voyage:  Stop Excusing Murder


Criquaer said...

Classify under "Other Access Issues".

"Product Packaging Problems (& Solutions?)"

All the best! %)

Spoonydoc said...

I wrote this entry which talks about independence and social care. Not sure where it should go. General thoughts or healthcare?

"Support and Independence"

About 10 days ago I happened to write about disablism during my time in academia (Both PhD and job). It would fit in quite well too, probably under education.

"Academic Battles"

Emma said...

Mine is "Not such an equal ism" and would go under culture and media or if you have it disablism and other "isms" thanks!

Criquaer said...

The links for the following don't seem to work?

Teaching Someone Else to Live With An Invisible Disability

Dignity Down the Pan

That is such an obscure...


AZ Chapman said...

My post will be up at midnight comparing US history to denying disabled voice in organizations will post the link later

Low Visionary said...

Here is my post. From Disableism to human rights.

Unknown said...

I'm not entirely sure what my entry would come under, possibly 'Disablism in Literature, Culture and the Media' but probably just 'other' or 'personal stories'.

Blogging Against Disablism Day 2014 – Invisible Disability – disablism from different perspectives

Unknown said...

Here are my BADD posts. I have four different posts. I’ll put the title, the URL, then the category or categories it fits.

1. “When we died, we found each other”:

That one is poetry and it’s also about murder and hate crimes, so it can fit in both of those categories.

2. “I am not your fairy tale miracle cure story"

That one fits well under personal journeys, and might also fit also under disablism in literature, culture, and the media, because while the story is personal, it also deals with the way people like to frame such stories in terms of common literary-type stereotypes about what a ‘miracle cure’ is and should be like.

3. “After this, I am never again putting up with bullies telling me that my medical conditions are imaginary.”

This one fits fully under bullying, harassment, and hate crime.

4. “Love, Fear, Death, and Disability”

This one is the hardest to find a category for — the category seems extremely specific to me, but you don’t have a category for it. So I will put it under personal journeys. It could also go under general discussion of ableism, I guess. It still seems like it's about an extremely specific thing that there just isn't a category for.

Unknown said...

We've posted our blog entry!

Category: Other Access Issues

Title: "Accessible travel: issues and solutions"

Blog: planat Community Blog


Philip Patston said...

Hi there, great work guys, don't take this personally!

Probably fits in "other".

Philip Patston

Neurodivergent K said...

bullying i think technically. though it's kind of about parental behavior, just that behavior is bullying...

Jen said...

Awesome as always.
People Aren't Broken
An InConvenient Truth

Personal Journey


Unknown said...

Category: Disablism in Literature, Culture and the Media

Author: Savannah Logsdon-Breakstone at Cracked Mirror in Shalott

Title: I'm Not a Side Story


Anonymous said...

Tried to comment already but I don't think it went through, so posting again.

I think the category is Other, maybe, but I'm not sure. The title is Repercussions. The link is:

Cara Liebowitz said...

I have......two this year?!??! Where did this sudden surge of productivity come from???

This one can go either under Education or Personal Journey - your choice.

And this one....I guess under Bullying/Harassment?

Penny L. Richards said...

We're up! We're happy under History.

The Chronic Chronicles said...

Here's my entry:

I think it will fit best under General Thoughts on Disablism.

Thanks :)

Katy said...

Classify under Impairment Specific Prejudice: Epilepsy

"Monster in the Midst"

Stuffed Olive said...

Mine fits under literature and media... I'm not sure if it is actually about disablism anymore though... :/

Meriannen said...

I wrote this little piece.. Both in Finnish and English. It's mostly about the reactions when seeing someone "different", someone .. disabled. A little bit of parenthood as well. So not exactly sure about the category. General thoughts maybe?

Pyörätuolityttö/The Wheelchair Girl

Funky Mango said...

Writing semi-autobiographical fiction about disability. In "poetry and fiction".

Funky Mango said...

Actually, sorry, I think mine is more appropriate to literature and media. Apologies.

Dark Angel said...

Here's my BADD post:
I don't really know in which category it best fits, though.

Alyssa said..., BADD: Not what I was planning on but it's ableism and I'm against it, education cause it all happened with study abroad.

Tsana Dolichva said...

My post:

File under poetry and fiction. I discuss good and bad portrayal in fiction.

BenefitScroungingScum said...

My post

Employment section. Thanks again so much for organising BADD, I can't believe it'll be the 10th next year!

Life In Deep Water said...

Hi Goldfish.

The title of my post is: The Relationship Between Depression & Alcohol & Its Effects On Relationships

The link to my post is:

I'm a bit drained, could you please decide the category for me?


Life In Deep Water said...

Sorry Goldfish.

That URL should be:

Very tired after another night without sleep.

LjB said...

Classified under Definition and Analysis of Disablism/ Ableism

Anonymous said...

