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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Blogging Against Disablism Day - 1st May 2006

To read or contribute anything further to Blogging Against Disablism Day click here.

Blogging Against DisablismInspired by Blogging Against Sexism Day, Blogging Against Racism Day, Blogging Against Heteronormativity
Day and others, I had the idea of having a Blogging Against Disablism day.

Many of us blog regularly on subjects surrounding disablism and disability issues, but the idea is to see how powerful disabled people and the supporters of equality can be as a combined voice in the blogosphere. Are there as many people prepared to put their two pennies’ worth in on this subject as there are on sexier subjects such as Race and Gender?

If you'd like to take part, all you have to do is to leave a comment, including a link or URL to your website. I shall then add it to the list of participating bloggers, which I will put up on the sidebar. I have taken off Word Verification on my comment facility so hopefully everyone can take part. Do take a note of the date: Monday 1st May. If you are regular visitor here I shall remind you, but if not you’ll have to remember - although do check back here on the day to read other blogs against disablism.

Please also comment with any questions or suggestions.

Meanwhile, it would be great if you can link back to this post on your own blogs to spread the word as far as possible. You can do this the usual way providing a link to this post as follows;

or you can copy the following code to include our picture designed by Anon. using the following code:

Participating blogs can be about anything to do with disablism.

You can write about personal experiences or observations. About disablism at work, in education, within bureaucracies and health care systems. About disablism in history and in different cultures around the world or about how disablism interacts with issues of race, gender, age and sexuality. You can write about how disablism effects the social, sexual and family life of disabled people, or how disablism impacts on our Human Rights. You can write disablist language and portrayals in the media, on film or television or in literature.

You can write about some small aspect of disablism which you feel is neglected in mainstream discourse or write about something as large as what disablism is, its causes and what we can do about it.

Whatever you like so long as it is about the prejudice and discrimination faced by disabled people, the institutional and social barriers which put us at a disadvantage.

Please Note: Language Amnesty

Language is very important in the struggle against disablism, but there is far from any sort of international consensus on what language is and is not appropriate. By all means, blog about the language of disability, but as you’re visiting other blogs on the day do be prepared to read the odd word or phrase which may grate with your own sensibilities. I have prepared this short post explaining some of the different terms that are used to describe disabled people.

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19/ 04/ 06 : Update to answer some of your questions.
21/ 04/ 06: The One in Seven post over at The Perorations of Lady Bracknell

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Comments on "Blogging Against Disablism Day - 1st May 2006"


Blogger BloggingMone said ... (9:03 PM) : 

This is probably the most stupid comment in years, but just to be on the safe side:
1. I advertise your blog right now, so that people know about your campaign
2. I send my URL to you
3. By sendig my URL, I kind of promise to write something about disablism and publish it on May 1st.
Is that roughly how it is ment to work? Permitted that I halfway got the hang of it, I think it is a brilliant idea, by the way. And - don't tell anyone, but May 1st is my birthday...ssshhh!


Blogger BloggingMone said ... (9:43 PM) : 

Me again. Talking about disability and language use: I am currently looking for a very special walking cane for a very special person, so I was delighted to find Lady Bracknells link to clearcanes.com. The website offers translation by Babel Fish. Babel Fish translations are so redicilously bad (never seen a single correct sentence, as far as I can remember) that I can seldom resist to let it translate a bit, just for the fun of it. On the website there is a logo with the inscription "Twist the Perception of Disability" which was translated into "Verdrehen Sie die Vorstellung der Unfähigkeit", MEANING "Twist the imagination of incapability/incompetence/impotence"
Throw rocks at that stupid Fish!


Blogger Howard said ... (6:18 AM) : 

I see my earlier comment didn't 'take'.

I had said that I thought this was an outstanding post and it reminded me of a guy I dated many years ago who just happened to be disabled as well. I fell pretty hard for him, but he was still trying to come to terms about his situation and I think, at the time, he didn't think he deserved to have someone in his life who accepted him simply because they found him attractive both mentally and physically. (Holy crap, the man had arms to DIE for. Sorry, was being shallow for a sec.)

