Thursday, January 05, 2006

Back to Normal? Perhaps not

Really odd mood at the moment. Really odd time at the moment. I am sorry that I haven’t resumed various personal correspondences yet, as I am still trying to straighten things out and I was so desperate to get on with my book as soon as I got back. Progress is slow but significant. The first unproductive day got me down no end, but I behaved myself and it passed.

My health is generally on the mend. Despite consuming vast quantities of sweet things since Christmas, I have no mouth ulcers – a month ago I had three or four at any given time. I have also lost these gruesome bloody blistery boil things that kept appearing on my back, my ears are infection-free and my respiratory symptoms are minimal. At last my immune system is behaving as if it has got a pair!

Don’t feel massively better, but this may be because I want to feel massively better. But my pain is better and I have longer, more lucid periods of productivity during the day. I want them to be even longer and ever clearer and in all honesty I haven’t felt up to going out and about yet. Part of this is the fear of jeopardising my progress thus far.

Anything helping? I did start taking cider vinegar tablets just before Christmas. They’re supposed to cure everything from arthritis to baldness. I have neither, but they were in the Holland & Barrett sale, something I’d read put me on to them. They might have helped and anyway, they were very cheap. I also followed peaceseeker’s advice about drinking ginger beer for thirst and mouth ulcers and that may well have improved both things, thanks. I mix it will apple juice so it’s not so bubbly.

I got our joint credit card bill this morning, totalling £176.55. I hope you’re impressed. Admittedly we had been eating out of my folks' cupboards over Christmas, so spending less on food ourselves. But that is not a troublesome debt to start the New Year with at all.


marmiteboy said...

I think it's important not to rush things, which may seem a silly thing to say when you've been ill for so long, but I believe it is true. It sounds as if your health is improving but worrying about not going out is something that is not going to improve things any quicker. When you ready to go out you'll now it.

As for the progress of your novel I would stop worrying about that too. I know how frustrating it must be when you are wanting to finishing it but it isn't going anywhere. From what I can gather you have finished a great deal of it so it's not as if you are staring at a blank piece of paper waiting for inspiration. Just conserve your strength, get stronger and then crack on with it.

Good to hear you're feeling a bit better, long may it continue.

Anonymous said...

totally agree with Marmite there.
The trouble is that we're living in an environment when people are rushing around like flees on speed, regardless of the time of year. This has an effect on those of us who cannot rush like that (for a number of reasons). Admittely, those who work, disabled and non-disabled don't get much choice in the pace of getting back to normal, that's a shame really. A shame we are expect to go through life flyingabout all the time.

I'm trying to get myself motivated in the activities I've left behind for the holiday season. It's not easy, it's quite a climb down from what we've been doing for the past two weeks.

Now, the weather plays hugely in this. Who can serioulsy get motivated in the dark, cold months of winter. I've been in bed until just after 9 PM in the morning. I usually get up about either 7: 30 - 8:15 am at the most!

I'm glad your health is going in the right direction for you. I assume it to be quite a battle particularly in the last few weeks when anyone and everyone's been coming down with something or other. Sheesh! The colds I've been having kick lately! My neck and my right ear have been complaining lately. I thought, "yeah, here we go, ear infection" *roll eyes* It seems to be staying away. I'm just amazed at the number of times I've been catching something during the past six weeks! Very strange. That's the reason why I chose to take echinacea from Holland & Barret. clearly, my immune system seems to have been on a go slow for some reason. A lady did e-mail me about this and say that perhaps I'm effected by the damp conditions that this time of year creates. Who knows for sure.

OH, here's me, waffling on about me *roll eyes* To get back to the point, it's a trial trying to get back into things after Christmas. January is quite a hard month of each year, I find.