My (ninth!) entry

"Why it matters that ablism isn't in spellcheck"

General thoughts, please.


Mary said...

Category: General Thoughts on Disablism.

Title: Less hostility, please!


Twitter: @batsgirl

Thank you again for hosting BADD!

Anonymous said...

I would like mine to gounder impairmetn-specific prejudice.

Maija Haavisto said...

This is probably to be filed under disablism in the media etc, as it's about inspirational quotes. Both Finnish/English.

Nasevaa ableismia / Snappy ableism

Never That Easy said...

Hey Fishy - You're doing such a great job (as usual)! I'm looking forward to everyone's posts. Here's mine, which should go under personal journeys, I suppose.

I'm going to attempt to get another one up later about Tumblr, but... well, we'll see. In the meantime, Thank you for doing this again!

VicBlog said...

We have just published a blog from Emily Birkinshaw, who supports 16-24 year-old disabled people in East London to find work through Scope’s employment courses. Emily has Non Epileptic Seizures, and draws on her own experiences to support the young people. On Blogging against disablism day, Emily writes about the biggest barriers facing young disabled people trying to break into a competitive workforce.

Classify under 'employment'

Philippa Willitts said...

I've written a post for BADD at The F-Word:

I think it would best be categorised under 'general thoughts about disablism'.

Thanks, as ever, for all your hard work in organising this.

emwithme said...

Finally got it completed!

It's called "HELP!" and I think it should go in either "general" or "personal journeys"

MurderOfGoths said...

Title: Employ me? Work and disability hurdles
Twitter: MurderOfGoths
Category: Employment

pseudodeviant said...

I've done a quick blog on how disabled people are not immune to disablism & how specific groups of disabled people are often left marginalised.

It's called "Nothing About Us Without Us?" and can be found here:

Unknown said...

Title: Rejection in a sci-fi world

Category: Literature, Culture

Criquaer said...

This link is still not working:

World of Accessible Toilets: Dignity Down the Pan


Anonymous said...

I wrote a thing. It's pretty generally about disablism.

michael watson said...

Hi! Thanks for adding Journeys to the list. I have added a post on Bardo. (

The post on Journeys probably is best classified as "general Thoughts". The post on Bardo is "Definition and Analysis"

Thanks again for the work you both do.

Unknown said... -

Valuing the Life Criptastic at Feminist Sonar.

Post is probably under "Other" but could be under Disablism Analysis.

Matt said...

I would put this in Friendships or similar, but the best I can think of is probably just general

-many thanks!

Jennifer Fitz said...

Tried and True Ways to Eliminate People with Disabilities

Category: General Disablism

Thanks for hosting -- looking forward to reading the other contributors!

AZ Chapman said...

Not sure about the category but here is mine

AZisamazing Don't put words in my mouth

Unknown said...

Here is my contribution for this year:

Don't use disability as the bogeyman -

Fits in the "General thoughts on disablism" category.

Thank you for your continued work on this.

Emily @ Words I Wheel By said...

Here is my post! This is my first time doing BADD!

Dis/Ableism, Privilege, and Assumptions:

Danni said...

Probably under General Thoughts.

Internalised Disablism

Saana E said...

This is an entry to describe how to overcome the frustration of one's disability but also how people around and media has affected the identity of the disabled and her self-worth,

Ole Ferme l'Oeil said...

I'm really not ready, I began a post but now it's really time to sleep and I won't be able to do it soon cause I will be busy tommorrow :( I hope it's ok to be very very late

yazzy said...

Other Access Issues

yazzy said...

Other Access Issues

yazzy said...

oops, sorry about the double post

Anonymous said...

Here's my post

Sharon McDaid said...

If it's not too late: Post for #BADD: Stop Excusing Murder

Mel said...

Better late than never! I may have slightly underestimated the scope of my post and the time it would take...

It probably fits best in the 'other' category.

Unknown said...

eGremlin said...

I know I'm late but better late than never. My post covers many topics but generally on peoples' misconceptions & would probably say mine would be best placed in "general thoughts on disabilism."

"Things are not always what they seem"


"Powerful Bitch" said... "The Big BADD Cripple", about Disableism and abuse. So I suppose it would either go into the Hate Crimes category or Other.

Anonymous said...

Classify under 'Education' or wherever you think it fits. Thanks for running BADD!

DavidG said...

A particularly late submission to go under employment: 'Disability Confident and the Elephant in the Corner'

Just couldn't settle on a topic until Disability Confident annoyed me again!


Anonymous said...

From WheelchairVista
A late submission for Sex & Relationships
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

This is a piece I wrote Thursday entitled 'What are YOU looking at?'

It is an attempt to analyse/discuss recent experiences I have had of mockery and other unwanted attention, directed at my disability, whilst out and about.

I hope it is of interest.

The URL is