So, I think I'll write that story on my blog and link back here. Not that I need a reason to link back, but I want to share some things I learned from dating him about people with disabilites.

BTW, thanks for the link. I returned the favor when I tried to post this comment earlier today.


Blogger Howard said ... (6:58 AM) : 

Haha! I just found my first comment in the other of today's postings. Oops.


Blogger The Goldfish said ... (12:25 PM) : 

Thanks Mone and Howard.

Yes, Mone, that's exactly the right idea. :-)


Blogger Attila The Mom said ... (2:36 PM) : 

I came in through "Did I Miss Something?"

Great idea.

Count me in!


Blogger Rhonda said ... (3:54 PM) : 

Atilla pointed me here. Count me in too!!


Blogger marmiteboy said ... (11:51 AM) : 

Hi Goldfish,

Happy to participate, I'll do a link on my blog. Happy to have my blog linked.



Blogger Lady Bracknell said ... (12:48 PM) : 

Lady Bracknell's editor will participate in the planned venture.


Blogger Katie said ... (9:07 PM) : 

Yep! Count me in too, will post a link to here on my blog, I'll be a participating blogger!


Blogger Turtle said ... (11:44 PM) : 

I'm in too. Promise to stick to the point an everything.


Anonymous Mary Johnson said ... (7:35 PM) : 

We'll do it too, on Ragged Edge and Edge-Centric. -- we'll be announcing it Monday (4/17) in our World-O-Blogs blog.


Blogger Becca said ... (11:25 PM) : 

All right, I'll bite. Someone remind me a couple of days before, please?



Blogger PaulaO said ... (4:46 AM) : 

Count me in too.



Blogger stella said ... (6:12 AM) : 

Yup, I'm in!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:48 PM) : 

are you allowed to join in if a) youre not disabled and b) you dont have a blog?! I hope so. Im adding a special feature page to my WAP site in honour of blogging against disablism day. My contribution will unfold in the painfully slow way of all WAP pages between now and May 1st at http://doyouspeakenglish.mywap.o2.co.uk.


Blogger The Goldfish said ... (4:30 PM) : 


Given the nature of your site, I think it can count as a blog for this event. :-)

And of course, non-disabled people are more than welcome.


Blogger dotandcarryone said ... (7:36 PM) : 

Dear Goldfish, I have posted a link to your site for May Ist, I hope that is correct. And will try to participate myself if I can think of something sensible to say. Best wishes.


Anonymous Becky said ... (2:54 AM) : 

I'm up for it. :) I blog at the site with perhaps the most creative name in the blogosphere: Becky's Journal (ah well, I suppose it's one step up from "Becky's Blog." ;)

I do have a rather pedantic question. Outside the realms of crip theory and other academic circles, at least in the US, the word "ableism" is the term of choice used alongside sexism, racism, heterosexism, etc to denote discrimination against a minority (people with disabilities, in this case). So my question is this: for the purposes of this event, are "ableism" and "disablism" interchangeable (ie, a language preference as discussed in your post)? If not, and because I've been out of school too long, will you elucidate the differences between the two terms both for my education and that of my readers? (I've always just assumed them to be synonyms.)

Anyway, congrats on a fabulous idea! I'll be there! :)


Blogger Sage said ... (5:15 AM) : 

I created a Calendar for blogs stuff like this. I added this day to it. I'm not sure whether people will find it helpful or not, but we'll see how it goes. Check it out here.


Blogger Alice said ... (10:04 AM) : 

One more for the blog count.


Blogger The Goldfish said ... (10:34 AM) : 

Thanks everyone.

Becky - yes, I guess disablism and ableism are interchangable. I'm afraid I have only heard of "ableism" a few times, so didn't realise its use was as widespread as you suggest. But certainly sounds like the same thing.

Thanks Sage for the blog calendar - great idea. :-)


Blogger Gimpy Mumpy said ... (9:56 PM) : 

Hi Goldfish! Just realized I never responded to your post. You can count GimpyMumpy.com in and will try to think of an appropriate comic/cartoon to feature over on Hip Crip Comics as well.

