Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Funk to Funky

TimeThe trouble with so much life going on, especially life plus ill health, is that everything I do takes at least twice as long as I feel it ought to – which, given my usual snails-pace standards, is a very long time indeed. I'm getting on with stuff, writing stuff, painting, making things, and I'm well used to working around involuntary hiatuses, but just now is a spell where things are taking so long that I begin to feel that I've forgotten how to do any of it. I know, this is not an unfamiliar subject for a blog post, and I don't know how many times I've written this post myself. But there's a reason why it is worth writing, because it does at least mean I'm writing something.

When things take too long, they lose their vitality. They get checked over and tweaked too many times. But time is also a cipher to confidence, and then you're tempted to check over and tweak, or leave it for now and wait for a time to check over and tweak, which means the whole thing will take twice as long. I can't do anything about life plus ill health, but I have to hold onto my confidence, especially when the life bit is giving me so much. I have to lay my brush down when I think a painting might be done, I have to share my writing sooner and press publish directly after the next sentence.

And no, I'm not apologising for not blogging more often, but I thank you all for your patience.


Peter said...

No apologies required just encouragement to maintain your confidence.

I avoid letting on about any of my impairments and nowadays use them as a sort of a Doctor and now "others" test.

For example I am now learning Pottery, the funny part is that unless I am constantly in touch with that which I have made it ceases to exist for me.

Seemingly only one Tutour so far has noticed that my short term memory is far from perfect and that I only have a very short number of hours each day to achieve anything Others wonder why somebody as clever as I are not making more use of myself employment wise.

Never That Easy said...

Oh yes, everything you've said here x1000. Keep working!