Tuesday, January 09, 2007

There are places I remember

A triangular lampshadeIt’s all a bit tedious here just now. We're busy trying to get ourselves together, sorting out all the paperwork involved in the move and trudging our way through various telephone menus. Your call is valuable to us, as if they know; I could be an absolute time-waster whose call isn't even slightly valuable to them. Meanwhile we have managed to tell the most important people in town that we're leaving and this hasn't been quite as painful as I imagined it might have been.

I have been taken photographs of random bits of the flat. We have lived here five years, and it is a good flat. The best bit is, of course, the view over the river, but there are odd bits and pieces I suddenly feel compelled to record.

Some pink and green patterned wallpaperLike this foul wallpaper. It is not the most hideous wallpaper I have ever seen, but it is pretty gruesome. It is one of those items which someone must have designed, but you can't really imagine anyone sitting down and creating it, thinking, "Hmm, I'm sure somebody would like this pattern, in this style, in these particular colours on their walls."

And you can't imagine anyone choosing to buy it above any other type of wallpaper, above the inoffensive plain textured wallpaper we have almost everywhere else.

Fortunately, we have managed to keep most of it out of sight for the duration of our time here, behind bookcases and pictures.

A mural of a bright yellow sun against a blue sky backgroundWhile I was thinking about such things I fished out an old picture of the mural on the wall in my bedroom in Ipswich. It is not a good picture, having apparently been taken from lying on my old bed.

It was still there when my folks sold the house a few years ago and I do wonder whether the people who moved in there have kept it or destroyed it within weeks of their arrival. I have a secret hope that they may have covered it up so that someone might uncover it decades later and wonder who put it there. Before promptly destroying it themselves.

The other walls in the room were green, the woodwork was yellow and the carpet was dark red. But it all sat together very nicely. Honestly. No really, it did, I swear.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Nice Muriel!

As for the wallpaper, what can I say? It is identical in colour / stripage and only slightly different in pattern to that in the lower part of my own front parlour. Then between the dado and the picture rail is a cream paper with a small repeated maroon pattern and above the picture rail is painted dark dusky pink. The carpet is deep red and the woodwork is all waxed pine.

But it all sits together very nicely. Honestly. No really it does. I swear ;<)

Anyway, good luck with the move. I’m sure you’ll have fun romping among the fens and spinneys, even if the water does take some getting used to!

Dude x

Anonymous said...

I've been away from Blogland and return to find you are moving South!

All teh very best for the move. I hope it goes smoothly. By the way that wallpaper is by no means the worstest ever. My orange patterned monstrosity from my childhod bedroom used to give me nightmares. Thankfully no photographic evidence exists.

Anonymous said...

I lived in an old stone cottage in North Wales a few years back. The bedroom mural was of a stonehenge scene under a bright blue sky. One of the henge stones wasn't painted but was actually a foundation stone which stuck out from the wall at waist height and by about two feet.

Unfortunately the illusion of it being part of the mural meant it was very easy to walk into and walking into a large block of stone can be a very painful experience. Due to some poor strategy on my part, it was also on my side of the bed, which didn't make for a very safe journey en-route for the post-midnight pee.

It did look impressive though, to be sleeping under a henge.

Anonymous said...

Oops, that wasn't actually meant to be anonymous, sorry.