May 1st 2006 "Blogging Against Disablism" Day....tomorrow Crip World Domination?? :P


Blogger Angelica said ... (10:24 PM) : 

Include me for May 1st.


Blogger Kassiane said ... (2:02 AM) : 

Presuming I remember, I'm in. Knowing me I'll do it a week early. Heh.

If anyone cares to remind me my email is (name, it's right up there)@rettdevil.com

Written that way spambots don't eat me.


Blogger PaulaO said ... (4:55 AM) : 

By the way, Goldfish, wtf is the image in the Blog Against Disablism image? I keep staring at it but I haven't a clue.


Blogger incurable hippie said ... (1:01 PM) : 

I would love to join in the Blogging Against Disablism day on the 1st of May.

I'm at incurable hippie's musings and rants.

I'll look forward to it!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:33 PM) : 

I've linked to your blogging event at:


A model that can help map health, social care and other issues, problems AND solutions. Our links pages cover each care (knowledge) domain e.g. Interpersonal:


- the link is under 'Therapies'.

A further page of particular relevance - POLITICAL:


Best of luck!

Peter Jones
Hodges' Health Career - Care Domains - Model
h2cm: help 2C more - help 2 listen - help 2 care


Blogger quakerdave said ... (2:36 PM) : 

I'll link to your blog, and will attempt to post as well. Thanks for this good work.

Also passing this along to my sister, who uses a wheelchair due to MS.


Anonymous Emma said ... (6:13 PM) : 

I think that this is a great idea and I've linked to your blog from my sidebar. I've also posted the link to an online group I run for people with CP. And I'll be taking part too. So I guess thats one more for the blog roll then!


Blogger BLieberman said ... (6:59 PM) : 

Hi, Quaker Dave's sister here! I'd love to participate. Blog is www.msslayer.blogspot.com... all about slaying the MS MonSter and life in a wheelchair and Depends!

Also, my daughter (10 years old) is doing her own thing about my MS at www.elliesseedsofhope.com... she's working to slay the MonSter her own way.


Blogger Ruth said ... (7:34 PM) : 

I'll definitely participate and put a link to your site on mine. I'm at

Great idea, thanks!


Anonymous innoxia said ... (8:07 PM) : 

Great idea! While I don't exclusively discuss disability in my LiveJournal, I have a lot of entries regarding my experiences, so I'm submitting a link to my journal that filters those entries. I've link your info!


Anonymous Nickie said ... (8:25 PM) : 

I'll be participating. My blog is
Nickie's Nook
This is a great idea! Thanks for organizing it!


Anonymous Mariah Sheehy said ... (12:35 AM) : 

Great idea! Count me in-
My Blog is A Wandering Mind at:


Anonymous Tera said ... (3:37 AM) : 

Great idea!

I'll participate. My blog is Sweet Perdition.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:07 AM) : 


i will try and remember to write about ableism on may first. i think this is a good idea. here is the address for my blog:

take care,
billie rain


Anonymous Amy Rae said ... (5:28 AM) : 

I'd love to participate, but I have a question. I have a mental illness--two, actually--and so my blogging would be on that aspect of disablism, rather than a physical disability. Would that still be okay?

If so, my blog is Who Shot AR? (Giving them something to talk about since 1987).


Blogger The Goldfish said ... (9:26 AM) : 

Thanks everyone so far :-)

Amy Rae - As far as I am concerned there is absolutely no difference between the disablism experienced by people with any sort of impairment, whether physical, psychological, a learning disability or whatever. It is the same thing, even though it may manifest in slightly different ways.

And non-disabled people are more than welcome to join in as well. :-)


Anonymous Elaine said ... (11:21 AM) : 

Breakthrough UK would like to send our support and best wishes for blogging against disablism day. We are dedicated to removing the barriers to employment and independence which disabled people face. We don't have a blog at the moment, but you can visit our website at http://www.breakthrough-uk.com

Would you be happy for us to link to you?


Anonymous Confessions of the Normal One said ... (11:54 AM) : 

Hi, I read about this in my friend Nickie's blog and thought it was a great idea, so much so that I thought I'd join in too. I was also wondering, could we extend this day to podcasters as well? I'm sure they have a lot to say about Disablism and thei experiences. In fact, I know of a large number of blind bloggers and podcasters who might be interested in this. Thanks for presenting us with this oppurtunity, Kerri


Anonymous Kerri said ... (12:05 PM) : 

Hi, my friend Nickie told me about this post and it's very interesting. I plan to participate in the
Day and just posted about it in my own blog so others would know about it too. I was also wondering, could podcasters participate in this too? I know there are a lot of blind podcasters out there and they'd probably have a lot to say on disablism. Thanks for this oppurtunity, Kerri


Blogger Agent Fang said ... (1:08 PM) : 

*Shaking off the cobwebs* Fabulous idea! We expect nothing less from you. :) Link duly posted. Brain going into overdrive... X


Blogger Charlesdawson said ... (2:48 PM) : 

I have posted a link to this site on The Science Forums at elmshurstsolutions.co.uk, which are read by not a few highly intelligent people!


Blogger museumfreak said ... (3:18 PM) : 

I'll be joining in over at museumfreak.livejournal.com, and encouraging other bloggers there to do the same.


Anonymous Steve Hoad said ... (3:22 PM) : 

This is good. Although I'm not a blogging stakeholder, (no time) I spend my time organizing and writing so I understand the worth of the instrument.
I'll post a link, and encourage others at www.abilitymaine.org the site for Maine issues and more (coutry of origin, USA). Thanks for dropping the "visual verification" because it sure does exclude blind people when its running!


Anonymous Book Girl said ... (7:01 PM) : 

Will put the link up at my blog and am planning to write something for the day, energy and pain levels permitting.


Anonymous Etana said ... (7:16 PM) : 

Hi! Count me in, I'm at livejournal because I'm cool like htat, http://etana.livejournal.com/ is where you'll find me, hopefully.

lotsa love,
another blindie for blogs


Anonymous funkystuff said ... (8:14 PM) : 

I usually just write friends-only posts at livejournal or myspace, but I could write a public one for this event... would that work?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:18 PM) : 

Spotted on museumfreak.livejournal.com, and now featuring this at daddicade.livejournal.com


Anonymous Jacob said ... (11:44 PM) : 

Hello. I am from the United States but it appears this blog is UK-based. I hope it's OK for me to post on here though. If not, please do accept my sincere apologies and delete my comments if the urge so strikes you. Now to the meat of my comments. I was born with a disease called Leber's Congenital Amaurosis, which roughly translates into discoloration of the retina. For those of you who might not be too medically-inclined, the retina is the part of the eye which lets in light. The retina is located in the back of the eye. Anyway, I only have light perception in both eyes, and otherwise cannot see anything or anyone. I can sometimes see the shadows of people in front of me, and I can sometimes sense hand movement. In addition to my visual impairment, I have polycystic kidney disease, which has necessitated two kidney transplants. I also have a slight learning disability, and low muscle tone although the low muscle tone hasn't been too much of an issue for me for a long time. I guess the reason for my post is to let people know that there absolutely has got to be a way for those of us with disabilities living in the US to be treated the same way as those without disabilities living in the US. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for us as disabled people to be thought of as inferiors. I am of course referring to people with all types of disabilities, but what I am specifically referring to in this post is the status of visually-impaired people living in the US. Census figures show us having a 70% to 75% unemployment rate, and this is totally and utterly unacceptable. The National Federation of the Blind needs to be shut down. This may be somewhat of a blunt statement on my part, but the fact is that nobody is the same. "You can't judge a book by its cover," as the saying goes. The NFB is judging other visually-impaired people and in some cases the NFB is judging their own kind, and they absolutely must stop. I hope this event which is being held on May 1 will seek to at least try and find some answers to this growing problem. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.


Blogger The Boss said ... (12:55 AM) : 

What an excellent idea! It is about time the public was made to listen to our REAL instead of PERCIEVED persona.
My Blog is

With 1 in every 4 breaking down and the distance between ACHIEVEMENT and disability tenous it was about time the public recognised the real needs of shades of grey.


Anonymous Timmargh said ... (1:02 AM) : 

In count me.

Erm ...

Count in me.

Hang on ...

Count me in.



Blogger imfunnytoo said ... (1:10 AM) : 

Realized I hadn't left a comment here but:

count me in, and I can't figure out how to link in here so


Also known as Did I Miss Something


Blogger Hg said ... (11:10 AM) : 

WoW! This is fantastic! Great idea. I'll try to remember to post on the right topic on the day.

It's great to find so many other interesting blogs out there.

I have just started teaching and I am way out of my depth trying to understand the life experiences of my six year old disabled students.

Thanks to everyone who shares this part of their lives.


Blogger elmindreda said ... (2:44 PM) : 

Interesting idea. I'd like to participate.

Random Reminiscing Ramblings


Anonymous Kitty said ... (12:43 PM) : 

Why not, I'm in!


Anonymous Jeff said ... (5:08 PM) : 

We'll be participating at the Long-Term Care blog. What a great idea!


Blogger spotted elephant said ... (10:03 PM) : 

I'm in.


Blogger Sam said ... (10:05 PM) : 

Count me in.


Blogger The Goldfish said ... (11:02 PM) : 

Thanks to everyone so far.

Jacob - Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. I am UK-based, but probably most people who pass through here are in the US or elsewhere.

Sam - I can't access your profile, so don't know where your blog is in order to link to it.

Funkystuff - Yes, it would be fine to make a public livejournal entry. I don't know much about how that works, but if you do this, please leave an URL so I can link to you.


Anonymous vegankid said ... (3:11 AM) : 

i am so there! i have work and then a march for immigrants rights that day, but i should have some time in the evening to write something up. I'm so glad that this has been organized! I'm really looking forward to all the posts. I'll link to this soon.


Anonymous Kerri said ... (3:41 AM) : 

Hi, Kerri again, just commenting with a link to my podcast.


Blogger Sly Civilian said ... (4:04 PM) : 

i'm in...

and i'm found at http://slycivilian.blogspot.com

thanks for this...


Blogger Kat said ... (5:27 PM) : 

I like this idea. I am new at blogging so I hope I do this right. My son has autism, and I chat about it over at my blog, http://www.krazykatknits.com. Thanks!


Blogger Kat said ... (9:39 PM) : 

Okay, one more try, and this time I'll tell you the REAL location of my blog...


Sorry, I guess its sort of like forgetting your own phone number. I must start writing things down... :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:38 PM) : 

Hi, just ran across this today. I'd like to participate. My URL is:




Blogger Impatient Patient said ... (12:31 AM) : 

I would like to join but am unsure how to link to my post. Please snoop and see if I write on anything that you would see as related. I have very angry posts I have been told, but supporting a person with a disability has been challenging.


Blogger Reality Check Woman said ... (11:09 AM) : 

I will be happy to participate; cool idea!

I write Crip Chronicles at

blog on,



Blogger blue said ... (5:29 PM) : 

Count me in.



Anonymous Emma said ... (6:07 PM) : 

I'd like to participate,if that's o.k.


Blogger domino said ... (8:48 AM) : 

I'd like to join in too :)

my blog is www.dominocat.co.uk


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:51 PM) : 

Add us in


Blogger Michael McCarty said ... (4:47 PM) : 

The Fred's Head Companion blog from the American Printing House for the Blind will also participate in this great day of blogging.


Blogger WCD said ... (10:42 PM) : 

please sign me up...


Wheelchair Dancer


Anonymous Kristina said ... (4:06 PM) : 

Please sign me up


Onearmedbarbie xxx


Blogger Pica said ... (6:19 PM) : 

Please sign me up, too, though it will probably be on Sunday April 30 (I alternate blogging days with my partner)


Blogger Katie said ... (7:47 PM) : 

Ms Fish,

I hope I can participate but I have a REALLY scary deadline on 1 May, so it may not happen. I shall be advertising so people can follow the links to more reliable people.



Blogger Jannalou said ... (8:23 PM) : 

I will give it a go. :)

Commentary on the State of the World


Janna's Thoughts...


Blogger chickenlittle said ... (9:13 PM) : 

I will be blogging against disablism on May 1st.

It's a great idea, well done!


Blogger chickenlittle said ... (9:14 PM) : 

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


Anonymous ramona said ... (11:08 PM) : 

I'll participate in the blog against disableism on may 1.

my blog is at http://onecandream.eponym.com/blog

There is a link from my webpage... www.onecandream.com


Blogger James Medhurst said ... (11:11 PM) : 

Hi Goldfish. I'm back in the blogosphere and I will definitely be taking part on 1st May,

James Medhurst



Anonymous RobotHeart said ... (11:32 PM) : 

I will take part. I have so many bugs up my butt that I'm not sure what I want to tackle yet that day!


Anonymous Caitlin said ... (12:34 AM) : 

I'd love to participate. Great idea!! And I'm soo happy to see what sort of wonderful feedback this got.


Anonymous Caitlin said ... (12:35 AM) : 

Great idea!!! I'll be participating. I'm soo glad to see that this got so much positive feedback.


Anonymous Leesa said ... (2:23 AM) : 

I have MS, and a few other things going on. My biggest pet peeve is not looking sick (e.g., invisible disabilities).

I will most certainly be participating.



Blogger Maia said ... (3:18 AM) : 

I'll write about disability issues on May 1 too.



Anonymous Ziggi said ... (3:53 AM) : 

Count us in over at Wheelchair Diffusion.


Blogger Neil Harding said ... (5:00 AM) : 

Great idea. Would like to be involved.

My URL is



Anonymous Chanter said ... (10:52 AM) : 

Ooh, wonderful idea. Laura got me to notice this, and definitely glad I did. I'm


Blogger mary said ... (11:43 AM) : 

I'd like to participate (and thanks to becca at for the notice). My blog is: . Thanks.


Blogger mary said ... (12:12 PM) : 

Hmmmmmm. I apologize for the previous comment, for some reason the links which showed correctly when I "previewed" don't show up in the finished product. Go figure blogger.

Anyway, I would like to participate, and have included a link and a post on my blog. (Thanks to becca at Comprehension Dawns: (http://comprehensiondawns.blogspot.com/) for the notice.

My blog is: The Mote in the Light at: http://moteguardian.blogspot.com/


Anonymous T.F. Kit said ... (6:54 PM) : 

Hey... I am all for this. Highly oppinonated person speaks out. I think they can manage.
My blog is www.livejournal.com/users/fuzziekit


Anonymous matt g said ... (6:57 PM) : 

A quite excellent idea. count me in.



Anonymous Kim said ... (7:54 PM) : 

I was thinking that, other than in nursing, I never encountered someone with a disability.

Then I realized my oldest daughter stutters. Not usually thought of, but extremely debilitating.

I will blog against disabilism on Monday.

I'm at http://www.emergiblog.com


Blogger Kelly said ... (1:15 AM) : 

I'm in! I'll probably post the same thing on both my blog and my daughter's blog! GREAT IDEA!




Blogger Kelly said ... (4:04 AM) : 

I would like to be included too.

I'm sure I can find something useful to say on the topic....



Blogger eclectech said ... (4:04 PM) : 

I'd like to take part, probably in short animated form if that's acceptable.


Blogger Colin said ... (6:51 PM) : 

Count me in , a person with ALS.



Blogger Bobby McGee said ... (6:58 PM) : 

I will gladly support!

My blog is at http://www.englishtea.en.funpic.org

I have mild ataxic CP.

My blog is called "Listen most attentively..."

(p.s. placed a code)


Blogger Suzy said ... (7:33 PM) : 

I'll give it a go too!



Anonymous Celtic Tiger said ... (11:36 PM) : 

I'm in!



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:39 PM) : 

count me in! I'm the mom of a child with CP - I may just do a link fest to old posts of mine on the subject of parenting a kiddo with a disability - I have recently moved to a new blog host so that'll help get the new digs set up anyway ;)

--Sara, http://saraskates.typepad.com/sara_skates/


Anonymous Celtic Tiger said ... (12:00 AM) : 

It's Ever More Hideous.

Thanks for putting me up there.


Blogger Candy said ... (12:56 AM) : 

Feminism without Clothes is in.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:32 AM) : 

Count me in, please.



Anonymous Jay Sennett said ... (1:44 AM) : 

I'm in.



Blogger lost clown said ... (2:17 AM) : 

me too, though I wouldn't call it a less sexier topic.


Anonymous ddlamb said ... (4:27 AM) : 

Braised Lambchop is in, too.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:09 PM) : 

:) i too will be blogging

Snooopy @ LJ


Blogger FallingStar said ... (1:31 PM) : 

Hi there!

I'm a deaf person from London (also a feminist!) doing a degree at the Uni of York in Sociology (sadly in my final term...) and I'll definitely be blogging against disablism! It sounds like a great idea - I'm very interested in disability rights and deaf rights in particular.

I think I take the social model of disability - that society should be more accommodating and tolerant, and it is society that makes people 'disabled'. I would love to learn more about disability rights though as I am more versed in deaf rights (especially being deaf myself).

Also, anyone please check out Chicken Shed Theatre Company - they are fantastic! They are an inclusive theatre company in Chase Side, Southgate (in North London) and they include absolutely everyone - their philosophy has undoubtedly changed my view of life (I used to be there til Uni took me away).

Take Care!


Blogger Digital Angel said ... (2:15 PM) : 

Just added the link to my blog.
Count me in!


Blogger Digital Angel said ... (2:17 PM) : 

Count me in!
Disabled Digital Artist.


Anonymous Flash Wilson said ... (2:46 PM) : 

Hi there,

My name's Flash Wilson - mobility impaired and occasional writer on Ouch.

I will indeed be joining in on Monday. Good luck with it! My blog can be accessed at http://www.gorge.org/journal.shtml - not sure what topic I'll cover, but I'll be sure to remember!


Blogger Jay said ... (3:20 PM) : 

I'll be posting on BADD!


Blogger Jay said ... (3:20 PM) : 

I'll be posting on BADD.


Anonymous Chase said ... (6:03 PM) : 

Please count me in! The URL for Cut to the Chase is http://chase.inthebasement.us.


Anonymous StarWatcher said ... (8:38 PM) : 

Hi, I came in from Spotted Elephant's blog. I've been thinking about an "Open your eyes, people" post in my Live Journal, based on what I, as an abled person, see my post-polio friend going through. This will be the perfect excuse / opportunity to do it. So count me in -- StarWatcher's Spot at


Blogger TC said ... (9:18 PM) : 

Hi, I'd like to participate. I'm at www.donorcycle.blogspot.com


ps love the site.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:42 PM) : 

Please count me in - my blog is 'Aw Diddums' at: http://www.blogigo.co.uk/diddums


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:16 PM) : 

Count me in - I'm disabled (a word I'm not overly fond of) and will post in my lj, which is: livejournal.com/user/alyburns


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:17 PM) : 

Count me in. My lj is:



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:31 PM) : 


*puts hands in the air* .. count me in :-)



Anonymous James said ... (11:42 PM) : 

I'll join in and update my blog with something suitably relevant.


Anonymous Smiffy said ... (11:52 PM) : 

My web log, Smiffy's Place will be participating, provided that my short-term memory issues don't get in the way...


Blogger Tony Ferguson said ... (10:04 AM) : 

I will post something on my blog http://ballotsballsandbikes.blogspot.com/ on Monday May 1st and will put up your button and write a short promo piece to encourage others to join in


Blogger Nightvision said ... (1:02 PM) : 

I'm feeling quite guilty now because you have a lot of links to get through. This seems like a damn good idea so please add http://depressionrecord.blogspot.com/


Blogger Penny L. Richards said ... (5:16 PM) : 

Sorry for getting here so late, but we're definitely in! We're already in your blogroll (thank you) but not in the list of participating blogs. Might even have more than one BADD post cooking at our team blog, so count us in.

Disability Studies, Temple U.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:03 PM) : 

Count me in!



Blogger Penultimatina said ... (8:01 PM) : 

I'll be participating!

~Mary B.


Nondisabled prof who teaches disability studies topics in English classes.


Blogger MsDemmie said ... (8:01 PM) : 

I will be away from home and computer - but I will leave messages and links where I can and write an article at a later date.

Brilliant idea ...........


Anonymous Cara said ... (8:16 PM) : 

I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!! I have mild cerebral palsy. I know many people who would love to join in on this day. Me and my friends Kathleen and Kimberly. Here is the link to my site and to Kim's site.




Blogger Dan said ... (11:11 PM) : 

I'll join in, I have a story from around six years ago which still makes me angry when I think of it.



Blogger Ahistoricality said ... (12:16 AM) : 

I will post something by Monday. I've been thinking about it since the announcement, and I think I have a topic/theme in mind....


Blogger Kathy Podgers said ... (4:14 AM) : 

Sure, I would love to join in....lets all blog about it!



Blogger Miss Y said ... (5:17 AM) : 

I shall be giving this a burl. Regards, Miss Y


Anonymous Kristi aka Fiber Fool said ... (3:43 PM) : 

I'm signing up quite late here, but count me in please!


Blogger Slightly Angry Man said ... (7:50 PM) : 

Another latecomer, but wish to add my voice.



Anonymous Tim said ... (1:30 AM) : 

Hi - ditto the last comment.



Blogger Ettina said ... (4:51 AM) : 

For some reason my computer says today is May 9, but it's actually April 30.
My blog is abnormaldiversity, about how abnormalities (I know some don't like that terms, but abnormal doesn't inherently mean bad, that's just connotation) are part of diversity and should be respected.
I'm autistic, asthmatic and was sexually abused.
I hold no promise to write on my blog on May 1. But there's a fair amount of posts there already, all having something to do with disability rights. And I might post something on May 1 because that happens to be the day I'm going to a lecture about autism at the university, and that stands a high chance of sparking some bloggable thoughts.
PS: It seems autistics are more likely to ignore or change connotations, focusing instead on denotation. But that could be just me. I have noticed a greater acceptance of labels. Personally I think labels serve a useful purpose but should only be taken to mean exactly what they mean. For example, you can tell some things with a high degree of certainty from the label autistic, but whether a person can speak is not one of them.


Blogger Ettina said ... (4:54 AM) : 

Count me in. It lost my first entry, though.
I may write something on my blog on May 1, but I don't promise to. Depends if I find something to write about on that day, and if I have access to my blog, and a few other factors.
I'm autistic. I also have mild asthma.
Actually I think I might write about labeling tomorrow. Unless I write it on my laptop tonight.


Anonymous StarWatcher said ... (8:50 AM) : 

Hi. Here's a direct link to my post at StarWatcher's Spot. It may be more convenient to link this to my name, so that readers won't have to scroll past my top post.



Blogger Lisy said ... (9:40 PM) : 

With less than 2 and a half hours left of May 1st, does that make me the last to sign up?

Let me have just the one more caffeinated beverage to get my brain functioning, and then I shall post something on http://lisybabe.blogspot.com


Blogger mrs. henry said ... (3:09 AM) : 



Blogger IrrationalPoint said ... (9:58 PM) : 

Got here lat, but I posted too, at The Soapbox.



Blogger Estee Klar-Wolfond said ... (12:37 AM) : 

Very happy to oblige!


Blogger Vicki said ... (10:40 AM) : 

I'm in. You are great, Goldfish!

I posted on Down the MS Path http://vvbms.blogspot.com/


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Anonymous a battery blog said ... (4:47 PM) : 

I'm in too. Promise to stick to the point an everything.


Anonymous wheelchairs said ... (6:51 AM) : 

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Anonymous Silver MLM said ... (4:02 PM) : 

I need to write a diary entry for English and it is you have to write that you were a goldfish?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:20 PM) : 

Hello. And Bye.


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